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Date Night Chic With City Chic

City Chic US


City Chic Skater DressFrom the first time I saw a City Chic dress I was in love. And after the first time I experienced their customer service I entered a relationship that will last a lifetime. Sometimes you find a brand that just gets you, and for me City Chic is definitely one of those brands.

They offer a wide variety of styles, from laid back boho to classic retro styles and everything in between. And their dresses fit me like a dream. Like this skater dress, many of City Chic’s dresses are perfect for date night. I may even be planning on wearing one for my upcoming Anniversary Dinner.


Plus Size Skater Dress from City ChicI have it paired with a simple Black Lace Headband and my favorite Skechers Wedge Sandals in black.

This particular dress is unfortunately no longer available on City Chic’s website, however if you like what I am wearing you might want to check out these dresses:

b8428ef858f5bc4c6ef2572318df4d76Solid Peek A Boo Dress – Cherry

cd5a414707ed2c9b552e9777f6b78bd0Sweet Denim Fit & Flare Dress

19f480a7bebc8e2ddba825c0a9b2c630Sweet Stripe Contrast Ponte Dress


And if you love a great sale like I do, then all the more reason to love City Chic, they always seem to have a great sale going. The best ones are always around the Holidays. And this Labor Day is no exception. They have a couple of Sales I wanted to make sure everyone knows about.


Shop City Chic’s outerwear sale for 30% off! Valid September 13- September 26


Shop City Chic’s labour day sale for 30% off Formal Dresses! Valid August 30- September 12


Get 2 Basics for $20 at City Chic! Valid July 12th – September 26th


Get an additional 30% off sale at City Chic! Valid August 30- September 29


And if you have never ordered from them before


Get 25% off your first purchase at City Chic with code: 25OFF1ST!


Since the first four do not need a code, you most likely can combine this one with either of those sales.

So tell me, have you tried City Chic before? If so what did you think? Do you have a favorite item from there?



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Feeling Pretty As A Picture – In ModCloth’s Creative Portrait Dress

ModCloths Creative Portrait Dress in Cat Collage

I love a black and white print, and I love cats(yes, if you haven’t been paying attention, I am a proud crazy cat lady). So when ModCloth released their Creative Portrait Dress in the Cat Collage print I was already sold. (Forgive me for the grimacing face, but the sun was all in my eyes)

ModCloths Creative Portrait Dress in Cat CollageUnfortunately this dress is no longer available, however there are a few other great items available with a similar look. You can try the Start Spreading the Mews Dress, the Traveling Cupcake Truck Dress in Cats, or the South Florida Spree Top in Cats. The dress is a Retrolicious brand dress, so you can also keep an eye out for new ones being released.

I was running kind of late that day, so I didn’t have a lot of time to accessorize. The only things that went with me are my fabulously comfortable wedge sandals from Sketcher. They are the Cali Women’s Rumblers – Sci-Fi Wedge Sandal. They are so comfortable because they have a memory foam footbed and the straps have an amazing amount of stretch.  I also had my Betsy Johnson Pink Butterfly Sunglasses with me. These are no longer available through Betsy Johnson’s site, but the link should take you to Zulily, where they have them for the next few days.

2015-06-13 15.02.46

Now back to the dress. Just a few thought and comments I wanted to share with you all about it. I ordered the dress back in late winter/early spring, but between our crazy weather here in Kentucky and just circumstances I did not have a chance to wear it till this particular day a couple of weeks ago. So, yes this was my first time wearing. I was only out for a few hours, and before I could make it home my friend noticed thread hanging on the shoulder. After some inspection, several seams are coming undone to the point I am going to have to take it to have it repaired. This is not from a tight fit or any over wear. If anything this dress is a little too loose. This is the first time I have had a Retrolicious dress, so I am not sure if this is per their normal quality or not.

My other thought is about the belt. While I love the pattern of the dress a lot, I am not crazy about the belt pattern, at least paired with this dress. I think the dress needs a pop of color. So don’t be surprised if you see another post about this dress after I have it fixed. You might see it all styled up with accessories and a different belt.


So I want to hear from you. Does anyone else have this dress? Did you have issues with the seems coming undone? Is this a brand issue or just a fluke?












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