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Taking Lace To The Maxi With Simply Be

Standing pose of the red lace maxi dress

Hanging out with the cats in my red lace dress from simply be and my floral print shoes from aeresoles.


If you can’t tell by now, I have been having a lot of fun goofing around with my new camera. It making it so much easier to get great shots that are true to the color at any time of the day or night without any assistance. But that’s probably not what your here to read about. But hey, if I am wrong, feel free to leave me comments and I will make a post about the new camera and where I found it and all the features it has.

Now own to the outfit. As you have probably gathered from title, this awesome red maxi is from Simply Be. It is simply called Lace Maxi Dress in Dark Red. For a frame of reference on sizing, as always I am pretty consistently a size 20 or 2X at both Lane Bryant and Torrid. So by Simply Be’s size chart I should need a US 20, but I had seen before ordering someone elses review saying it ran a bit small. I am really glad I saw that, because I ordered the 22, which is what I am wearing in the picture. I think the fit is perfect for what I want. Now I probably could have went with a 20 if I were 1. wanting a more body con look and 2. didn’t plan on sitting. There is some stretch but not a lot. However, in other items that I have tried from their label, many have ran more true to size or possible a tad big.

Standing pose of the red lace maxi dress

I actually got mine towards the end of last summer, but they do still have limited quantities left in some sizes. But if they don’t have your size, no need to worry, I found a few other options on their website for those of you that love the red lace look.


This one, while not a Maxi dress, I think it comes the closest to the look and feel of the dress. And it is, as I write this, still available in all the sizes they carry 6 to 28. It is the Joanna Hope Short-sleeved Lace Dress.

cp833_red_lIf you must have a maxi, then maybe this one would work for you. Its definitely red, and you must be certified sexy to wear this one. There is lace, but its on the lighter side. This is the Lace-trim Jersey Maxi Dress. Though it looks like limited sizes left in this one too, though slightly different sizes.fOR T


If the previous two didn’t work for you, then maybe this slightly sweeter summer dress is more your speed. It is the Little White Lies Red Lace Dress. And all sizes 8 to 22 are available.

It is good to keep in mind when shopping Simply Be they carry many brands in addition to their own. It is best to go to that companies website and look at their size chart if you can. Each companies sizing is different.

For anyone wondering about my shoes, they are A2 by Aerosoles. Now this shoe is no longer available since I bought mine over two years ago. But they do have a lot of really cute styles that are actually comfortable. And they offer wide widths.

And honorable mention, my hair flower came from icing. It was purchased quite some time ago, but it always seems like they have those sorts of things. If you don’t have an icing near you or have never heard of it, they are owned by claire’s. But claire’s as most know is mainly targeted at preteen and teen girls. icing is like claire’s all grown up. They are targeted more for ladies in their 20’s and maybe early 30’s. Though I see all ages shopping in there.

Of course two of the cats insisted that they must be included in these photos. If you would like to see more of them or pictures of my third one you should follow me on Instagram. I share lots of their pictures as well as other things there.

As alwys, I am looking to hear from you guys. Have you tried Simply Be? Has it been recently? And if you have what did you think?



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