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Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch – Product Review

2016-05-07 17.13.17

I received the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch a couple of months ago in my BB Bag Subscription Service I get from Beauteque. It took me a while to get around to using it because I generally don’t get a lot of acne. And when I do it tends to either be from having a stray ingrown hair on my chin or one of those pimples that stay under the skin for a long time and really hurt.

So I got a pimple the other day, and I thought well now here is my big chance to give these a try. I honestly had not heard much about these, and I didn’t really have any expectations or any real hopes for miraculous things to happen with it. I opened the resealable bag and this is what I found.

Pimple patches

There are three sizes of clear gel looking patches inside a packet. When you peel them off the paper they kind of reminded me of the clear gel Band-Aids if you have ever seen them. You choose the size that will best fit over your pimple.

I did not take before and after pictures because I was not initially thinking of talking about this product. However, after seeing the results, I felt I had to share with everyone how amazing this is. For me normally, even though I don’t get them often, when I do get pimples because they are under the skin they hang around for quite some time. But I put this patch on not expecting much. Looked in the mirror about four hours later and noticed that there was something white looking under the patch. I peeled the patch off, and I quickly realized it had almost completely drained the pimple. I ended up putting a second one on, and about five hours later when I took it off my pimple was completely flat. Only thing left was a small red spot that had already scabbed over.

I was in fact so amazed at how effective this was, I ordered another pack for myself the very next day to have on hand. And I promise, the very next time I have a pimple I will take a before and after picture to share.

Don’t forget when you order from Beauteque you can get 10% off your entire order with the coupon code KAREN. That can even be used on sale items and subscription services.

Have any of you used the Corsx patches? Or have you used a different brand? What has your experience been with them?







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