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Desperately Seeking Dress – The Search For The Perfect Plus Size Peasant Dress

I actively read many other plus size fashion blogs and participate in several body positivity groups on Facebook. I post a lot on Pinterest almost daily. And I try to stay up to date on the various offerings available at the majority of plus size retailers. So when I miss something I am usually surprised. But then there are moments like this when I am not so much surprised as confused.

You see about a month ago I started seeing this dress pop up on Pinterest and people searching for it in various Facebook groups.


People were saying they wanted the dress but Lane Bryant was currently sold out of their size. And to this day if you go to the link one of the patterns is showing still available in a 14/16W. As you can see here.

But they didn’t have the size I need. So I decided to call their phone line and see if they could help me find it in a local store. When I spoke to one of the customer service representatives they said they could look the dress up by the item# and track it from there. So I gave them the number listed on their website, which I was promptly told did not exist. Really???? How does that happen? I am sitting here looking at it on your website Lane Bryant. So I described the dress to them, and was told it didn’t even sound familiar. But they were willing to check with the local stores and see if they had anything that sounded familiar.

They checked and were told they did have two of the colors in stock at one of my local stores. So great, I had them hold one for me and then made my way to the store the next day. As I enter the store I see another peasant dress in a similar color as one of the options for the one I had been looking for. As soon as I saw it I knew what had happened, they had mistaken that dress for the one I was looking for.

So I decided to talk to the ladies that work in the store and show them the pictures on Pinterest and see if I just missed this dress or what. But even the ladies that had worked there for years did not remember ever seeing the dress. They said that it wasn’t a dress they remember from the last couple of years either.

So, does anyone know what’s up with this dress? When was it out? Was it available in the stores? Or was it online only? Or is Lane Bryant just messing with all of us ladies that would like to have this dress? Because till last month I had never heard or seen this dress before.








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