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Why I Won’t Be Giving Eloquii A Second Chance

Eloquii purchased by walmart

Several years ago I wrote a mini review of my experience with Eloquii here on the blog. It wasn’t a whole post dedicated to Eloquii, but it was part of a post. It was quite a negative review and I had said at the time I doubted I would shop with them again. To this day it remains one of my most well ranked posts on Google and most visited pages here on the blog.

However, I do realize that given time a company can change. People get fired, new people take their place. Corporations make policy changes. So in three years a lot could have changed with Eloquii. And a few of you have taken the time to reach out to me and ask for me to give it a second chance. Some people were wanting the second chance because of how much they already love the brand, and the rest because you wanted to see a detailed review of the fit. And for the last month or so I had been seriously considering giving it another try.

Obviously by the name of this post, you know something happened to change my feelings on the matter. My guess is by the time you are reading this, many of you will already know what happened. But for those of you who haven’t heard I will share the email that was sent out by Eloquii.


Announcement 1

Announcement 2

That is right, Eloquii has been bought by Wal-Mart. If you read my post about why I would no longer be shopping at ModCloth, then you already know how I feel about this topic. But for those of you who haven’t read it, or for whatever reason don’t want to go back and read it, I will summarize here.

Essentially I don’t want to give my money to a corporation that consistently pays their employees less than a livable wage. I have no judgment for anyone who does shop there. I certainly have had lots of times in my life where I had no other option. But at this point in my life I do have options. I may not be rich, but I have enough money to get the things I really need and even if I didn’t I live in a city where there are many options at the same price point or less than Wal-Mart for plus size clothing and anything else I need. So I feel it is important to put my money behind what I believe in, and that is more important to me that picking up a few extra pieces of clothing at cheaper price.

I am sure that there are also a few people out there who are huge fans of Eloquii thinking I am not giving them a fair chance since they have said they are still going to be making their own business decisions. But the great thing about there being so many more places to shop for plus sizes these days is that we can all have the luxury of making decisions where we want to shop. And for me, just the fact that Wal-Mart would be getting even a percentage of my money as the corporate owner is enough for me not to want to shop Eloquii.

I believe in practicing what I preach, and I have from day one on this blog said that I believe equality for one is not equality. So even if this acquisition does make fashion more available to the plus size community, I always have to ask myself if it is worth achieving something by stepping on the backs of someone else to get there. Ultimately I feel if Wal-Marts has so much money to constantly invest in other businesses they should have the money to be paying their workers fair and livable wages first.

If you want more information on the business side of what happened, I highly recommend you read the post “Are you Sitting Down? WalMart to Acquire Eloquii” over on The Curvy Fashionista’s blog.

Tell me in comments what you think about this acquisition? Do you shop Eloquii? Will you continue to shop Eloquii?

Because of the nature of this topic, I ask that if you comment on this post you keep your comments polite. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions here.





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My Thoughts On The ModCloth Buy Out

Modcloth taken over by Jet

Modcloth taken over by Jet


If you are a ModCloth lover or follow any number of plus size blogger, you probably already heard ModCloth has been bought out. The news was leaked just the day after their Groupons went up for sale. They were bought by Jet who is owned by Wal-Mart. This has in fact made many ModCloth lovers, including me quite upset.

The problem is the two companies sort of stand for completely different things, both from a business and ethical stand point. Plus given their total different approach to plus size clothing, this may leave the plus size consumer out in the cold. And based on just a couple of changes that has already taken place, one can only speculate that this takeover will see the decline of the things most have loved about ModCloth.

You might have seen that I posted about the Groupon that ModCloth had posted the day before the news leak of the buy out. I myself had bought one. After reading the news I went back and forth in mind about what I wanted to do. So I personally have made a decision. After I use my Groupon, I personally will not be shopping with ModCloth any more, and I will explain why.

I currently do not shop with Wal-Marts or Jet. I do not like their business practices or their treatment of their employees, and I do not want to support any business they own. Where I live there are many options to shop at places that treat their employees well and that are more ethical. I do on rare occasion have to buy from Wal-Mart if they are the only place that carries something and its an emergencies, but I try everywhere else first. I want to also say, when I was on a tight budget and living by myself, I did shop at Wal-Mart because I had no choice. I totally get not everyone has that choice because of finances or location, and I hold no judgment of anyone who does shop there. This is simply a personal decision.

For me, I feel like that even if everything stayed the same at ModCloth after this I would not want to shop there. Because even if they did continue paying those employees fair wages and keep ethical standards, shopping there is still ultimately supporting the parent company.

ModCloth for a long time has filled a niche in the plus size market. But don’t worry, there are other places to get those vintage and retro inspired clothes you desire if you feel like I do. I will be working on a list for you of alternative places to shop, and I hope to have it up soon.

In the mean time I would love to hear your thoughts on the take over. Tell me in comments below how do you feel about it? Will you continue shopping ModCloth? And please share any and all the vintage and retro clothing brands you know.

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Plus Size OOTD – A Tale Of Two Stores

Plus Size City Chic Pelum Top

City CHic Top, Torrid Jeans, and T.U.K. shoes bought on ModCloth

I might have mentioned a time or two in the past there are always two brands that I can count on to consistently fit me, and fit me well. Not only that, but I feel their styles often compliment each other. That probably has a lot to do with why I have so much of both of them in my closet. Now if you have been reading my blog or following any of my social media for a while, there is probably good chance you already know what brands I am talking about. For those of you who are new here or just are not good guessers I will go ahead and tell you I am talking about Torrid and City Chic.

For size reference my measurements are Bust: 49″ Waist: 42″ Hips:54″ I typically wear either a 2X or 20W at most traditional plus sized stored like Lane Bryant or Torrid.

Plus Size City Chic Pelum Top

I am wearing a faux leather peplum top from City Chic. I purchased it a little over two years ago, so I am sorry to say this is no longer available. I really like peplum tops, but on my body type they are tricky to find ones that fit me in a way that I both like and doesn’t make me look pregnant.

In order for it to fit me the way I like, I have found the peplum either needs to be very structured (like the one I am wearing here) or the complete opposite and be completely soft fabric. Anything in the middle seem to not work on me. Also the placement of the waist band is a big deal. I don’t think I will stop here with the explanation and if I hear from enough of you that you want me to do an actual post about the different types of peplums I will do that.

Plus size outfit of the day

On the bottom I am wearing a pair of Torrid Multi Zip Jegging in weathered black. They don’t have this color anymore, but I think the dark grey looks very similar. You can find those on both Torrid’s Website and on Amazon. I have these jeans in three different colors. You have seen the dark wash in previous pictures. They are my favorite jeans I own. These for some reason do not fit like the other two pairs. These are a lot looser in the booty and the legs.

Shoes are TUK bought on Modcloth

For anyone wondering what I have on with it. The shoes are a pair of TUK heels I purchased on ModCloth a couple of years ago. They don’t have any left, however there are still a few in stock at TUK’s Website for now. Grab them quickly if you want them.

Black cat necklace

And this is the necklace I have on. I briefly subscribed to the Cat Lady Box. It didn’t work out for me for the most part, but now you can buy their exclusive items in their shop. So you can still purchase this Sterling Silver Black Cat Necklace in their shop.


Tell me in the comments below do you have two clothing brands that work well together for you?

Countdown to Summer

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Product Review – Sole Patches

Sole Patches

I was recently sent a box of Sole Patches to try out. I was pretty excited to give these a try, and let me tell you why. I love shoes, especially heels. As someone who has had to cut back on how often I wear my heels due to the foot and back pain they can cause, I would love to find a product that would enable me to wear them more often.

Sole Patches are a cushion that can be worn in one of three way with your heels to make them more comfortable. You may be thinking to yourself that there is nothing new about that, there are already lots of cushions made to go into your shoes for comfort. And if that is what you are thinking, then you would be partially right. There are a couple of big differences though, and those differences play a part in why I was so excited to try Sole Patches.

With most traditional cushions for your shoes, you have two options. You can go with the insert type, which only works with closed toe shoes and rarely works with heels because they won’t stay in place. Or you can go with the pads that stick to bottom of the shoe. You place them where you think you need them. While these can be worn with any shoes, I always found the adhesive to be lacking and the cushion slides out by the end of the day. And while Sole Patches says sticking the patches to the shoe is a option, and a permanent one at that, it is not the main recommended use.

Sole Patches are actually made to be stuck directly on to your skin and then can be disposed with at the end of the day. If you use them in this fashion versus sticking them to your shoes, then you can easily switch shoes throughout the day with ease and still have the comfort of the cushions.

Sole Patches out of the box

I was sent the same box they have available for sale on their website. Each box contains six patches or three sets. Since I had three sets to test out, I wanted to be as thorough as possible in my testing. I thought the best thing to do was try each set out in very different types of shoes to see if it made any difference in how they wore and stood up through the day.

Three pairs of shoes I tries Sole Patches with

So the first thing I did was check out the directions to make sure I applied them properly.

Back of the Box of Sole Patched with Directions.


– Make sure your foot is clean and dry.

– Flex your foot. This will ensure pad sticks to optimal surface area.

– Aim for the ball of your foot, the heel, or wherever you find pain/soreness to be a problem. (Optional: Stick to shoe for permanent fixation.)

– Remove adhesive backing from Sole Patches and apply.

That is all there is too it. Pretty simple.


Now before we get into how they worked with each of the shoes lets take a look at what the product claims are. Here is what the box says:

The moisture-repelling, odor-repelling, anti-microbial, shock-absorbing properties cushion your feet while walking in uncomfortable shoes, eliminating the pain and soreness you once felt after a long day! Prevents feet from sliding forward. Medical-grade adhesive is super durable and will withstand up to hours of wear, giving you the flexibility to change into multiple pairs of shoes! Don’t commit to just one pair.

Day 1 Of Testing

Botties from The Avenue.

For the first day I wanted to try out the Sole Patches in this pair of booties from the Avenue. While they are not the most uncomfortable shoes I own, I can never seem to where them to really walk in. They are mainly a put them on go out to dinner come home kind of shoes. Or occasionally I will take photos in them. Anything more than a couple of hours and I am not a happy camper in these.

So after I adjusted the Sole Patches on my feet I then, I then tried to slip my booties on. Unfortunately it was a bit of a struggle with having the patches on my feet and trying to slip them in the narrow neck of the booties. After it was all said and done I never could get my foot into the boots comfortably with the patches on. I could get my feet in, but it always felt like the patches were bunched up under my feet. After 15 minutes of trying to make it work, I gave up. I ended up taking them off and going with my comfortable shoes for the day. I had places to be.

And I do want to offer a bit of fair warning to anyone who may have sensitive feet. If you decide to take a pair of these off soon after putting them on, they aren’t super easy to take off. I wouldn’t say they are painful, but it was a bit uncomfortable. I would say that it was a similar sensation to that of yanking a Band-Aid off.

Day 2 Of Testing

TUK cat shoes I bought on ModCloth

For the second day I chose this pair of T.U.K.s I bought from ModCloth a couple of years ago. Again, they aren’t the most uncomfortable ones I own, but I would really like to increase the amount of time I can wear them. In the past two hours has been the maximum I could go in these.

I had a much easier time sliding these on with the Sole Patches on my feet. So I already felt victorious there. I almost instantly felt a difference in the comfort level. I did take a change of shoes with me, just in case, because I had a really long day scheduled full of running errands. I wanted to make sure there was a backup in case the Sole Patches didn’t work for me. Just like with the last pair, my longest run of wearing them was around two hours before my feet started to hurt, and that was without a lot of walking.

As I moved through my day I noticed at the two hour mark that I was still feeling pretty comfortable. Of course at that point I had done minimal walking, but I would normally have been in pain at this point with the same amount of activity. This had me feeling quite hopeful. From that point on I was quite a bit more active, my day involved a lot more walking. And I am happy to say at the four hour mark I was still feeling relatively comfortable.

However it was after this point that things started slowly breaking down. Around the five hour mark I was starting to hurt a bit. And by six hours, when I made it home, my feet were starting to ache. I had noticed for the last hour that the Sole Patches were feeling a little loose, and when I took my shoes off I could definitely tell they were indeed coming loose from my skin. (See picture below to see it coming off after wear) I also had started to slide down in my shoe a bit in the last hour, and I notice when I took my shoes off my right foot had developed a blister on the small toe from all the walking.

Sole Patches pulling away from my skin at the end of the day.

Even though it didn’t have me dancing in the street for a full twenty-four hours, I still found the increase wear quite impressive. I seriously doubt I would ever be able to walk in any shoes a straight twenty-four hours to even test it out.

Day 3 Of Testing

Eva & Zoe platform heels

On the third day I decided to try the Sole Patches out while wearing these Eva & Zoe platform heels. This particular pair of heels have always been those shoes that you wear a different pair of shoes to the restaurant of choice. You put this pair on right before walking into the restaurant. You go get seated, eat, and leave. And then you immediately change back into the other shoes once you are out of the restaurant.

I didn’t really have any errands to run for the third day. I was only cleaning house. So this unfortunately prevented me from fully testing them out, because its just not possible (at least for me) to clean in these. However I was able to put them on for a while and test them. For this pair they slid on find. I did find that it made them a little uncomfortably tight though. The comfort was there, and I was able to walk around fine. I only had them on for about a half an hour, but that was already well past the usual breaking point in this pair of shoes.

Overall I really like these. I think they are worth a try if you are a shoe lover who would like to extend the wear time of your shoes. Though as you saw from my experience they may not be wearable with all shoes.

I you would like more information on Sole Patches or to find out where to purchase them you can find that on their website.

Tell me in the comments below, have you or would you give these a try?



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Plus Size Shopping Guide For Labor Day Weekend Sales 2016


I hope everyone is having a happy holiday weekend with their friends and family. And for those of you who have to continue to work today, know you are appreciated even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

I am off spending time with a member of my friends family who just had surgery, but I wanted to leave you guys with shopping guide for the holiday weekend. I love a sale! Who doesn’t, am I right? Any how below is the list of stores I know are having sales for the weekend. Some sales may not be announced ahead of time and some may not be exclusive to just Labor Day.

I will try and update with any new information I have if and when I get time this weekend, so check back if you can. Make sure you leave me a comment below and let me know if you got anything special. And let me and everyone else know if there is a killer sale we should all be running for.


Aidrianna Papelle

Summer Dress Sale! Up to 62% Off Dresses at Adrianna Papell! A line, fit and flare & more styles are now only $59.99. Limited time only. Shop now! – note dresses actually start at $39.99 in this sale.



Labor Day Savings Up To 70 Percent Off on Women’s Plus Size Amazon

Ashley Stewart

Labor Day Weekend Sale: 30% off your full-price purchase


City Chic

Shop City Chic’s labour day sale for 30% off Formal Dresses! Valid August 30- September 12

Get an additional 30% off sale at City Chic! Valid August 30- September 29

Get 2 Basics for $20 at City Chic! Valid July 12th – September 26th

Get 25% off your first purchase at City Chic with code: 25OFF1ST!



BOGO 50% Off On Tops at dressbarn Labor Day Sale

Take $20 off $100 and Free Shipping with code 20SEP100 at dressbarn


Lane Bryant

Labor Day Sale: 40% OFF Apparel, Sleepwear & Accessories with code: LABORDAY at Lane Bryant (9/1-9/6)

ONLINE ONLY: 40% OFF $250+ w/ FS use code: JU40AFFLB (ends 9/1) – excludes clearance, Cacique + all third-party brands

ONLINE ONLY: $25 OFF $75+ w/ FS use code: JU25AFFLB (ends 9/1) – excludes clearance, Cacique + all third-party brands

Cacique Everyday Deal: 5 for $35 Panties + BOGO 50% Off Bras!

Up to 75% End of Summer Clearance Sale at Lane Bryant



End of Summer Clearance Event online at Prices starting at $3.99! See site for details.

BOGO 50% Off Reg Price & BOGO Free Clearance at Cannot be combined. Some exclusions may apply.


StoreWide BOGO 50% Off with code LOVE2BOGO, valid 8/31- 9/5

50% Off 1 Reg. Price Item + Free Shipping with code 1222, valid 8/30-9/10



Labor Day Sale – Up to 50% Off


Society Plus

Summer Closet Clearout – New clearance items starting at 40% off


Swimsuits For All

Get Up to 65% Off Sitewide and Free Shipping this Labor Day at No Code Needed



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Weeks 3 and 4 of #AllDressApril

All Dress April

Week two of All Dress April

This the third and final post on the looks for All Dress April. I went ahead and combined all the looks for the last two weeks into one post because honestly I missed a lot of days in the last week due to being ill, and since we are already in May I wanted to go ahead and wrap this series up.

Day 15

Outfit for Day 15 of All Dress April

Dress is The Story of Citrus Dress in Cool Blooms on ModCloth. Just a tip for anyone who has had this dress in one of the other print. This is a thinner stretchier fabric and cut slightly different. Size down one size in this one.

Shoes are the Rumblers – Sci Fi from Skechers.


Day 16

Outfit for Day 16 of All Dress AprilDress is the Retro Chic Flamingo Swing Dress from Torrid.

Shoes are the Relaxed Fit: Bikers – Skims from Skechers


Day 17

Outfit for Day 17 of All Dress AprilDress is from Calvin Klein, this is from a couple of years ago and is no longer available.

Kimono is from Torrid, also from a couple of years ago and no longer available.


Day 18

Outfit for Day 18 of All Dress April Dress is from SWAK. I bought this a long time ago, and they don’t even have anything similar anymore.


Day 19

I had to miss this day unfortunately.

Day 20

Outfit for Day 20 of All Dress AprilThis dress is from Forever 21 from about four years ago if I remember right.

The shoes are the same Skechers sandals listed above with another look but in black.


Day 21

Misses this day.


Day 22

Outfit for day 22 of All Dress AprilThis dress was from Torrid and their Penny Dreadful collection that was out last year. Unfortunately it is no longer available.

Shoes are the Relaxed Fit: Breathe Easy – Pretty Factor from Skechers


Day 23

Outfit for Day 23 for All Dress AprilThe dress is the Everywhere You Look Dress from ModCloth. No longer available.

Shoes are the same shoes with the previous outfit.


Day 24

Outfit for Day 24 of All Dress AprilThe dress is a Mayri Dress from a couple of years ago. This fabric is no longer available, but she does have the same dress style in another peacock fabric. You can find it here. All Mayri dresses are hand sewn and from my experience true to size. Her size chart is pretty accurate, so check it before ordering.
Shoes are Flojos, this style is no longer available. But they are the only flipflops I will wear. If you ever try a pair, you will understand why.


Day 25

Outfit for day 25 of All Dress AprilDress is from Igigi. This no longer available.


Day 26

I missed this day due to illness.


Day 27

I missed this day due to illness.


Day 28

I actually wore a dress this day, but forgot to take a picture. Sigh!


Day 29

Outfit for Day 29 of All Dress AprilThis is the Sea the Sights Dress in Turquoise from ModCloth. It is no longer available, but if you keep your eyes open they might bring it back in another color. That seems to happen a lot with ModCloth Dresses


Day 30

I did not get to participate this day because again I was not feeling well.



Well as I said in the beginning, I realize there were quite a few days missed in the final week. But things happen and that is life. I will try and participate again next year. Did any of you participate or have you participated in similar challenges?

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Looks From Week One Of #AllDressApril

All Dress April



A look at what I wore on the first week of All Dress April. I will link to anything that is still available to purchase.


Day 1

Look for Day 1 of All Dress April

The top is Torrid, and they don’t have this in right now, but they are always releasing this over and over. They do have a similar style called the Lace Jersey Babydoll Top.

The skirt is from Dressbarn.

Day 2

Oh the weather in Kentucky. Its that time of year here where we are experiencing all four seasons, often in the matter of a week. I left home and it was warm and no wind. We went to get pedicures and came out and it had dropped 20 degrees and we were having a wind storm.

The lace crop top and leggings are from Torrid. It is the Embroidered Lace Crop Top and the Black Lace Mid Calf Leggings.

The tank top is from City Chic. While they don’t have it in the color I have on, they do have them in several other colors. It is their Ballerina Cami.

The skirt came from a outlet and it doesn’t have a brand tag in it.


Day 3

Look For Day 3 of All Dress April

The dress is from ModCloth , they no longer have it but it could possibly pop up in another pattern or you might find it on ebay. Its the Ride Here, Ride Now Dress in Cats.

The cardigan is from Torrid. No longer available, nor is there anything similar at the moment.


Day 4

Look for Day 4 of All Dress April

Both the skirt and top were bought at a place called Burkes Outlet. While they do carry some name brands and the occasional designer piece in their plus size section, these two items don’t really have a name anyone would really recognize on them. But if you have never shopped there, they are definitely worth checking out.


Day 5

Look For Day 5 of All Dress April

This dress is from Simply Be. It is their Simply Be Paisley Print Maxi Dress.


Day 6

Look For Day 6 Of All Dress April

The Top is Cythia Rowley.

The skirt is Kim Rogers.

Both are from a couple of years ago and no longer available.


Day 7

I am sorry to say, I do not have a picture for day seven. I will have a few days here and there that I am just not able to participate, and day 7 was one of those for me.


You can also follow along with these looks and other peoples looks on various social media platforms by looking for the hashtag #AllDressApril . If you are participating, I would love to see your looks to. I try to follow along as much as possible, but if you are a reader make sure you leave where you are posting your pics and your user name, and I will make sure to take a look.
















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Retro”fitted” with Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop Dottie Dress

Lindy Bop Dottie Dress


I recently signed up and started selling on a phone app called Poshmark. I will be talking a little more in depth about it and a few other places to sell/shop other than what you might think of as a traditional place to buy in an upcoming post, but for now lets stick to the outfit.

Ever since I listed this dress for sale, I had so many request for pictures of the actual dress on. I usually don’t like to try clothing on and take pictures that I am selling new with tags, especially like in this case where it is a size too small, as there always is a potential for damage to the item. But because of how I came in possession of this particular dress, I knew I could put this one on without harming the fabric. So I decided that I might as well go ahead and put on my makeup and do the most simple retro style hairdo I could manage, and have some fun taking pictures for the blog while I was at it.

Lindy Bop Dottie Dress

The Dress: The “Dottie” dress from Lindy Bop. I am sorry to say this dress is no longer available, but you can purchase a dress I think is very similar in style called the ‘Amie’ Navy Polka Dot Tea Dress. When you visit Lindy Bop’s site, you are able to choose between their US site or their UK site. You can order from either, and while they have essentially the same items, they do occasionally have slightly different stock of sizes available. I personally prefer their UK site as I find the sizing less confusing there. However there are trade offs for both sites. If you purchase from the UK site, the sizing is easier to understand and the pricing is cheaper, however purchasing on the US site we get free shipping and there is less time to wait to get your items.

The Leggings: Mine were purchased at ModCloth a couple of years ago, so again unfortunately I can’t send you directly to that pair. But there is a similar pair available on Full Beauty’s website. You also could achieve the same look with a lace patterned pantyhose.

The Shoes: The shoes were a pair of Cloudwalker Booties I picked up in an Facebook trading group(which will also be in that upcoming article). I don’t think they are available anymore, but they are pretty basic booties. However they are wide width and very comfortable soles. If you aren’t familiar with Cloudwalker, you can get them from The Avenue.

I know these items aren’t available anymore, but I hope everyone still enjoys this in the way that it was intended. One part fashion inspiration, and one part recommendations of places to shop. And always a reminder to keep fashion and beauty fun. If you aren’t having fun with what you put on, then why are you wearing it?

As always I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you want to see more style inspiration pieces? Do you rock vintage looks? Where is your favorite places to get vintage inspired pieces?



















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Its A Tropical Heat Wave With ModCloth

I have always loved tropical prints. So the fact that they are actually in style this year has me over the moon. I have several different ones, though I have tried to make sure that the prints and styles are different. One of my favorites  has been the Take it from the Tropical Dress sold on Modcloth.

8387851fe0efdcc13735e4030ddc32fcI really love the mix of colors in this one, and the fit is great. This dress has way more stretch that the average ModCloth dress. I was able to comfortable fit a 2X like I do at most stores. In a lot of ModCloth dresses I find I have to order the 3X and have it altered to fit. To give you reference, my measurements are B – 49″ W – 43″ and Hips – 54″, and I wear a 2/2X at Torrid and Lane Bryant typically. I still felt like there was a little more room to stretch.

2015-07-11 17.47.33

My husband and I decided to head out on a date night recently.  We went to one of our favorite local wineries. Which if you happen to be in the Central Kentucky area, I can not recommend Wildside Winery enough. They are definitely worth the trip.

2015-07-11 19.12.42

After that my husband and I went to dinner at a local tapas restaurant where we had dinner on their patio. It was nice evening for a stroll.

Here is another shot of me in my dress. I thought I would include this one because it looked like I was having a very zen moment, and it shows off my eye makeup nicely.

2015-07-11 17.47.19

Just a tip for anyone who goes to the link looking for this dress. It does look like they are out of stock in most of the sizes, but if you click on the size you need and click the button that says I need it, they are pretty good about restocking if enough people ask.


Who has your favorite tropical print? Have you tried this dress? If so, how did you style it?















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Feeling Pretty As A Picture – In ModCloth’s Creative Portrait Dress

ModCloths Creative Portrait Dress in Cat Collage

I love a black and white print, and I love cats(yes, if you haven’t been paying attention, I am a proud crazy cat lady). So when ModCloth released their Creative Portrait Dress in the Cat Collage print I was already sold. (Forgive me for the grimacing face, but the sun was all in my eyes)

ModCloths Creative Portrait Dress in Cat CollageUnfortunately this dress is no longer available, however there are a few other great items available with a similar look. You can try the Start Spreading the Mews Dress, the Traveling Cupcake Truck Dress in Cats, or the South Florida Spree Top in Cats. The dress is a Retrolicious brand dress, so you can also keep an eye out for new ones being released.

I was running kind of late that day, so I didn’t have a lot of time to accessorize. The only things that went with me are my fabulously comfortable wedge sandals from Sketcher. They are the Cali Women’s Rumblers – Sci-Fi Wedge Sandal. They are so comfortable because they have a memory foam footbed and the straps have an amazing amount of stretch.  I also had my Betsy Johnson Pink Butterfly Sunglasses with me. These are no longer available through Betsy Johnson’s site, but the link should take you to Zulily, where they have them for the next few days.

2015-06-13 15.02.46

Now back to the dress. Just a few thought and comments I wanted to share with you all about it. I ordered the dress back in late winter/early spring, but between our crazy weather here in Kentucky and just circumstances I did not have a chance to wear it till this particular day a couple of weeks ago. So, yes this was my first time wearing. I was only out for a few hours, and before I could make it home my friend noticed thread hanging on the shoulder. After some inspection, several seams are coming undone to the point I am going to have to take it to have it repaired. This is not from a tight fit or any over wear. If anything this dress is a little too loose. This is the first time I have had a Retrolicious dress, so I am not sure if this is per their normal quality or not.

My other thought is about the belt. While I love the pattern of the dress a lot, I am not crazy about the belt pattern, at least paired with this dress. I think the dress needs a pop of color. So don’t be surprised if you see another post about this dress after I have it fixed. You might see it all styled up with accessories and a different belt.


So I want to hear from you. Does anyone else have this dress? Did you have issues with the seems coming undone? Is this a brand issue or just a fluke?












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