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Looks From Week One Of #AllDressApril

All Dress April



A look at what I wore on the first week of All Dress April. I will link to anything that is still available to purchase.


Day 1

Look for Day 1 of All Dress April

The top is Torrid, and they don’t have this in right now, but they are always releasing this over and over. They do have a similar style called the Lace Jersey Babydoll Top.

The skirt is from Dressbarn.

Day 2

Oh the weather in Kentucky. Its that time of year here where we are experiencing all four seasons, often in the matter of a week. I left home and it was warm and no wind. We went to get pedicures and came out and it had dropped 20 degrees and we were having a wind storm.

The lace crop top and leggings are from Torrid. It is the Embroidered Lace Crop Top and the Black Lace Mid Calf Leggings.

The tank top is from City Chic. While they don’t have it in the color I have on, they do have them in several other colors. It is their Ballerina Cami.

The skirt came from a outlet and it doesn’t have a brand tag in it.


Day 3

Look For Day 3 of All Dress April

The dress is from ModCloth , they no longer have it but it could possibly pop up in another pattern or you might find it on ebay. Its the Ride Here, Ride Now Dress in Cats.

The cardigan is from Torrid. No longer available, nor is there anything similar at the moment.


Day 4

Look for Day 4 of All Dress April

Both the skirt and top were bought at a place called Burkes Outlet. While they do carry some name brands and the occasional designer piece in their plus size section, these two items don’t really have a name anyone would really recognize on them. But if you have never shopped there, they are definitely worth checking out.


Day 5

Look For Day 5 of All Dress April

This dress is from Simply Be. It is their Simply Be Paisley Print Maxi Dress.


Day 6

Look For Day 6 Of All Dress April

The Top is Cythia Rowley.

The skirt is Kim Rogers.

Both are from a couple of years ago and no longer available.


Day 7

I am sorry to say, I do not have a picture for day seven. I will have a few days here and there that I am just not able to participate, and day 7 was one of those for me.


You can also follow along with these looks and other peoples looks on various social media platforms by looking for the hashtag #AllDressApril . If you are participating, I would love to see your looks to. I try to follow along as much as possible, but if you are a reader make sure you leave where you are posting your pics and your user name, and I will make sure to take a look.
















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Breaking The Rules On My Date With ModCloth

Let me be the first to step up and say, I fully accept and admit I can be very stubborn at times. And if you tell me I can’t do something, most likely I will try my best to do it. That being said, I also think that sometimes some of our biggest faults can also be our biggest strengths if used in the right way. Because you know if some tells me not to jump off a bridge, obviously its not a great thing for me to try and jump off a bridge. But if someone tells me I can’t do something just because I happen to be a girl or plus size and I turn around and prove them wrong, well chalk one up for women’s rights and body positivity everywhere.

So a while back, if you follow me on Facebook or know me in person, I posted about wanting to buy some dresses from Mod Cloth for some special Occasions that were coming up. I received a handful of responses on Facebook as well as a few in person. Unanimously there was one dress in the group everyone told me they thought I should not get because of the strips. Because you know, if there was ever one thing your told as a fat girl is you can’t wear stripes, which I have never bought into anyways. So me being stubborn, you know I bought that dress.

2014-09-28 16.57.32

Musical Maestro Dress from Mod Cloth Currently on their Clearance for 70%off Now – $53.99

2014-09-28 17.20.30

Hair flowers from Forever 21

I had a snafu when ordering this dress. I ordered by Mod Cloth’s size chart and it just didn’t fit. It was too large by two sizes. Since it was on clearance it normally isn’t suppose to be exchangeable. But I have to say the folks at Mod Cloth were so nice and let me exchange since it was my first time ordering, and I didn’t understand how their size charts worked. This particular dress ended up running true to size, and you should order what you would from Lane Bryant or Torrid.

I really loved the way this dress felt on. It had a very satiny feel to the fabric that made it seem so luxurious. And my husband was absolutely over the moon about it. He probably told me I looked beautiful four or five times during dinner than night.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules in fashion. Wear what you want, when you want. I want to hear from all of you. What was the last rule you broke?





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