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Try Out LuLaRoe With Me, A Review And …. A Giveaway!

LuLaRoe Nicole Dress in a size 2XL

LuLaRoe Giveaway

So a few weeks ago two lovely ladies approached me with an offer. LuLaRoe representatives Jessica Bartell and Beckie McGonagle contacted me and asked me if I would like to try some clothing from LuLaRoe and do a review and giveaway. I had never had a chance to try LuLaRoe before, and if there are two things you guys have learned about me by now you should know how much I love trying out new brands to share and giveaways. So of course I said yes. If you want to learn more about their LuLaRoe business you can find them on their main Facebook Page and you can also ask to join their VIP Shopping Group.

While I had not had a chance to try out LuLaRoe before I had heard a bit about them, but I found there was quite a bit I did not know. Actually I am pretty sure there is still a lot I don’t know. But for those of you who are completely new to LuLaRoe I will share what I can to help you understand more about them. The majority of buying opportunities you will have come through what they call pop up shops. They are essentially like Tupperware parties, but with clothes. You get the opportunity to try on different pieces and see what fits you. However some consultants have ways for you to buy online like Jessica and Beckie do. I am told that each pattern that is created is only made in 5,000 pieces to assure that you don’t see a bunch of people wearing the same thing that you are. And each consultant has different pieces and patterns to choose from.

But back to the main story. Beckie and Jessica sent me some size charts and I consulted some people that had previously tried on LuLaRoe. After much deliberation I decided on the sizes I thought would fit me best. I will make sure to share the size charts with you all along with the items I tried. I will say this was the one area I found most difficult as their size charts are not measurement based but instead based on sizes. This worked fine for two of the three pieces I was sent, but if I had not spoken to other people who had worn the clothing I probably would have ended up with the wrong size in the third piece. This is not really a problem for most people who have had a chance to try them on in person at parties, but as I said I had no had a chance to try LuLaRoe before.



I was sent three pieces to try. I was sent The Perfect T, The Leggings, and The Nicole  Dress. In the tee I chose the XL, in the leggings I got the Tall & Curvy size, and for the Nicole Dress I went with the 2XL. For comparison my usual size in most traditional plus size stores like Torrid and Lane Bryant is a 2X or a 20W. My measurements are Bust: 49″ Waist: 42″ and Hips: 54″. And I wear a 40DDD/G bra  depends on the brand and how its made.

First lets take a look at the dress. I was sent the Nicole dress. And I tried this in the 2XL. This is the item that I was glad I consulted someone else about sizing rather than going by the size guide provided. If you want to see a size chart for the Nicole Dress click here.

LuLaRoe Nicole Dress in a size 2XL

Back view of the Nicole dress from LuLaRoe

There is so much I love about this dress. The color, pattern, style, those are all me. My one and only complaint about this dress is not really a big thing. Its really just the fabric. In general the fabric is okay, I don’t think it feels bad or anything. Its just a textured fabric. Lots of places have it right now. It seems to be very in. I really avoid it mainly because I have long haired cats. Their hair tends to grip onto this type of fabric like a vice. However I did ask questions, and I was assured that all of their dresses, tops, and skirts come in multiple fabric choices. I would definitely want to take a look at items they have in some other fabrics. But overall I would rate this four stars out of five.


Next lets take a look at the two separates I was sent, the Perfect T and the Leggings. I got the Perfect T in a size XL and you can see the size chart here. And the Leggings I tried in the Tall & Curvy size. You can see the Leggings size chart here. With these two items I wanted to show you them paired together (which I assume they were in a way intended for me to try them that way) and separately as I would actually use them.

First let’s look at the two pieces together, and then I will give you my thoughts on the items and show them styled separately.

LuLaRoe Perfect T in an XL and the Leggings in the Tall & Curvy size

Back view of the LuLaRoe Perfect T and Leggings on a Plus Size woman

When I took the Perfect T out of the package, I have to be honest and say I was a little apprehensive. The pattern was okay, but the colors just didn’t appeal to me offhand and the cut I was just sure was going to make me look one to two size larger than I am. I have had similar cuts that always seem to make me look pregnant. But this is why I always encourage people to try things on even if its something that is outside of your comfort zone or something you think isn’t your color or cut. You just never know till you try. So once I put it on I really loved the top. It is probably my favorite thing sent. It is both comfortable and figure flattering. I could definitely see myself purchasing more of these in the future. Overall I would rate the Perfect T five out of five stars.

The Leggings I feel a little more torn about and I will have to explain to you why. How many times have you heard those online arguments about whether leggings should be worn as pants or not? Most of those arguments arise because there are actually two types of leggings in the world. There are leggings like this which once they are on thin out and slight hints of your skin are visible, and then there are thicker fully opaque leggings. This particular type I personally would never wear out in public as actual pants, and I sometimes have a hard time even considering them leggings, to me they are more like footless tights. I wear them more in the fall and winter under skirts and dresses. I also think they are a little long in the leg for me. So I don’t dislike them, that is not the issue. I think if I view them as footless tights I would probably give them four stars out of five, but if I think of them as actual leggings I would have to make it more like three stars out of five. But again, with the exception of the length these are really more about personal preferences. Nothing bad to report about these.

Now I want to share with you how I would actually style these two pieces separately.

LuLaRoe Perfect T paired with jeans

LuLaRoe Leggings under a dress.

I think the most obvious thing is that the colors look so much different paired with these other clothes. And its not one of those things where it looks different because of the lighting. It looked different in person as well, even inside.

Overall, I have to say my first impressions of LuLaRoe are good. I want to say thank you so much to both Jessica and Beckie. I know it is incredibly hard to pick out clothing to try and suit other people’s tastes, especially when you don’t know them. I personally have tried a couple of those styling boxes where they pick out clothing for you and have never had success. These two ladies did a much better job in the first try.

Now on to the fun stuff, the Giveaway!

These two ladies want to give one of my lucky readers a $50 gift card. So yay!! The gift card is only usable with specifically them, and the giveaway is only available to residents of the US or APO addresses outside the US.

As usual there are a couple of required tasks you must complete to be entered, but there are also lots of other tasks that are optional to help you earn extra entries.

Entry to the giveaway will end on December 12 at midnight. After verification of entry the winner will be contacted no later than December 14th. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize, if at that time the prize is not claimed we will move to the next name drawn.

Attention: Just a note, with previous giveaways there has been confusion regarding where to comment. The comments must be left at the bottom of this page, not in the Rafflecopter box. In the Rafflecopter box you only need to say something like commented or done. You are also welcome to copy the same comment you left on this page, but it isn’t necessary.


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