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Plus Size OOTD – White & Blue Denim

Plus size outfit of the day

Plus size outfit of the day

One of my favorite trends from this spring and summer has got to be the pairing of white and blue denim. Something about it screams cool. It’s the vacation look you can wear for a staycation.

For reference I am wearing either a size 2 or 20 in all the clothing. My measurements are bust: 49″ waist:42″ hips:56″ And I wear a 40DDD bra. I always try to share my personal measurements and sizing because I want to help you better assess what size you need.

Back view of the plus size ootd

The jeans came from Lovesick (Torrid’s Sister Company) before they closed up this past spring. With the exception of them being a little longer than the average Torrid Jegging, I would say the look, fit, and feel are all the same. Just because of the length, the fit is better for me personally with Torrid. So if you want something that is essentially the same, take a look at White Wash Torrid JeggingPlus size White and Blue Denim outfit.

The cami is Torrid’s Foxi Cami in the navy blue color. If they are out of your size or you don’t like the color, they have lots of other colors that would work well with this look, and they are constantly adding new colors each season. And if this style isn’t for you, they also have other styles of camis that you might like better.

Plus size Torrid outfit with jacket open

The jacket was also from Torrid, however they do not currently have it in stock. It was their Embroidered Gauze Jacket. It’s always possible they would bring it back with enough request, or some of your local stores might still have them in stock.

Here are some alternate options that you might consider to go with this look in place of the jacket:

I wanted to give you some close up looks of the accessories for this look because I feel like they are really what pull this look together.

Denim Blue Livin' Dream Catch Me Sandal

These are Denim Blue Livin’ Dream Catch Me Sandal from Skechers. They are sold out on Skechers’ website. One seller on Amazon still has them in size 10. If that is your size and you want them, you can find those here. However, since 10’s aren’t going to fit everyone, I also found these awesome denim booties from BOBs, Sketchers other line, that would work amazingly with this look. You can find those here.

Denim and white tassel necklace

This is a denim tassel necklace I picked up at TJ Maxx back in the spring. There is no name brand tag on it, so I don’t have a brand or website to steer you towards to get this necklace. I did find a couple of necklaces on Amazon that had a similar look or feel to the. Check out the Boho Layer Tassel Necklace Denim Blues and the Long Tassel Wax Chain Turquoise and Denim Boho Tribal Choker Necklace.

Guess denim barrel bag

Though this wasn’t in the pictures above, this is the handbag that I have to go with this look. It is a Diego Multi-Denim Domed Satchel from Guess. I have had this for a while. The whole line is gone at Guess now, and I couldn’t find this exact purse for you, but I found almost the whole collection for you to check out on Amazon.

Guess Women’s Purse Handbag Diego Tote Denim Multi

G by GUESS Women’s Bevington Denim Box Satchel

G by GUESS Women’s Bevington Denim Wristlet

G by GUESS Women’s Bevington Denim Top Zip Crossbody

G by GUESS Women’s Bevington Denim Zip-Around Wallet


So tell me in the comments below, Is this a look you would rock or have rocked? If not, what would hold you back?
Discover Maurices Plus Sized 468x90

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7 Places To Find Wide Calf Boots

Wide calf faux fur trimmed boot from Lane Bryant

Finding shoes to fit wide feet can be a hard task to accomplish. And when you add in looking for boots that also need to fit a wide calf, call it mission impossible. And when you do find a pair they are usually so expensive you need a second mortgage on your home to afford them. Okay that is a slight exaggeration, but that is how it feels at times. Thankfully in the last few years more and more options have started to pop up, and some of them are even quite affordable.

In addition to knowing where to find wide calf boots, one thing that will make your shopping for them easier is knowing your calf measurement. Just like any other measurement for clothing your calf measurement is important because wide calf boots come in all sorts of measurements.

But lets get to what you really came for, the best places to find wide calf boots.

1. Torrid

Torrid offers a selection of both practical to the not so practical. From stylish to edgy. No matter which boots you find at Torrid they will always be what is on trend. Here are a couple of my favorite that are currently available.

Torrid Faux Suede Bow Back Wide Calf Boot

Faux Sued Bow Back Boots (Wide Calf & Wide Width)

Available in sizes 6 to 13. Half sizes available. $79.90

70312dbd1a81671989bff5904a7d34dbLace Up Peep Toe Block Heel Boots (Wide Width & Wide Calf)

Available in sizes 6 to 13. Half sizes available. Originally $79.90 now $47.94


2. Lovesick

At the moment I am writing this, they don’t actually have any tall boots that cover your calf. But let’s be honest, sometimes you need ankle boots that fit a wide ankle. And they have that. Here is a pair I really think is so cute.

Lovesick wide ankle bootsMulti Buckle Flat Booties (Wide Width)

Available in sizes 7 to 12. Was $58.90 Now on sale for $47.12


3. Simply Be

Just like clothing sizes, our calves come in different sizes too. So some people need more than the average wide calf boot has to offer. Simply Be is one of the few places that accommodates that. With shoe widths from D to EEEEE, they also offer calf sizes from standard to super curvy. Just grab your tape measure to see which one fits you best. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Heavenly Soles Wide Calf Boots sold on Simply Be

Heavenly Soles Leather Knee High Boots

Available in sizes 6 to 11 E or EEE. $149.99

Heavenly Soles Wide Calf Boots on Simply BeHeavenly Soles Knee High Military Boots

Available in size 6 to 11 E or EEE. $99.99


4. Ashley Stewart

Are you looking for some boots that are sexy or a little bit funky? Then Ashley Stewart probably has the boots for you. From Stilettos to thigh highs, they have them. Here are some of my favorites.

Thigh high wide calf boots from Ashley Stewart

Lattice Over The Knee Boot – Wide Calf Wide Width

Available in sizes 8 to 12. Comes in three colors. Was $79.50 Now $47.70

Fringe stilletto wide calf boots from Ashley Stewart

Fringe Knee High Boot – Wide Calf, Wide Width

Available in sizes 8 to 12. Comes in two colors. Was $89.50 Now $53.70


For one of the largest selections of styles and brands and calf sizes in the US, is the authority. Here are some of my favorites.

Naturalizer boots on WideWidths.comNaturalizer Women’s Ballona Mid-Calf Wide Calf Boot (Brown) – Final Sale

Available in size 6 to 11 in Standard to Wide Calf. Was $169.99 Now $99.88

Faux Suede Wide Calf Boot From Widewidths.comWalking Cradles® Aryn Super Plus Wide Calf Boot (Sage)

Currently Available in size 6 to 9 standard to super wide calf. Was $299.99 Now 199.88


6. City Chic

City Chic doesn’t usually carry a large selection of shoes and boots, but the ones they do have are guaranteed to be the epitome of stylish and chic. Here is a favorite of mine.

City Chic Gia BootGia Long Buckle Boot

Available in size 37 to 42. Adjustable calf size. $89.00


7. Lane Bryant

If you want to actually be able to try on the boots, Lane Bryant is probably the best bet for most people. While some of the other companies might be near you, almost everyone has a Lane Bryant near by. Here re some of my favorites from them.

Wide calf faux fur trimmed boot from Lane BryantTall Faux Fur Winter Boot

Available in sizes 7W to 12W. Was $79.95 Now $55.96

Wide calf faux fur trimmed boot from Lane BryantMulti-Strap Riding Boot

Available in 7W to 12W. Was $89.95 Now $62.96

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Goth And Grunge Goes Soft And Romantic For Fall

Plus size ootd soft goth and grunge mix look.

If you always been that girl who always wanted to try a goth or grunge look but were afraid it would just be too much for you, then your time has arrived. The 90’s are back in a big way. Soft goth and soft grunge are two of the biggest looks for fall. It’s still goth and/or grunge, but its a little softer, a little more feminine, and a lot more romantic looking.

Take all those elements you associate with either of those looks and add some lace, some soft edges, and add in a sprinkling of color.

For me one of the great things about fashion, and makeup, is there are no real rules. Why not take small elements of those things you like and incorporate it into your everyday wear. Or mix grunge with goth. The only limits you really have are your own imagination and of course any work week rules that may be enforced at your job. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

As we move through the next couple of months, maybe longer, I think you will find me playing around with mixing in a lot of these pieces in my wardrobe. I really loved a lot of edgier pieces when I was younger, and I really am happy to have some of it back.

Just a quick reminder my typical size at most true plus size brands is 20W or 2X. And my bra size is 40DDD verging on a G cup depending on the brand.

plus size Soft grunge and soft goth

You can’t really tell from the picture, but I am wearing the Torrid Multi Zip Jeggings in the Dark Wash. Since the top covers the zipper detail, here is what they look like.
In most Torrid Jeggings I can size down to an 18W, but these seem to fit more true to size and I need the 20W. However I feel like these fit me the best out of any jeans I currently own. Most of the Jeggings line fits me well, but I like the way these actually taper close to my ankle. If you have a really thick ankle, this may not be a good fit for you.

In addition to the great fit I love the zipper detail. It gives them a bit of an edgier look than your average jean. Sometimes it’s just about those little details.

Plus size outfit from Lovesick, Torrid, and the Avenue.

The plaid top I have paired with it was purchased last year from Torrid. They don’t seem to have any of them this year or anything similar. But I did find this Plaid Lace Up Back Bustier which could go towards creating the same sort of look.
Over that I have on the Hacci Open Cardigan from Lovesick. Mine is in a rich berry color, but they sold out of that color almost immediately. But I have linked you to the black one.

Mixing styles for fall to acheive a soft grunge and soft punk look.

My shoes are a pair of Cloud Walkers from the Avenue that I bought two or three years ago. However if you would like something that gives you a similar look you could try the Easy Street Women’s Arlene Boot. It’s available in multiple colors and it comes in wide width.

You can easily accessorize with a choker or half gloves. Play around with what makes you happy.

So tell me in the comments below if you plan on incorporating these types of pieces into your wardrobe or do you feel intimidated by these styles? Were you around in the 90’s when these styles were at their height before? And if so did you try them then?

Frederick's Of Hollywood Halloween

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This OOTD Goes BOHO With Lovesick

BOHO or bohemian, whichever you prefer to call it, has been one of the hottest trends this summer and is continuing into the fall. So back when I took you Inside The Dressing Room at Lovesick with me this summer, I picked up a outfit that is perfect for this fall.

Plus Size Boho outfit of the dayI have on the Welt Pocket Flare Jeans. They do have a couple of sizes left in these. If you want them, get them while you can because they are marked down on clearance for $14.98. And their Lovenotes sale is going on right now, so you could potentially get this for as little as $7.50. For those of you not aware, Lovenotes at Lovesick are just like Hautecash at Torrid.

Paired with the jeans I have on the Paisley Print Swing Tank Top. It is also on clearance for $14.98. And on top of that I have on the Fringe Trim Vest, also on clearance for $14.98.

Lovesick jeans, tank and vest paired with Avenue boots and Cato accessories

I also have on a pair of booties from the Avenue that I bought on Amazon. They are the Avenue Women’s Rina Wide Buckle Bootie. And the necklace and earing set I have on is from Cato’s Fashions. They are long sold out of it, but I found this Layered Faux Suede Charm Necklace that has the same sort of feel to it.

Plus Size outfit of the day featuring Lovesick, Cato Fashions, and Avenue

Let me know in the comments below if you have tied out Lovesick yet. And are you feeling the BOHO look? What look would you like to come back into style?



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Inside The Dressing Room – Cato Fashions Summer 2016

Inside thedressing room with My Plus Size Life

Inside thedressing room with My Plus Size Life

Time for another visit with me inside the dressing room. I previously visited Lovesick and Forever 21. This time you will be going with me to Cato Fashions.

I realize there may be some people out there who are not familiar with Catos, but they are growing and I was really happy to learn recently that they now have a website. So now I can finally share their items with all of you.

A little history of my experience with them. I grew up in a very rural area of Kentucky, a town so small that most of you probably would not be able to comprehend how small it is. This town literally to this day still only has one stop sign and a post office. Over the years its occasionally had a gas station/convenience store, but they never last long. So this meant that we had to travel to the next town of size to shop for clothing and other items (approximately a 25 mile trip one way). I have almost always been plus size, and so even in the largest towns in Kentucky shopping was limited for me. However the town we went to shop most often was not the largest. This meant that I had three choices to choose from. Up until I was about 12 the three choices were a place called Hills, JC Penny, and Cato. Hills was like a Wal-Mart but with less selection (After I was 12, Hills closed and Wal-Mart took its place). JC Penny at that time rarely offered anything but grandmother styles in plus sizes. And then there was Cato. It was the one saving grace. They sell both misses and plus sizes, but often items are offered on both sides. They usually offer trendy pieces. And best of all they are usually quite affordable compared to other plus size retailers. All of those things still hold true to this day.

So without further ado, I am very excited to share these with you guys. I hope it helps some of you on a budget find a new place to shop. As always I will remind you I typically wear 2X or 20 at both Torrid and Lane Bryant. And I wear a 40DDD bra. I can tell you everything I tried on at Cato was either a 2X or 20W. They do run true to size and always have.

Plus Size Boho Pants from Cato Fashions

Top: Pom Pom Trim Flutter Sleeve Top-Plus in Navajo Blue

Available in 18/20 to 26/28. $17.99

 Pants: Scroll Print Smocked Palazzo Pants-Plus

Available in 14/16 to 26/28. Was $21.99 now $15.99.

I did end up purchasing both of these pieces. The pants were very comfortable and lightweight. The shirt fit well as well, and it fit well with many of the items I was trying.

Cato Fashions Plus Size Short Outfit

Top: See Above

Shorts: Tasseled Geo-Tribal Soft Shorts-Plus

Available in a 14/16 to 26/28. Was $15.99, now $6.99

I also purchased these shorts. They also were very comfortable. And as you can see they went well with the same top.

Cato Fashions plus size shorts outfit

Top: See Above

 Shorts: Bordered Geometric Soft Shorts-Plus

Available in 14/16 to 26/28. Was $15.99 now $11.99.

Another pair that went with the same top. They also were so comfortable. All of these have come in handy so far with the kind of heat we have been having.

Cato Fashions Plus Size Outfit Shorts and Top

Top: Crochet Sleeve Sharkbite Top-Plus in Red Ochre

Available in 18/20 to 26/28. $19.99

 Shorts: Mixed Stripe Soft Shorts-Plus

Available in 14/16 to 26/28. Was $15.99 now $11.99.

This is where my luck run out a bit with what I tried on. The top did fit and it was comfortable, but I did not like the way that it looked on my body shape. I think it would look better on someone who is either and apple shape or inverted triangle. And this pair of shorts were a little more snug than the others. Just not a comfortable fit for me.

Plus Size Outfit frm Cato Fashions

Top: See above

Shorts: Patchwork Print Soft Shorts-Plus

Available in 14/16 to 26/28. Was $15.99 now $9.99.

I had the same issue with these shorts. Just not a good fit for me. I was a little disappointed because I loved the print.

Plus Size Dress from Cato Fashions

Dress: Perforated Abstract Stripe Maxi Dress-Plus

Available in 14/16 to 26/28. $39.99

This dress fit well, but it was very warm fabric. If I lived somewhere that is cooler in the summer, I would have totally bought this. But not for temperatures over 75 degrees.

Plus Size Skirt from Cato Fashions

Top: Essential Tunic Tank Top-Plus in Paradise Orange

Available in 14/16 to 22/24. Was $9.99 now 6.99.

 Skirt: Mixed Chevron Stretch Mesh Maxi Skirt-Plus

Available in a 14/16 to 26/28. $24.99

I loved this skirt. Probably going to save it more for fall. The top I was not crazy about, the length just wasn’t right for me.

Denim shorts from Cato Fashions

Top: Lace Up Side Layered Tank-Plus

Available in 14/16 to 26/28. $21.99

Shorts: Embellished Pocket Jean Shorts-Plusg

Available in size 16W to 26W. Was $21.99 now $15.99.

 There were elements of this I loved. The top had some really cool details that you can see way better if you visit the link, but I just didn’t think it looked right on my body. And the shorts not a good fit, but were really cute. Being the shape I am its hard to find denim shorts that don’t leave a huge gap at the waist in the back. That not cute, but that big booty girl problems. What are you going to do?

This has been another look in the dressing room with me. Cato Fashions are located in 32 states. If you want to go try some on for yourself you can check their Store Locator to find the closest store to you.

I want to see what you have tried on at Cato Fashions and other stores I visit, just tag your pictures on social media with the hashtag #ITDRwithMyPlusSizeLife . Let me know in the comments where you want me to go next, and if I can I will.






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My Plus Size Costume For The Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade Ball 2016

Plus Size Lovesick Fashion Used as a costume for masquerade ball.

You may have seen my previous costume posts from the last two years of attending The Pandora Society’s Steampunk Symposium. And you can see those previous posts here and here. But this past weekend was the first time I got to attend their Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerde Ball. It was held at the Moonlite Gardens in Coney Island, which is a beautiful venue if you have never seen it.

The costumes for the most part were very different from the steampunk events. While there were a handful of people in steampunk most people wore fairy, goblin, or other various magical creature costumes. I did another version of a unicorn costume, but it was very costume light.

Plus Size Lovesick Fashion Used as a costume for masquerade ball. The pants and tops are from Lovesick. The top is currently sold out, but the Lace Flare Pants are still available in most sizes. The pants also are available in a deep red tone that should be in though the fall.

The shoes are FLOJOS Women’s Fiesta Flat Sandal in Black. If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you know my love and loyalty to this brand. It is literally the only brand of flip flops I wear because they are so darn comfortable. I have them in so many styles and colors.

The head piece is from an etsy shop called Freckles Fairy Chest. She is based out of Orlando, Florida. Everything in her shop is beautiful and you will have a hard time choosing.

You can’t see my makeup in the photos unfortunately, but in addition to some glittery eyeshadow I also was fairly covered in Glam Dust in Nymph from Manic Panic. I used Glam Glue from Manic Panic to attach it and make it stay. If you have never used Glam Glue use it sparingly and carefully. It took using makeup remover and two showers to get all the glitter off after. Once you put anything on with glam glue its not falling off. It goes on looking like water, but it dries super quick. It is a costume lovers friend, especially if you are heavy on the makeup side. And it can be used for everyday makeup if you want to keep those glittery eyeshadows in place.

I would have done a more elaborate costume, but honestly it was hot and I knew it was going to be hot when I was planning what to wear. I don’t think I could have managed to wore a traditional costume. What I wore was so comfortable and airy. And yes you could see a lot of my body, but sometimes you just have to embrace your curves and be comfortable.

My friend Jenny went with me because we both love being geeks and getting dressed up in costume.

Jenny's Plus Size Costume for the Masquerade Ball

I don’t know what creature she was suppose to be exactly, I suppose I should have asked. But everyone kept calling her the dark mistress of the night. LOL

There was entertainment through the night. Like …..

Fire Dancer at the Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade

Fire Dancers and ….

Fire Performer at the Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade

And other Fire Performers…..Costume Contest at the Midsummer MasqueradeAnd a costume contest, which my friend Jenny entered upon my prompting.

Final round of the costume contest

And then she made it into the final round.

The winner of the costume contest...Jenny

And she won Best Dressed Lady. So that means we will be at Pandoracon this year too since her prize was a weekend pass to Pandoracon. If anyone has questions about Jenny’s costume and where she got anything she is wearing or any of the parts she has made leave your questions in the comments and I am sure she would be happy to answer.

There was lots of other entertainment including musicians and a DJ with dancing at the end of the evening, but I just didn’t get pictures of everything.

One of the best things about events like these to me is seeing all the creativity of other people and what they choose to do with their costumes.

Another Unicorn at the Masquerade Ball.

I met another Unicorn. We are pretty rare.

Jenny with timmymessyfingers

We both loved this mans creativity. He turned his beard into something like a rose bush and had birds all over his head. I wish now I had taken a more close up picture myself. But if you would like to see more of his creativity, you can find him on Instagram as timmymessyfingers.

Jenny with one of the leaders of Airship Ashanti

And we also saw a lot of familiar faces from the Steampunk Symposium, like this lovely lady from The Airship Ashanti. Make sure you check them out if you are living in the Cincinnati area, they really do a lot of good things for the community.

Jenny and I really had a great time, and we without a doubt will be going back next year. If you live in the area, you should consider going. In the meantime if you are interested costume events or steampunk and live in the Cincinnati area, check out the Pandora Society’s website for upcoming events. Or if you live in the Lexington area and are interested in Steampunk contact me, Jenny and I have started our own steampunk airship. We are looking for people to join and come compete with us at the events or help us practice before hand. Our airship will always be a safe place with no bullying tolerated. So just contact me for info.


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Inside The Dressing Room – Lovesick Summer 2016

Inside thedressing room with My Plus Size Life

This will be the first of a semi-regular series I want kick off called Inside The Dressing Room. I wanted to take pictures I try on at various stores so you can see what the items look like on a real plus size body. I will let you know what size fit me best and I will try to make sure as always state my normal size. I say semi-regular because I don’t plan on having a particular schedule for this, it will just be when I have a chance to stop at various stores and try on things.

Inside thedressing room with My Plus Size Life

Today’s post is featuring Lovesick. You might have seen my post about them a couple of weeks ago titled “Are You Feeling Lovesick – New Plus Size Store Alert / Shopping Guide / Overall Thoughts“. I don’t have one of the stores close to me, but I by chance was visiting a friend in Dayton earlier this week and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drop by the location there. I tried on quite a few things and took pictures of some of my favorites. I will link to everything I can to make it easier for you to find if you like it. For comparison purposes keep in mind I normally wear a size 40DDD bra and a 2, 2X, or 20 in most clothing from Torrid and Lane Bryant, as well as other traditionally sized Plus Size clothing lines. And as mentioned previously Lovesick is owned by Torrid, and sizing is supposed to be the same.

Plus Size Crochet Trim Textured Skater Dress from LovesickThis is their Crochet Trim Textured Skater Dress in a size 2. I felt it was a bit snug and didn’t fully cover the bust area. So I also tried it on in a 3.

Plus Size Crochet Trim Textured Skater Dress from Lovesick

And this is the size 3. This one isn’t really was a little too loose in the midsection. Looking at the pictures now, I realize that you can’t see the difference as much as you could in person. This dress is currently on their clearance rack for $29.99. While I really loved the color and style, I ultimately did not buy this because of the fit. However if you are interested, it does come in other colors and prints.

Plus Size Frida Kahlo Tee and YMI Side Slit Wannabettabutt Shorts - Olive Wash from Lovesick Here I have on the Frida Kahlo Tee and the YMI Side Slit Wannabettabutt Shorts – Olive Wash. Both are on the clearance rack $19.99. While I normally wear a 2 at Torrid in most things, I usually size up in their tees and go for a 3. This however is a 2, and I felt like it fit me like the 3s I get at Torrid.  The shorts are made of the same material as the Jeggings at Torrid, and are super comfortable. In Jeggings I bounce back and forth between an 18 an a 20 at Torrid. In these shorts an 18 fit me perfect. I ended up buying the shorts, but not the top. At the end of the day I felt like the top was something I could easily get from Torrid in the future or order online from Lovesick. But the shorts, who knows. The shorts are also available in a couple of other color options I believe.

Plus Size Tropical Print Crop Top and Tropical Print Pencil Skirt from Lovesick

This is the Tropical Print Crop Top and the Tropical Print Pencil Skirt. Both seen here are in a size 2. The fabric is a scuba fabric, so a lot of stretch and very comfy. I did bring a 3 in with me, but ended up not trying it on. I ultimately did not buy this outfit. While I thought it was super cute, I realize I would probably only wear it once, maybe twice if I was lucky, and then it would just sit. I am trying to cut back on buying things like that.

Plus Size Tank Top, Vest, and Jeans from Lovesick Here I have on the Paisley Print Swing Tank Top, the Fringe Trim Vest, and the Welt Pocket Flare Jeans. I have on a 2 in both of the top pieces and a 20 in the bottoms. I feel like the picture is a bit deceiving in this one. I felt it was way more flattering in person than it is in this picture. Both of the friends that were with me loved this as well. Obviously I am either going to have to wear really high heels or have this hemmed. Most likely, they will be hemmed. I am surprised they are this long since they were regular length, and I am 5’8″. But anyway, I bought all three of these pieces. I felt it would make a perfect outfit for early fall.

I did try on a handful of other outfits but did not take pictures, or in a couple of instances thought I had but was experiencing issues with my phone and didn’t get them. But I still wanted to share my thoughts on some of them. So here are a couple of other items I found on the site that I know I tried on.

Plus Size Textured Floral Print Crop Top and Pencil Skirt from LovesickThis is the Textured Floral Print Crop Top and the Textured Floral Print Pencil Skirt. While it looks like the same set as I have pictured above, the difference in fabric makes for a very big difference in fit. I tried the 2 first and it was extremely tight and not a nice looking fit at all, which is a shame since I really loved this print. Unfortunately when I sized up it was way too big.

10598724_av1This is their Lace Skirt. I tried in a size 2, and it did fit as I would expect a 2 to fit. However the way the fabric fluffed around the waist and hips did not look good on me in my opinion. It was definitely an item that did not look like it does in the picture.

Between what I previously ordered and everything I tried on that day in the store, I would say about 50% of the items fit like they do at Torrid, and the other 50% ran small. This may be a temporary thing till they get their p’s and q’s in order. But it might also be that Lovesick turns out to be one of those Plus Size stores you always have to be careful about sizing, kind of like ModCloth. If you live anywhere near their stores, I do highly recommend going in and at least checking it out. Try some things on.

I will try to do these post as often as possible when I stop by stores. I have a few saved for other stores, so look for those coming in the next few weeks. In the meantime, let me see what you have tried on at Lovesick. You can leave comments here or on any of my social media. If you post on social media make sure to use the hash tag #ITDRwithMyPlusSizeLife so I can find you.

Also if you have any special request about places you want me to visit and include in this series I will try my best, just request down below. Just keep in mind that some places may not be accessible to me ever or may only be accessible on rare occasions.




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Are You Feeling Lovesick – New Plus Size Store Alert / Shopping Guide / Overall Thoughts


I was recently in conversation where someone mentioned a new store called Lovesick. Now I am not going to mention names or even say where this conversation happened, but I do want to share the conversation because I think its relevant to what some points I wanted to make in addition to sharing the clothing they offer. So here is how the conversation went. (Please note that one store name has been removed from the conversation and replaced with **** and another store is replaced with ####. Those store names are not relevant to the conversation only that they are stores.)

Her: I was in the mall today and came across this new store called Lovesick. At first glance, I thought the clothes were super cute and then I realized it’s a plus size store!?!? I got these amazing dark wash, distressed, high-waist skinny jeans that fit amazingly! And the prices there were decent…some stuff was a little expensive. Anyway, upon paying for everything, the girl was telling me that they’re a brand new store under Torrid, but geared more towards a younger age-group (hence I found super cute stuff there and I never really shop at torrid). That said, they use the same sizing system and have the same type of promos etc… apparently they’re opening more around the country but they have an online store too!

Me: Sorry, but I have to ask, when did Torrid start being seen as catering to an older crowd?

Third Person: They are trying to compete with ****

Me: I couldn’t even guess why, **** is hanging on with grasping fingers. All reports have shown that they have been in dangerous territory financially and if they don’t do something to garner more interest they will eventually sink.

Her: I don’t think it’s necessarily “older” because if you compare it to ****, it definitely caters to a younger crowd than ****. But I just feel like Torrid is kind of limited on the crowd they DO cater to. I guess I just don’t feel like I see a lot of diversity in their clothing and Lovesick has more flowey/hipster/boho/####-style clothes. And I could never compare torrid to ####.


It was at this point that I decided to go take a look at this website and see what the big difference was. And I want to share with you the things that jumped out to me immediately along with their prices and coupon structure compared to Torrid’s before I get back to the conversation. That way you can fully appreciate my thought process here. I will make sure to link to all items so you can try and purchase anything you might be interested in.

First as I was browsing nothing really seemed that different from Torrid other than their models were much younger. But then I started seeing some items that I thought I recognized. First thing I found was this


These are the Lovesick YMI Triple-Button Wannabettabutt Capris – Dark Wash, they sell for $44.90 and come in sizes 14 to 24. Do they look familiar? They did to me.


Here are the Torrid Cropped Jegging – Medium Wash, selling for $54.50 and come in sizes 12-28.

Now both sites have them in various lengths and washes. However Torrid offers more sizes and a larger range of colors.


Next I saw this:


This is the Lovesick Textured Skater Dress. It sells for $44.90 and is available in sizes 00 to 5. This one didn’t automatically make me say, oh yeah its on Torrids site, but what it did make me think is it looks like a hundred Torrid dresses I have seen.

TorridDressLike this one. This is the Torrid Textured Cross Back Skater Dress. It sells for $64.50 and is available in sizes 0 to 6. As the name implies the back is different on this one. But Torrid constantly releases this dress shape with different backs, necklines, and in various colors.


And then there were these:


This is the Lovesick Long Line Bralette. It sells for $24.90 and is available in sizes 00 to 5.


And this is the Torrid Crop Lace Bralette. It is sold for $28.50 and available in sizes 0 to 5. These two are not exactly alike, but they are very similar. The lace pattern is a little different and the hook placement in the back is different, but other than that they seem pretty much the same.


There are lots more examples where things are either exactly the same or similar, and then there are also a multitude of these t-shirts that I am almost positive Torrid has sold in the past. Like these:


Mickey Mouse Perforated Jersey $32.90


Solemnly Swear Tee $28.90


Frida Kahlo Tee $28.90

I also noticed that their coupon codes, while structured the same way is different amounts. Unless Torrid is having a flash sale they typically will have a code up for BOGO 50% off. Or occasionally 30% off your entire order. However it seems that Lovesick offers BOGO 30% off on the regular, and I have not been watching long enough to tell you beyond that. And from here we go back to the conversation we started with.

Me: I was looking at the site, and its funny but I see a lot of the same items on their site as Torrid’s. Its just they are paired differently and put on younger models. And yeah they do have some things different, but I’m not seeing a huge difference personally. As for being limited to the crowds they cater to, I can see that somewhat about Torrid, but I actually think they have been getting better about that since mid last year. They are bringing back a lot of the brands they got away from and seem to be getting back to their roots. Plus broadening their size selection is great. But honestly it seems like Lovesick is the one catering to a much smaller audience. Maybe its just me.

Her:  I have never shopped at torrid because I never really felt that they carried on trend clothing or things I am interested in wearing. I am 28 for reference! No disrespect by any means, just pointing out that I have never really felt that they were geared towards me aside from a few specific pieces!

Me: Oh I am not offended, just mildly surprised and amused a bit I suppose. I worked in marketing and market research both in the past, so I am seeing some things from a very different perspective I think.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am by no means sharing this to diss Lovesick, Torrid, or even the young lady I was having the conversation with. I just think its really important as consumers to be informed, know what your options are, and then be able to make your decision. I fully intend to purchase from them because I think its great that there is yet another shopping option. I have already made my first purchase and I am happy to report that they did indeed fit exactly like what I get from Torrid. Here is what I got:


Knit Lace Babydoll Top $26.90 (Also comes in white)


Lace Flare Pant $34.90

Torrid does have something similar to the pants but they are slightly different. For as much as they have a lot of the same things, they do have some stand out different pieces that seem unique to Lovesick (please correct me if you have seen any of this at Torrid before).


Gauze Handkerchief Dress $39.90 (Sold Out while I was writing this post)


Lace Raglan Top $26.90


Lace Up Horse Tee $26.90

So really lets answer the main questions brought up in the conversation I had as well as questions I thought you might have in general.

1. Is Lovesick cheaper than Torrid? Yes and no. If you are just going to buy one piece or you never remember to use coupon codes, absolutely. Piece by piece they are cheaper, some things more significantly than others. I haven’t seen anything more than $15 cheaper. But when you factor in the difference of the coupon discounts they offer day to day, the difference is so insignificant.

2. Do the clothes fit the same at Lovesick as they do at Torrid? Based on their size chart and the couple of pieces I have received, yes they do.

3. Is the clothing quality as good as Torrid’s at Lovesick? Going only based on what I have received and the couple of people who have told me about their purchases, yes it is.

4. Does Lovesick cater to a larger audience than Torrid? As I stated above, I really don’t think so. You really should take the time and look around both of their websites and decide for yourself.

Really, I think its great Lovesick is here and if it fills a gap (or someone feels it does) in the plus size clothing industry, then all the better. I would say for myself, I will shop there occasionally, but I am really not a big jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. But I will shop for some of their more unique items. And I think since Torrid sells out so fast, its great to have a place for backups on staple items.

So tell me, have you purchased from Lovesick before? If so, how did you like your items? Do they match up to Torrid? Are they better? Worse?

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