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Hot Must Have Accessories For Summer 2017

Merry's Fashion Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses

Accessories are those finishing touches that take an outfit from just looking good to making you look really put together. You can even make the plainest of outfits look outstanding with the right accessories. That is why I wanted to share with you my top picks for summer accessories. Some of these I own and some of them are on my personal wishlist.

VK Accessories Thread Ball Dangle Earrings

Thread ball dangle earrings

These thread ball dangle earring from VK Accessories are available in six different colors including the black pair I am wearing. I love them, and I am considering ordering one of the other colors. Hello turquoise! This look is one of the hottest trends in earrings for this season.

Light Blue Ombre Tiered Thread Statement Layered Earrings

Another hot look for the summer are these ombre tiered thread earrings. They are available in seven color options, but I think this light blue color is especially eye catching. I know this is on my wishlist.

Layered Tassel Drop Statement Pendant Necklace

Don’t forget to pick up necklace to match those tiered earrings. The necklace is available in two color options. This particular color combo would work with two of the earring color options.

Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses

Merry's Fashion Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses were definitely hot last year. This year take it the extra step and make it cat eye sunglasses like these from MyBruneiStore. They are available in nine color options, though some colors have a more mirrored effect than others. I have on the C04 BLUE.

Galaxy S5 Case 3D Cartoon Unicorn Soft Silicone Rubber Back Cover Skin for Samsung Galaxy S5

Soft Silicone Unicorn Phone Case

Some people might say a stylish phone case is the only phone accessory you need. And since unicorns are all the rage right now, they might be right with this phone case. My old phone case was wearing out, so I just got this one, and I think its super cute. The link above is to the one that fits my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S5. They are also available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, LG G Stylo/LG LS770/G4 Stylus/G4 Note, iPhone 5 / 5S Case, iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus, and iPhone 7. Depending on which phone you have there is also several color options available.

GUESS Flowers Necklace

Another top trend of the spring and summer is denim and white paired together. But what kind of accessories do you pair with that? Try this flower statement necklace from Guess. I don’t have this exact necklace, but I have something very similar that you will most likely see in a fashion post sometime soon.

Denim Dot Soft Headwrap

While we are talking denim and white accessories, why not try out this really cute headband. I love the vintage feel with the bow and the adorable heart print. This will definitely be on my list to buy soon.


Tell me in the comments below what’s on your must have list for this summer.







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Making Your Beauty Routine Fashionable

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen me post various pictures from my beauty routine and the various masks I use. You can often see in the pictures the various cute and fun headbands I wear during that time. I have received a lot of questions about where I get my headbands, so I thought I would take some time and do a post about where you can find the ones I have as well as some additional options.

I have this ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Etti Hair Band

21uRqD1CksLThis was my first headband I got and it is by far my favorite one that I have. It has plenty of stretch to it that it would fit even someone with a slightly larger head than mine. It is only available in this one color. It sells for a variety of prices on Amazon, but this link was the best deal I could find for you at the moment. It is $4.89 and free shipping.

I also have this Sanwood Cute Cat Ears Headband Hair Band in Black

613LI55N0OL__SX522_I got it because it looked so similar to the one from eTude House, I had hoped they would be just alike but for a cheaper price. It is very similar and I like it, but it does run a little smaller. So its a tad tight on me. Most people probably wouldn’t notice the difference, but I have a slightly larger than average head for a woman. It does have the advantage that it is cheaper, and it comes in four color choices instead of just one. It sells for $3.09 and free shipping.

I have two of the Shintop Soft Carol Fleece Bowknot Elastic Hair Band (pink polka dots)


I have it the pink and purple colors. It is very comfortable and lots of stretch. Its also available in a third color. And this one ships from the US, so if you want it quick this one is our best bet. It sells for $7.39 and free shipping for Prime Members.

I have had my eye on a couple of other head bands, and I thought I would share those as well so you can see more options.


Women Cute Yellow Polka Dot Bowknot Elastic Headband
Price: $10.25 & FREE Shipping – Comes in 12 color and pattern option.


BMC 3pc Ultra Soft Face Washing Elastic Bow Towel Headbands – Blue Cameo, Pink Stripes, and Red White Polka Dots
Price: $10.25 & FREE Shipping – Second color pack available.


Do you have any of these headbands? Planning on getting some? If you have a different one that you love, I would love to see what you have. Recommendations are welcome.




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