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Product Review – Sterling Stackable Ring and Birth Stone Ring Set From Southern Stamped Jewelry

1 Sterling Stackable Ring and 1 Sterling Birth Stone Ring from Southern Stamped Jewelry

Today we continue with another giftable product review. We are looking at the Sterling Stackable Ring and Birth Stone Ring Set from Southern Stamped Jewelry Company. Southern Stamped Jewelry did send me items for free to review. The Stackable Ring and Birthstone Set was what they let me choose, so that is what I will be reviewing. They did however send along another surprise item that I will be sharing with you, but not reviewing it.

Southern Stamped Jewelry Company logo

First let me start by telling you a little bit about Southern Stamped Jewelry and what they offer. They are a small business run by a husband and wife team. Something that grew from a hobby and a passion for helping people through the grieving process. Now their selection has broadened to many categories as well as custom-made pieces.

Southern Stamped Jewelry Company offers both women’s and men’s pieces. There is something that will fit in everyone’s gift budget. All of their products are made to be personalized, either by stamping or adding birthstones and many pieces are both. They also do custom pieces, so if you don’t see exactly what you want they can make it for you.

My package arrived in a small poly mailer. Inside it was nicely wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper. Also in the package, they included two of these anti-tarnish silver polishing clothes, one for each item they sent.

Ring polishing cloth from Southern Stamped Jewelry Company

I am not sure what they send if your item is a different metal. They do seem to have a variety of metal options.

After I got the tissue paper completely unwrapped, I found both items in cute little drawstring bags.

items from Southern Stamped Jewelry Company came in drastring bags

I personally prefer boxes or the little silk bags, just because it adds to the element of surprise when getting an item. That is just a personal preference and doesn’t really affect the actual items, nor would it prevent me from shopping with them. But I thought it was a nice touch that their company logo was printed on the bag. I think it adds to the idea of I picked out something nice for you from a jewelry company, rather than if the bags had been plain.

So I opened up the rings first to look them over since they were what I picked out.

1 Sterling Stackable Ring and 1 Sterling Birth Stone Ring from Southern Stamped Jewelry

I asked for the 1 Sterling Stackable Ring and 1 Sterling Birth Stone Ring set. As you can see I was actually sent 1 Stackable Name Ring and 2 November Birthstone Rings. I am guessing they decided to just put the second birthstone ring in there as an extra because I don’t see any set like this on their site. But as I said they do make custom pieces. And these rings are also sold separately, so you can really have as many as you want of each one.

Lane Bryant

I was initially attracted to this set because it is a ring set, and most of you probably know by now that I do love rings. I also liked the simple design, which tends to be more of my taste. I really like that they can be worn together or separate, and they could easily be stacked with other rings.

When I told the owners what items I liked, I included a few additional pieces of info. I just let them know my ring size, that both mine and my husbands birthdays were in November, and that I would want my husband’s name on the one ring. Now you could have your own name inscribed. I thought that if you got two it would make an adorable choice for “Best Friends” jewelry. You could also have MOM inscribed on it. The possibilities are endless.

The rings fit fantastic. They are available in 4 to 10, but not half sizes. I asked for an 8. I technically wear a 7.5, but I have found that my hands swell a lot because of medications I am on, so I wanted to size up. So it worked out okay for me that they didn’t have half sizes, but if it is something that is absolutely necessary for you its something to keep in mind. But I think my fellow plus size gals will be happy to see they offer up to size 10, as they are not always available past size 8 with some stores. So definite bonus points for that.

The other surprise item they sent me was the Thank You For Raising The Man Of My Dreams Key Chain.

Thank You For Raising The Man Of My Dreams Key Chain

Obviously this would be more of a gift for a mother in law, or possibly mother of the groom as a wedding party gift. If you have a larger budget for gifts you can even take items like this and tie them in with the bow as part of the wrapping.

You can find these and many more items on Southern Stamped Jewelry Company’s website.

Tell me in the comments below if there is a company or product you would like to see me review.


While I did receive these items for free from Southern Stamped Jewelry, my opinions are all my own. My reviews are always 100% honest and objective.

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Product Review – VOGUEKNOCK Waterfall Bead Necklace in Fuchsia

Waterfall pearl necklace and matching earrings

Just like last year, around this time, I will be reviewing a lot of services and products up until December that you might want to consider for gift giving. Yes, it is that time of year again where some of us have already started our Christmas shopping.

The first product I wanted to share with you is this Waterfall Pearl Necklace in Fuchsia. The brand is VOGUEKNOCK and it comes from the Amazon seller VK Accessories.

Layered nacklace from VK Accessories

When you receive your package, this is what you will see:

It arrived in this nice velvet bag. I personally like when jewelry I order comes like this in case I want to keep it separated from my other jewelry. Or if I want to give it as a gift it gives it a little extra special feeling.

Opening the packacke from VK Accessories

When you get into the velvet bag, you can see the necklace also comes wrapped in plastic as well. Though honestly if I were giving this as a gift I do think that I would take the necklace out of the plastic and just put it back into the velvet bag.

In the second bag you see in the front, the bag also contained this package. The white label on the bag simply said free gift. Of course it is a matching pair of earrings.

Waterfall pearl necklace and matching earrings

The chain size varies from 18.5 inches long to 30.5 inches long. It has a nice weight to it. The product page says that the chain color is rose gold, but it most definitely not rose gold. It is yellow gold.

The earrings are on a French hook, and they are in the same yellow gold and matching color of beads. The product page doesn’t really say anything about a free gift, so I don’t know if they always send these, or if this is a random things that happens.

I really am happy with my purchase, and I would highly recommend it for anyone that loves jewelry. Especially those that love layered necklaces. If you want to get one for yourself, you can find it here.

I did receive this item at a discounted price for review purposes. However all thoughts are my own and always honest.
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Product Review – Freewise Five Port USB Charger

While this is intended as a review, think of this post two parts review to one part gift suggestion. Actually, many of my reviews, just like the subscription service reviews, will be this way until Christmas has come and gone.

Today we are looking at the Freewise Five Port USB Smart Charger. For me, items like this are really necessary. I work two jobs from home, and all of my work is done using various electronics devices. My home was not well designed when it comes to electrical outlets, so having something I can charge multiple items in at once and just use one outlet is a life saver. If I run out of battery life, my work comes to a dead halt till I can get recharged. And some of the apps I use do not work unless I have more than a 30% charge.

This is one of those items that I think could make a great gift for someone, but most people would probably never think to give something like this as a gift unless it was asked for. Who do I think would appreciate this the most as a gift? Anyone who is a tech geek, someone like me who runs a business from home and can’t run out of batter life, and really any busy household with lots of electronics to charge. I also think it would work great for one of those office gift exchanges where you don’t know who will end up with the gift, because at the end of the day who doesn’t have some sort of electronic they need to charge.

But let’s get onto the actual product and what I thought of it.

Freewise Five Port USB Smart Charger

This is how it arrived. It was in an amazon box as well, but this is the product packaging. It’s a fairly sturdy box. And everything was packed securely.

Open package of the Freewise USB charger

When you open the box this is what you see first. There are a couple of little compartments with the various parts in it. I actually took everything out initially for pictures and then put them back in until it was time to test it out. I have to say this was the easiest packaging to reassemble I have ever seen. I know that may seem an odd thing to be impressed by, but sometimes you have a need to put products back in the box the way they were. For example, what if you did buy something like this as a gift and you wanted to make sure it was all there in the box first before giving it. I really appreciated the packaging.

All the parts that come with the Freewise five port charger

Inside the box you get the charger port, the cord to the charger port, and a product guide.

The Freewise five port charger pluged in.

It was super easy to set up. And I was surprised at how light weight it is. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting it to be really heavy, but it was even lighter than just my regular one port charger.

Everything hooked up to the Freewise five port charger

I plugged in all my most used and needed electronics and gave it a thorough try out. It did a great job. Not only did it charge as expected, but it charged fast. All the charging times were cut in at least half, some charged even faster than that. I would say the phone and charging banks charged in about half the time, but the tablet and camera were charged in about a third of the time. The camera normally takes about twelve hours to charge when its dead. It wasn’t quite dead and it charged in three and a half hours.

You can find this on Amazon. It says it normally sells for $39.99, but right now it is on sale for $10.99. And if you have Amazon Prime, you get free Prime Shipping.

So tell me in the comments below, would you like to get something like this as a gift? Have you given a USB bank as a gift before?


I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and are genuine.



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