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Halloween Themed Wedding Guest Look With Lindybop

This past weekend I attended a Wedding of two friends that was Halloween themed. They told the guests that they could choose to come either dressed up or dressed in costume. I enjoy costumes, but I also love dressing up, so I opted for the in-between option of what I have often referred to as costume light.

I decided to go with a vintage inspired look, but with a kitchy costume like twist.

Plus Size Lindy Bop Dress

I am wearing the ‘Audrey’ Midnight Blue Cat Print Swing Dress from Lindy Bop. Now I have linked you to their UK site instead of the US site. You can absolutely purchase from either if you are in the US, and I personally prefer the UK site because the sizing make more sense. I wear a US 20 in most brands and styles, and in most styles on Lindy Bop I wear their UK size 24. But the reason I linked you to the UK site is because they are sold out completely of the plus sizes, but the UK site still has some. Also please note that the pattern is slightly different. I am wearing the old pattern from a couple of years ago, the new pattern does not seem to have the subtle circles in it.

Upclose look at the pattern of the black cat Audrey dress

Here is a closer look at the pattern. You know I am a sucker for a cute cat print. If for some reason they don’t have your size left in this particular dress they do have a selection of other cat print clothing and accessories on their website.

Now lets talk accessories, because when you are doing anything in the realm of costume light or vintage, you have to have accessories.


Obviously I went with a classic red lip and a winged cat eye liner. I found a great easy vintage hairstyle tutorial that just about anyone can do. No special tools needed. I then topped it off with a Black Lace Cat Ears Headband. You can sort of see it behind my hair. It was definitely more visible in person.
Here is a closer look at the headband. The ears are bendable, so you can shape them how you like but you also need to be careful with them.

I also made sure to grab the perfect bag, or at least it was perfect in my eyes. I carried the My Wonderful World Black Cat Ear Cross Body Bag. It is also convertible into a clutch if you wish to use it that way.

Here is a closer look at the bag. You can see that the straps are removable. I was quite surprised at the amount of room available in it. I have a quite large phone case at it was able to fit in the purse and close. Plenty of room for my lipstick, eye drops, keys, and I.D.s.

My shoes are a pair of Steve Maddens that I have had for years. I wish more companies would go back to selling these round toe styles. Anyway, this style has been sold out for years, but I found this CHFSO Women’s Round Toe Ankle Strap Buckle Chunky Heel Low Cut Pumps Shoes in Black. It is a similar style and would look great with vintage style dresses.

These aren’t quite as rounded in the toe, but its close. And the heel is chunkier than mine, but this would be great for anyone that is beginning to walk in heels.


Let me know in the comments below what you would have paired with this dress?


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Getting Catty With Torrid – An OOTD And Mini Review

Outfit from Torrid


I don’t often do button up blouses, but when I saw this Cat Print Chiffon Ruffle Top from Torrid I had to have it (because you know, crazy cat lady).

With it I am wearing the Noir Collection All-Nighter Pant – Slim Fix Pixie, also from Torrid. And my shoes are Rumblers – Sci Fi Wedge Sandles from Skechers.

I made sure to snap a picture up close of the fabric so you can see what the print looks like.

Close up of the Cat Print Top From Torrid.

You can see that what from a distance just loos like polka dots is actually little cat faces with whiskers.

Torrid Plus Size Outfit Of The Day

And of course the cats had to get in the pictures too.

My thoughts on the top are overall really good. I was pleasantly surprised that despite my DDD chest I did not have any gaping between the buttons. The print was really cute. I love the color. The fit outside of the chest was great. I got stopped a lot and complimented on it. The one and only complaint I had was that it is so shear I had no choice but to wear a cami with it. I don’t mind shear with certain things and certain types of shirts. But since this felt like a slightly more business type top (even though it had a cute print), it just felt like it should have been more opaque.


Has anyone else tried this top? What were your thoughts?





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Feeling Pretty As A Picture – In ModCloth’s Creative Portrait Dress

ModCloths Creative Portrait Dress in Cat Collage

I love a black and white print, and I love cats(yes, if you haven’t been paying attention, I am a proud crazy cat lady). So when ModCloth released their Creative Portrait Dress in the Cat Collage print I was already sold. (Forgive me for the grimacing face, but the sun was all in my eyes)

ModCloths Creative Portrait Dress in Cat CollageUnfortunately this dress is no longer available, however there are a few other great items available with a similar look. You can try the Start Spreading the Mews Dress, the Traveling Cupcake Truck Dress in Cats, or the South Florida Spree Top in Cats. The dress is a Retrolicious brand dress, so you can also keep an eye out for new ones being released.

I was running kind of late that day, so I didn’t have a lot of time to accessorize. The only things that went with me are my fabulously comfortable wedge sandals from Sketcher. They are the Cali Women’s Rumblers – Sci-Fi Wedge Sandal. They are so comfortable because they have a memory foam footbed and the straps have an amazing amount of stretch.  I also had my Betsy Johnson Pink Butterfly Sunglasses with me. These are no longer available through Betsy Johnson’s site, but the link should take you to Zulily, where they have them for the next few days.

2015-06-13 15.02.46

Now back to the dress. Just a few thought and comments I wanted to share with you all about it. I ordered the dress back in late winter/early spring, but between our crazy weather here in Kentucky and just circumstances I did not have a chance to wear it till this particular day a couple of weeks ago. So, yes this was my first time wearing. I was only out for a few hours, and before I could make it home my friend noticed thread hanging on the shoulder. After some inspection, several seams are coming undone to the point I am going to have to take it to have it repaired. This is not from a tight fit or any over wear. If anything this dress is a little too loose. This is the first time I have had a Retrolicious dress, so I am not sure if this is per their normal quality or not.

My other thought is about the belt. While I love the pattern of the dress a lot, I am not crazy about the belt pattern, at least paired with this dress. I think the dress needs a pop of color. So don’t be surprised if you see another post about this dress after I have it fixed. You might see it all styled up with accessories and a different belt.


So I want to hear from you. Does anyone else have this dress? Did you have issues with the seems coming undone? Is this a brand issue or just a fluke?












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