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A Reminder To Give Some Love And Forgiveness To Yourself

practice self love

Today’s post won’t be anything terribly long. I just wanted to remind everyone that during this Holiday season that is all about giving, its important to also give something to yourself. Be kind to yourself and give yourself some love and forgiveness.

practice self love

There is often lots of pressure on us, especially us ladies to be perfect. There is always lots to do during the Holidays. But no one is perfect, and that is okay. Allow yourself forgiveness for not being the utter ideal of feminine or masculine perfection.

There are all kinds of stresses for people this time of year. Maybe your like me and love the Holidays but the weather puts a lot of stress on you. Maybe you are like some of my friends and have social anxiety and just find the parties too stressful. Maybe you are like the majority of people and you have family that are assholes. No matter what your stress may be, be kind to yourself and know you are not alone. You are enough as you are.

I put together a short list of resources that may offer you some help in dealing with the stress you are feeling.

Better Help – online therapy

Grokker – A website and app with yoga, meditation, and relaxation videos.

Breathing Techniques – An article on WebMD about breathing techniques that can help you relax.

Get Help Immediately – A list of various emergency and crisis contact numbers and emails for agencies around the world. Organized by country.

Massage Envy – Get a massage, facial, or muscle stretch session at one of the many locations of this chain.

Stress Management Self Help Books – A list of what is available in the stress management category on Amazon.

Relaxation Music – A list of music videos for relaxation.








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Read With Me – Pierced by the Sun by Laura Esquivel

I was thinking I would try something new here on the blog. You see, I and the majority of my love to read. And about this time last year I started a ladies book club. We get together every two months and discuss a new book. Each time someone in the group takes a turn choosing the book and place where we meet.

We are all pretty busy and some of the members are pretty voracious readers, so we have a handful of guidelines. Books must be written within the last five years. Nothing with more than five hundred pages. And it can’t be a book you have read before.

Since everyone has different tastes in books we have been all over the map in genres. And because these are books none of us have read before we have no way of knowing if we will like them or not. Some have been flops and some have been great successes. But we always have great discussions and enjoy the time with other intelligent women. We try not to be rigid or uptight about things. If someone doesn’t finish the book its not a big deal, life happen.

So that leads me to what I thought I would do. I want to share with all of you what we are currently reading, and perhaps come back and give you some of our thoughts on it. Maybe even hears some of yours. I want to try it out a few times. If it goes well I will keep doing it, if not it may just fade out.

But lets get started. We are currently reading, like the title says, Pierced by the Sun by Laura Esquivel. You can follow the Amazon link to find out more info on the book or to purchase it. I do believe it was a free Prime First book a couple of months ago, so its also possible some of you already have this book. And I am sure almost everyone knows this already, but for anyone who doesn’t, from the Amazon link you can find it not only in paperback but also for audible, on kindle, mp3, and several other formats.

The next time we meet is mid to late November. So look for a post in early December discussing the book a bit and announcing what the next book will be.

I would love to hear from you all. So leave me comments here or on my social media and let me know if you like this being here on the blog, or if you would rather I skipped it. Also do you participate in any book groups?




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