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Me on my wedding day!!

My name is Karen Pemberton. Some of you may know me as Karen Smith, as that is both my maiden name and the name I write under for Pretty Pear Bride. (For anyone who doesn’t know, Pretty Pear Bride is the world’s first bridal magazine that focuses on the plus size bride.) I have been a contributing writer for Pretty Pear Bride since December, 2012. In addition to being a writer, I am a newly wed, a fashionista extroidinaire, an entrepreneur, and a world traveler.

My husband and I reside in Lexington, Kentucky with our two fur babies. I love to shop, but even more so, I love a good deal. And trust me, you don’t know what hard is till you try and find decent plus size fashion in the middle of Podunk Kentucky. I make good use of my time shopping and my entrepreneurial skills by making a business out of it. I sell women’s fashions and accessories on Ebay and on Store Envy.

In my down time I love traveling, spending time with my fabulous friends(who you no doubt will get to know on here as well), going to various art shows and events. When I have the extra resources I am a pretty avid concert and movie goer. I enjoy participating from time to time with my local fashion collaborative. When I was in my late teens I did plus size modeling, which really jump started my passion for fashion. I to this day occasionally model for local designers.



  • Jan

    Was researching products without Balsam of Peru. Liked your site.

  • Leah

    I am new to your site and went to City Chic based on your selection. I went to site but can not determine my size based on the information. I generally where a size 14 at Torrid and XL at LOFT or Ann Taylor. Torrid pants I wear at 14T. Do have any suggestions as to what size I should try at City Chic.

    Thank you

    • karenmsmith77

      Hi Leah, I am so sorry for the delay in responding to you. I have been away from my blog for a while for personal reasons, so I just saw your question. I hope you were able to work out your sizing already, but in the off chance you did not then I still want to answer. I find it best to use a combination of your measurements with the fabric info. I personally think most of their items fit similar to Torrid, and you would still wear a 14 which is an XS at City Chic. However, some of the more stretchy fabrics cause items to run a little large. In that case you may size out in those items. XS is their smallest size currently.

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