Inside The Dressing Room – Lovesick Summer 2016

Inside thedressing room with My Plus Size Life
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This will be the first of a semi-regular series I want kick off called Inside The Dressing Room. I wanted to take pictures I try on at various stores so you can see what the items look like on a real plus size body. I will let you know what size fit me best and I will try to make sure as always state my normal size. I say semi-regular because I don’t plan on having a particular schedule for this, it will just be when I have a chance to stop at various stores and try on things.

Inside thedressing room with My Plus Size Life

Today’s post is featuring Lovesick. You might have seen my post about them a couple of weeks ago titled “Are You Feeling Lovesick – New Plus Size Store Alert / Shopping Guide / Overall Thoughts“. I don’t have one of the stores close to me, but I by chance was visiting a friend in Dayton earlier this week and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drop by the location there. I tried on quite a few things and took pictures of some of my favorites. I will link to everything I can to make it easier for you to find if you like it. For comparison purposes keep in mind I normally wear a size 40DDD bra and a 2, 2X, or 20 in most clothing from Torrid and Lane Bryant, as well as other traditionally sized Plus Size clothing lines. And as mentioned previously Lovesick is owned by Torrid, and sizing is supposed to be the same.

Plus Size Crochet Trim Textured Skater Dress from LovesickThis is their Crochet Trim Textured Skater Dress in a size 2. I felt it was a bit snug and didn’t fully cover the bust area. So I also tried it on in a 3.

Plus Size Crochet Trim Textured Skater Dress from Lovesick

And this is the size 3. This one isn’t really was a little too loose in the midsection. Looking at the pictures now, I realize that you can’t see the difference as much as you could in person. This dress is currently on their clearance rack for $29.99. While I really loved the color and style, I ultimately did not buy this because of the fit. However if you are interested, it does come in other colors and prints.

Plus Size Frida Kahlo Tee and YMI Side Slit Wannabettabutt Shorts - Olive Wash from Lovesick Here I have on the Frida Kahlo Tee and the YMI Side Slit Wannabettabutt Shorts – Olive Wash. Both are on the clearance rack $19.99. While I normally wear a 2 at Torrid in most things, I usually size up in their tees and go for a 3. This however is a 2, and I felt like it fit me like the 3s I get at Torrid.  The shorts are made of the same material as the Jeggings at Torrid, and are super comfortable. In Jeggings I bounce back and forth between an 18 an a 20 at Torrid. In these shorts an 18 fit me perfect. I ended up buying the shorts, but not the top. At the end of the day I felt like the top was something I could easily get from Torrid in the future or order online from Lovesick. But the shorts, who knows. The shorts are also available in a couple of other color options I believe.

Plus Size Tropical Print Crop Top and Tropical Print Pencil Skirt from Lovesick

This is the Tropical Print Crop Top and the Tropical Print Pencil Skirt. Both seen here are in a size 2. The fabric is a scuba fabric, so a lot of stretch and very comfy. I did bring a 3 in with me, but ended up not trying it on. I ultimately did not buy this outfit. While I thought it was super cute, I realize I would probably only wear it once, maybe twice if I was lucky, and then it would just sit. I am trying to cut back on buying things like that.

Plus Size Tank Top, Vest, and Jeans from Lovesick Here I have on the Paisley Print Swing Tank Top, the Fringe Trim Vest, and the Welt Pocket Flare Jeans. I have on a 2 in both of the top pieces and a 20 in the bottoms. I feel like the picture is a bit deceiving in this one. I felt it was way more flattering in person than it is in this picture. Both of the friends that were with me loved this as well. Obviously I am either going to have to wear really high heels or have this hemmed. Most likely, they will be hemmed. I am surprised they are this long since they were regular length, and I am 5’8″. But anyway, I bought all three of these pieces. I felt it would make a perfect outfit for early fall.

I did try on a handful of other outfits but did not take pictures, or in a couple of instances thought I had but was experiencing issues with my phone and didn’t get them. But I still wanted to share my thoughts on some of them. So here are a couple of other items I found on the site that I know I tried on.

Plus Size Textured Floral Print Crop Top and Pencil Skirt from LovesickThis is the Textured Floral Print Crop Top and the Textured Floral Print Pencil Skirt. While it looks like the same set as I have pictured above, the difference in fabric makes for a very big difference in fit. I tried the 2 first and it was extremely tight and not a nice looking fit at all, which is a shame since I really loved this print. Unfortunately when I sized up it was way too big.

10598724_av1This is their Lace Skirt. I tried in a size 2, and it did fit as I would expect a 2 to fit. However the way the fabric fluffed around the waist and hips did not look good on me in my opinion. It was definitely an item that did not look like it does in the picture.

Between what I previously ordered and everything I tried on that day in the store, I would say about 50% of the items fit like they do at Torrid, and the other 50% ran small. This may be a temporary thing till they get their p’s and q’s in order. But it might also be that Lovesick turns out to be one of those Plus Size stores you always have to be careful about sizing, kind of like ModCloth. If you live anywhere near their stores, I do highly recommend going in and at least checking it out. Try some things on.

I will try to do these post as often as possible when I stop by stores. I have a few saved for other stores, so look for those coming in the next few weeks. In the meantime, let me see what you have tried on at Lovesick. You can leave comments here or on any of my social media. If you post on social media make sure to use the hash tag #ITDRwithMyPlusSizeLife so I can find you.

Also if you have any special request about places you want me to visit and include in this series I will try my best, just request down below. Just keep in mind that some places may not be accessible to me ever or may only be accessible on rare occasions.




Please note that some text links on this site may lead to affiliate links. However your prices will not be affected and you are under no obligation to use my link. Thank you to all who help keep this blog up and running.


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