Yes, I Am Still Here. A Quick Catch Up Post

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Out of Spoons

I know its been a hot minute since I have done a post, and there has been minimal posting on Facebook and Twitter the last couple of months. I really am sorry to have fallen off the face of the earth like that, but I honestly didn’t have enough spoons to go around.

If you aren’t sure what I am talking about with spoons, I have mentioned in previous posts I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Spoons is a reference to The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino, which can be found on her blog But You Don’t Look Sick. I highly recommend you read it if you or someone you care about has a chronic pain condition or chronic illness.

So in addition to just dealing with my normal illness and life, there has been a lot going on. My husband lost his job, then job hunted, and found a new job that he has since started. And since he is the main bread winner in our house, that right there says stress. But we also hit our usual high of, somehow the majority of people we know have birthdays in November and December. We also have been in the process of, not exactly remodeling, but rearranging our house for the better. Still doing a bit of that. And this year was our turn to host the friends Christmas party, which I loved doing, but we had to really get things in gear with rearranging certain rooms before the party. All of this on top of starting a charity with one my besties. You can check it out at Dignity Purses.

And since Christmas I feel I have been either recouping or just totally lacking motivation. I have been so without energy that I actually missed my major selling season for both of my stores, so I had no income to contribute to our household. But during my down time I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning. I realize some things I needed and wanted. Before Christmas I actually had considered closing down the blog. I love doing things with the blog, but I felt I wasn’t giving it the time and attention it deserves to justify the money I spend to keep it running. But in December I had been contacted by a couple of people in private messages that let me know that at least in some small way I had helped them. And that has been really all I have ever wanted from this blog since I started it. I always thought that if I could help even just one person that was enough for me.

So after a lot of thought and consideration I decided I will be keeping the blog open at least for a while, but I will be making some small changes. Some that will just help me to post more often and some that will hopefully help me contribute more financially to my household, while still maintaining my integrity. Here are some of the changes you might see over the next month or two:

  • You might see adds pop up on the site. (I promise to keep it to a minimum and to keep it relevant to things talked about on the site)
  • You will hopefully see more post more frequently, but a lot of them may be shorter in nature and a larger variety of topics may show up. And there may be a lot more product and company reviews from now on.
  • You will start seeing me promote Beauteque. With this particular company, yes with promoting them I can earn commissions (I want to be very open and honest about this), but its not about that for me. Commissions are not very much from them. They are a small company bringing K beauty to the US. I started purchasing from them and switching over to mainly K beauty about 8 to 9 months ago, and its really made a huge difference for me. I really believe in this company. I will be talking about them and products that I use extensively in the future. Until then, if you already buy from them or are interested in trying them, you can get 10% off your purchase with my coupon code KAREN.
  • You should start seeing an improvement in picture quality on the blog soon. I was lucky enough to get a nice new camera for my recent Birthday. I will be playing around with it.
  • There should be some updated ways to contact me soon. I have had a few people asking about a mailing address and email address.

I will be talking more about most of these changes soon. And don’t worry, if you came for the plus size fashion I still plan on doing that too. Until then I would love to hear any of your thoughts, comments, concerns, or ideas. Talk to me.








Please note that some text links on this site may lead to affiliate links. However your prices will not be affected and you are under no obligation to use my link. Thank you to all who help keep this blog up and running.


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