Equality For One Is A Step In Equality For All

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I know I have been slacking a bit since the giveaway, but my apologies. I have been overwhelmed with a multitude of things to do on top of being sick for two weeks. But I am back, and hopefully will be able to stay on track. I have several things backed up that I wanted to post about, but I will have to keep them on the back burner as I can’t let this post slip buy.

If you spend any amount of time on the internet, social media especially, that this past Friday June 26 the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was legal nation wide. Now it just so happened that in the town I live in our Pride Festival was already scheduled for Saturday the 27, and I had already made plans with friends to go in support of so many people I love that are a part of the LGBT community. It definitely made for an even more joyous occasion than usual.

You may be asking yourself what this has to do with fashion or even body positivity. But really at the heart of both of those topics, at least when its concerning plus sizes, is equality. We all just want to be treated equally. We want to be offered the same selection of clothing as misses sizes. We want the same respect shown to us as the so called “regular” sizes. And I personally think that no matter which group makes a stride in equality its a step forward for all of us. We should support and respect one another.

I unfortunately did not snap a picture od my outfit from yesterday, but I did get a selfie of me and my husband that showed off my fun eyeshadow. And I wanted share some of the highlight pictures of the fun outfits other people had on and activities going on at Pride Fest.

At Pride Fest With My Husband

Me & My Husband


The Weavers At Pride Fest

My Friends The Weavers


2015-06-27 14.00.01

Me & My Friend Libby Weaver Playing With One Of The Many Cutouts To Help Celebrate Marriage Equality


Fun Outfit at Pride Fest

One Of The Many Fun Outfits We Saw


Line Dancing at Pride Fest

Everyone Dancing The Cupid Shuffle


All of the following images are of a local group called March Madness Marching Band

March Madness Marching Band

Dancers with MMMB


2015-06-27 13.24.48

People Of All Ages Walks Of Life In MMMB


March Madness Marching Band

All Ages And All Body Types Accepted In MMMB


2015-06-27 13.24.16

Gender Is Not A Barrier For MMMB


March Madness Marching Band

You Never Know What To Expect To See With MMMB

When is Pride Fest where you live? Did you go? I would love to see your outfits.






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