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I have always loved having tea, the whole ceremony of it and getting dressed up, so for me it was never out of fashion. However for quite some time, at least where I live, its not really been something people do. But in the last few years, with shows like Downton Abby and other various British fare being popularized in American culture I think it has renewed an interest in having tea time. And there is nothing more my girlfriends and I love than having a tea party, whether it be at one of our homes or at a tea house.

And this past weekend was no different. One of my besties hosted a tea at her house. And of course its a perfect time to pull out the girly attire. A while back I had purchased a tulle skirt from eShakti, and I had been dyeing to wear it. This seemed like the perfect time.

eShakti Tulle Skirt Free Kisses T-Shirt

eShakti Tulle Skirt
Free Kisses T-Shirt


T-Shirt has a Leopard print lace back.

T-Shirt has a Leopard print lace back.

After wearing this skirt I am even more in love with it than I was before. I wish that I could post a link for all you lovely ladies to be able to get this skirt for yourself, but unfortunately this was an item that sold fast on eShakti’s site, and this item was gone by the time I received mine. If you have never ordered from eShakti before, then you can follow the links and they will give you a $35 coupon for your first order. Also don’t forget you can customize for free on first time orders. Its really the best time to try it out.

And since I can’t point you to the exact items I have, I will do the next best thing by showing a similar look you can achieve. Give these a try:

Dahlia crinoline eShakti $69.95

Dahlia crinoline


Studio Intarsia Lips Sweater Eloquii $78.00

Studio Intarsia Lips Sweater

Now to let you all in on a little secret about myself, I often say I am very girly. I love clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, etc…, and I am good at it. But the one area I fail at in being a girl is my hair. I love my mom, but she was never the type to really do her hair, and she certainly never taught me to do mine, so I for so many years have just really been clueless. And I also have really long thick heavy hair, and its stubborn like me, so it doesn’t want to hold a curl. The only time you see a curl in my hair is when I have went to the salon. So since the beginning of this year (I suppose you could say it was my New Year’s resolution in a way) I have been making a concerted effort to try new things with my, and some old, so I can learn to do more than a basic three things to pull it out my face. You can’t really see my hair super well in the pictures above, but I am going to post some more of the party pictures below and you can see what I did. I have tried this several times this year, it has been one of the more successful hair coifs I have attempted as well as super easy. I essentially found a elastic band with hair on it that is made to fit around a bun and make it look like you have it pulled up with curls. I found it on ebay for 99 cents and free shipping. I have gotten tons of compliments every time I wear it like that. And thankfully a bun was one of the things I could already do to my hair. If you want to get one the person I bought from is sold out (it was a great price), but you can click here to look find a similar item.

Saturday’s tea party wasn’t just about fashion and hair for me, it was also about good food (duh) and even more so, conversations with some really great ladies. I had the pleasure of getting to know Kelly Wilkins. Some of you may already know her from her blog Okay Stupid. She is a self described plus size nerd over the age of 35, and her blog is all about he exploits on online dating sites. She also runs a body acceptance group her on Facebook called Positively Fabulous. It is a closed group, so you have to get approval to join. And Kelly says she runs a tight ship, so trolling an other foolishness will not be tolerated. So everyone go on over and show Kelly some love. I know you will absolutely love her quirky, sarcastic sense of humor.

Amazing spread of food at the tea party.

Amazing spread of food at the tea party.


Me on the left, and to the right the fabulous Kelly Wilkins.


The hostess with the mostess, and one of my besties, Jennifer Noran.

The hostess with the mostess, and one of my besties, Jennifer Noran.


Me and Jenny together.

Me and Jenny together.







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