Hidden Gems Of Amazon – Dark Floral Maxi Dress Perfect For Early Fall

Hidden Gems of Amazon
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Recently I posted about the Plus Size Brands You Might Be Surprised To Find On Ebay, but what about all that clothing you see and have never heard of the brands before? We have all heard the horror stories of the pieces that were listed, even with measurements, that show up in China sizes. So what you thought was inch measurements ended up being centimeters instead. And now that 3X piece of clothing you have actually fits like a US size large at best. So what I thought I would do is occasionally order some pieces from Amazon when I find something both affordable and cute. (These will not be haul post, simply one o two items at a time) I will also post any flops. I will try to include their sizing charts if provided as well as pictures of the fit and other pertinent information. So with that in mind I want to start another series here on the blog caller Hidden Gems of Amazon.

Hidden Gems of Amazon

The first thing I found to share with you all is the Roiii Boho Ladies Summer Dark Floral Maxi Dress Plus Size.
This comes in size Small up to a XXXL and sells for $14.89 & free shipping for everyone.

They do have a size chart posted, which is nice, but as we all know size charts aren’t always accurate. But I did base my order on the size chart. For reference I am typically a size 20W at most US plus size brands like Torrid or Lane Bryant. My measurements are Bust:49″ Waist:42″ Hips:54.5″.

Size Measurement:

US/EU Small:—–Chest 32.6″, Waist 28.35″,Length:55.9″

US/EU MEDIUM:—-Chest 38.58″, Waist 29.92″,Length:55.9″

US/EU LARGE:—–Chest 41.33″, Waist 32.28″,Length:55.9″

US/EU X-LARGE:—Chest 45.66″, Waist 34.64″,Length:55.9″

US/EU XX-LARGE:–Chest 47.24″, Waist 37.79″,Length:55.9″

US/EU XXX-LARGE:–Chest 49.6″, Waist 40.15″,Length:55.9″


After looking the size chart over I decided to go with the XXX-Large. When you are actually ordering on the page it will be marked 3X. They ship out of China, but based on the way their size chart is it seems they are using UK sizing.

When I ordered I was given the expected delivery date of October 14, however I received it on September 12. That was really quick for something coming from China.

Roiii plus size Maxi DressI was quite happy with the product I received. The fabric has a lot of stretch to it. I probably could have sized down one and been okay, but I prefer it to not be overly tight. I think this XXXL size could comfortably fit up to a size 22W.

The fabric is on the thinner side, but not so thin that you couldn’t comfortably wear it with a jacket in early fall. In fact this is that perfect dark floral that is so in right now. If you are somewhere that has more temperate weather you could realistically wear this all year round.

XXXL Maxi Dress in a dark floral print from Roiii
It seems Roiii Plus Sizes has quite a few dresses and coats as options. I do encourage you to check the size charts on each and every item because it seems that they don’t have one standard size chart. But size 22 does seem to be the largest this brand will fit (potentially a size 24 if you like a very tight fit).

With it I have the same sandals I showed you a couple of posts ago. They are the Mootsies Tootsies Naylorr Women Open Toe Canvas Sandals. They have several color options currently available.

Roiii Maxi Dress in plus sizes


I hope you have found this helpful. If there are any specific brands on Amazon people would like me to take a look at, feel free to post it in the comments or send me a message through the contact page. I just might feature the brand your interested in.


Please note that some text links on this site may lead to affiliate links. However your prices will not be affected and you are under no obligation to use my link. Thank you to all who help keep this blog up and running.

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