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Rachel Roth Jewelry A Personal And Unique Custom Gift

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rachel Roth Jewelry. All opinions are 100% mine.

Speaking as someone whose love language is gift giving, finding that perfect gift that really speaks to the person that I am shopping for is always important to me. One way to achieve this is by giving a custom made gift, and that is why today I wanted to share with you something really special. I wanted to talk to you about Rachel Roth Jewelry.

So what make Rachel Roth Jewelry so special? Not only is it custom made pieces of jewelry, but its a way to give a little bit of yourself in a way. Her jewelry pieces incorporate fingerprints and handwriting from you or your loved one. This makes it so special and very personal. I can see these jewelry pieces being a great gift for anyone in your life.


I am so in love with this Custom Handwriting Necklace. I imagine any woman would love to receive this from her significant other. I could even see this being a lovely gift for a daughter’s sweet sixteen. There are really so many possibilities, and you are not limited to just using your name. The only limitation is 30 characters and wherever your imagination stops you. Make sure to check out the matching Custom Handwriting Earrings and the Custom Handwriting Bracelet. All of the custom handwriting jewelry is available in both silver or gold.


This Custom Stainless Steel Fingerprint Ring With Engraving Outside is another charming piece of jewelry. I can imagine it being a great gift for a man or a woman. What a wonderful way to celebrate your relationship with a pair of matching rings with each others fingerprints embedded in the ring. Or if you would prefer the fingerprints to be touching you, you might want to check out the Custom Stainless Steel Ring With The Fingerprints Engraved Inside.


And finally I wanted to share with you this Custom Fingerprints Heart Necklace. I imagine this to be the perfect gift for a mother or grandmother. I know how touched my mother would be to receive one of these, or really any of my friends with young children would be especially happy to get them. I think even some dad’s out there would love them. But maybe you like the idea of this necklace, but its not quite what you want. I suggest you also check out the Custom Pet Paw Print Necklace and the Custom Fingerprint Leaf Necklace.

So if your looking at all these beautiful pieces of jewelry and wondering if they have your size or not, the answer is yes they do. That is the great thing about custom jewelry, you never have to worry about whether they will have someone’s size when you are shopping for yourself or for a gift. I know that is always a concern, even with jewelry, when shopping for us plus size ladies. You are always worried will this ring fit, will the choker go around my neck, will the necklace chain hit at the right spot. But with custom, that is never a worry because it is always made to fit you.

As I said previously, I am really in love with the handwriting necklace, but tell me in the comments below what your favorite piece is.

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What To Wear With A Kilt

Okay, so its not actually a real kilt, but it has the look and feel of one. I was lucky enough to get one of the Outlander Fraser Tartan Plaid Skirts from Torrid. I would love to tell you that you could get one too, but at this moment they are sold and I have no idea if they are going to bring them back. I do think that its highly likely they will if enough people request it, especially considering quite a few of the pieces from this collection sold out within the first three days.

Outlander Collection Skirt from Torrid paired with a high neck top from JC Penny

It doesn’t really stand out in the pictures like it does in person but there is a very distinct line of a berry or wine color running through the plaid pattern. So I paired the skirt with this BELLE + SKY Long-Sleeve Clip Dot Woven Blouse in Deep Ruby from JC Pennys. It is also currently out of stock, however you can sign up to be put on an email notification list for when its back in stock.

Plus size plaid kilt with a high neck top

The top is pretty sheer, so under it I have on a Torrid Foxy Cami in merlot red. It matches pretty perfectly. They look like they belong together.

Torrid, JC Penny, Journee Collection create this plus size fall fashion look.

The wide calf boots in gray are from the Journee Collection that often sells on Zulily. If you don’t find them on there today, don’t give up. These sorts of boots and this collection sell on Zulily pretty often, but the collections only sell for three days at a time. So just check back often and sign up for their emails if you want a good deal on these sort of boots.

So in the comments below tell me if you managed to get one of these skirts, and what did you pair with them?

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2016 Gift Guide For The Girls and Guys On Your List

Christmas gift guide

Christmas gift guide


I know I have been doing a lot of reviews of products I thought would make good gifts, and those posts will probably continue on into December. But I wanted to actually put together a gift guide. This will include some things I have reviewed and a lot of things I have not. I will be including some things that make great stocking stuffers as well as gifts. And almost everything on this list will be budget friendly. I thought this was important because I see so many people make these fantastic gift guides, and even though my husband and I certainly aren’t poor I am left thinking who has the money to give these items as gifts. Nothing in my list should be over $50, and most of them are significantly less than that.

I really wanted to do this post because I love to give gifts. It is my primary love language, if you are familiar with The Five Love Languages. I think people sometimes misunderstand this love language and think its about materialism, but its really about symbolism. Its not about the money spent, its showing that you took the time to get to know someone enough to know what they like. Its showing someone you really know who they are, and you care enough to pay attention. And since gift giving, and receiving is so important to me, I wanted to take the time to share some items that might make good gifts. Some items are even items I have already bought for people on my list. If it is a child or someone I know for sure doesn’t check my blog I will share those items. So lets get started.

For The People Who Always Need To Be Plugged In

 Five Port USB Smart Charger By FREEWISE

Polanfo 12000mAh Power Bank for Smartphones and Tablets

For The Selfie Queens

Leadpo Selfie Light Ring, 3-Level Brightness LED Clip On for All Smart Phones

OCYCLONE Anti-Gravity Phone case [Self Sticky case] Nano-suction Technology Hands-Free Selfie Shockproof Cover


For The Jewelry Feinds

PearlPlus Vintage Skull Dinosaur Necklace Choker Jewelry

eManco Statement Tassel Pendant Necklaces Handmade Wood Bead Bohemian Jewelry

For The Kids

DreamWorks Trolls Poppy Talkin’ Troll Plush Doll

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – 76060 Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum


For The Kids At Heart

Emio Mix-Monsters Headphones Black Kitten

Rocksmith 2014 [Online Game Code]

For All My Fellow Mermaids And Unicorns

BOOBEI 18inch Double Colors Reversible Sequins Mermaid Pillow Cases 18″by18″

Alkemie & Artistry Mermaid Sparkles Cameo on .925 Silver Necklace

Unicorn Poop Soap : a magical, sparkly, sweet-smelling treat for the unicorn-lover in your life

Celtic Goblet with White Unicorn Head

For The Readers In Your Life

Fire Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB

And don’t forget the Kindle Unlimited.


So in the comments below let me know who is on your list, and would you buy one of my suggestions for them? Just remember when you are out buying your gift, its not about how much you spend its how much thought goes into the gift that really matters. So don’t put pressure on yourselves to spend so much. Keep things simple and from the heart.


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Achieve The 90’s Clueless Vibe With Society Plus

Last week Society Plus started their Black Friday Sale early and will be running it till the 27th of this month. If you caught my blog post with my Society Plus Black Friday Wish List then you already knew about this. Some items have long sold out, but I am still hopeful they will be restocked before the sale ends. And I do promise to keep you guys notified if that happens.

But I did get some of the pieces in from the list I created and I wanted to share with you what they look like. Have you always wanted that 90’s clueless look and felt like you just couldn’t achieve it because no one ever made it plus sizes? Well now they do. Thanks Society Plus!

Outfit from Society Plus

The jacket is the Anastasia Lace Jacket. It zips up about 3/4 of the way up. Long sleeves and two zippered pockets in front.

Back view of the Anastasia Jacket and Cher skirt from Society Plus

As you can see there are also lace panels in the back of the jacket.

Outfit from Society Plus to create a 90's Clueless look.

With the jacket I have on the Lakynn Faux Suede Scoop Crop Top and the Cher Plaid Mini Skirt in Gray/Charcoal.  I ordered everything in an 18/20, which is my usual size. One tip, I suggest ordering up a size in the crop top if you have a large bust like me. These don’t have as much stretch as the crop tops from the summer. I am exchanging sizes for mine.

Lakynn Crop Top and the Cher plaid skirt from Society Plus

If you are wondering about the accessories, here is what I have on with it.

The necklace is a 9 PCS Classical Women Gothic Fashion Choker Necklace Set that I found on Amazon a while back.

The boots are from the Journey Collection that sells often in Zulily’s Wide Calf Boot Botique.

Let me know in the comments below if you have already got any of these pieces, and if so are you loving them?




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Product Review – Freewise Five Port USB Charger

While this is intended as a review, think of this post two parts review to one part gift suggestion. Actually, many of my reviews, just like the subscription service reviews, will be this way until Christmas has come and gone.

Today we are looking at the Freewise Five Port USB Smart Charger. For me, items like this are really necessary. I work two jobs from home, and all of my work is done using various electronics devices. My home was not well designed when it comes to electrical outlets, so having something I can charge multiple items in at once and just use one outlet is a life saver. If I run out of battery life, my work comes to a dead halt till I can get recharged. And some of the apps I use do not work unless I have more than a 30% charge.

This is one of those items that I think could make a great gift for someone, but most people would probably never think to give something like this as a gift unless it was asked for. Who do I think would appreciate this the most as a gift? Anyone who is a tech geek, someone like me who runs a business from home and can’t run out of batter life, and really any busy household with lots of electronics to charge. I also think it would work great for one of those office gift exchanges where you don’t know who will end up with the gift, because at the end of the day who doesn’t have some sort of electronic they need to charge.

But let’s get onto the actual product and what I thought of it.

Freewise Five Port USB Smart Charger

This is how it arrived. It was in an amazon box as well, but this is the product packaging. It’s a fairly sturdy box. And everything was packed securely.

Open package of the Freewise USB charger

When you open the box this is what you see first. There are a couple of little compartments with the various parts in it. I actually took everything out initially for pictures and then put them back in until it was time to test it out. I have to say this was the easiest packaging to reassemble I have ever seen. I know that may seem an odd thing to be impressed by, but sometimes you have a need to put products back in the box the way they were. For example, what if you did buy something like this as a gift and you wanted to make sure it was all there in the box first before giving it. I really appreciated the packaging.

All the parts that come with the Freewise five port charger

Inside the box you get the charger port, the cord to the charger port, and a product guide.

The Freewise five port charger pluged in.

It was super easy to set up. And I was surprised at how light weight it is. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting it to be really heavy, but it was even lighter than just my regular one port charger.

Everything hooked up to the Freewise five port charger

I plugged in all my most used and needed electronics and gave it a thorough try out. It did a great job. Not only did it charge as expected, but it charged fast. All the charging times were cut in at least half, some charged even faster than that. I would say the phone and charging banks charged in about half the time, but the tablet and camera were charged in about a third of the time. The camera normally takes about twelve hours to charge when its dead. It wasn’t quite dead and it charged in three and a half hours.

You can find this on Amazon. It says it normally sells for $39.99, but right now it is on sale for $10.99. And if you have Amazon Prime, you get free Prime Shipping.

So tell me in the comments below, would you like to get something like this as a gift? Have you given a USB bank as a gift before?


I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and are genuine.



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Hidden Gems Of Amazon – Knit & Chiffon Combo Open Front Cardigan

side view of the Sunsent Open Front Cardigan

Since my previous post, on The Hidden Gems Of Amazon, went over so well I will be doing more. Today I bring you the next item I have found on Amazon, and we will take a closer look at whether it is a hidden gem.

Hidden Gems of Amazon

The item we will be looking at is listed as the Sunsent Women’s Knitting Chiffon Joint Long Sleeved Front Open Cardigan Multicoloured.

The picture above is what is posted on Amazon. There are additional pictures, but this is the main picture and I don’t think any of the other pictures show it to look any different.

It costs $8.99 and $0.50 shipping. I placed my order on September 1, 2016 and I was given an expected delivery date of October 17, 2016. It arrived on the 15th of October. So it did come within the expected shipping times, but even coming from China that is the longest I have ever had to wait for a package. So if you do order one of these keep in mind that you may have to wait a month and a half to get it.

Here is the size chart as well as a couple of warnings they have posted on the page.

Size Chart:
L–bust:134cm/52.7″–length:93cm/36.6″– sleeve:58cm/22.8″
XXL– bust:142cm/55.9″–length:95cm/37.4″–sleeve:60cm/23.6″
XXXL– bust:146cm/57.5″–length:96cm/37.8″–sleeve:61cm/24.1″
Because of factors such as display pixel, so there may be a little color difference.
Because of the different measurement methods, there may be 1-3cm of the allowable range error.

As always I will remind you, my measurements are Bust: 49″ Waist: 42″ Hips:54″ and I generally wear a 20W or 2X at most plus size stores like Lane Bryant or Torrid.

I really liked the look of it being really loose, so I thought I would go for the XXXL, but even though the size is listed in the size chart they don’t seem to offer it in this item. So I ordered a size XXL instead.

Front view of the Sunsent Open Front Cardigan

As far as the quality goes, it is better than I expected. There were no weird seeming issues or any kind of holes. Nothing that would make me want to send it back.

Back view of the Sunsent Open Front Cardigan

The fit is a bit of a different matter for me. It doesn’t make me want to send it back, but it might for some. I don’t know how they arrived at their bust measurement, but they were way off. If I pull the open front together the two sides will touch, but barely. It is at least five to six inches off the mark from the 55.9″ listed in the size chart. The arms are a great fit though, and could easily accommodate a little larger arms than mine.

Side view of the Sunsent Open Front Cardigan

The weight of the fabric is about right for me with the weather we have been having this fall. It would not work for anything much cooler, at least for me. I think its perfect for the sixty to seventy degree range, but I tend to be very temperature sensitive and need heavy layers once it gets colder than that.

Front view of the Sunsent Open Front Cardigan

I tried to stay pretty simple with what I paired with this since the focus of this post is on the cardigan. But in case anyone was wondering about the other things I have on, I will list them here.

Hello Kitty Patches Full Length Leggings

Torrid’s V-Neck Tee in Heather Gray

Skechers Women’s Career First Impression Ballet Flat in Black & White

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this or anything else from this brand. And don’t forget to give me your suggestions on what to try next.



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Subscription Service Review – Beauteque Mask Maven

Mask Maven Subscription for October 2016

Today I have another subscription service review for you. I still have several more I will try to get reviewed before the end of November, so if anyone wants to get one as a Christmas present for someone they have plenty of time to do it. And don’t forget to check out my previous reviews of the So Choix Subscription and the Sephora Play Box if you haven’t already.

Service Name: Beauteque Mask Maven


Price: $13 – $15 a month, depending on how many months you pay for at once. And if you use my code KAREN you can save an additional 10% off your subscription. My discount code does not expire and can also be used on individual products.


Where Is It Available: Beauteque ships to the US, Canada, Europe (certain countries only), Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.


Who To Get It For: Anyone who loves Korean Beauty or sheet masks. Or anyone who is interested in trying it out.


What You Get: Nine sheet masks of various types and brands. Though occasionally there is an extra thrown in.


Drawbacks: This really depends on your perspective. The only drawback I could think of is that you don’t have any say in what type of sheet masks you are getting. So if you have extremely sensitive skin like me there may be an occasional masks you can’t use. But for the general population they are all masks that should be good for all skin types.


The Details: I will share with you what came in my October 2016 Mask Maven subscription so you can get an idea of what to expect.

This is how the Beauteque Mask Maven is mailed

This is how your Mask Maven subscription will show up every month. It comes in a plain white bubble mailer with the Beauteque logo clearly marked on the envelope.

How Mask Maven is wraped

All of your masks are usually in one of these drawstring bags. And then you get one or two printed pages with it. This month there were two.

List of the masks in Mask Maven and how to use them

On one of the cards, the one you get every month, is a list of all the masks you got and how to use them. This can be especially important to keep because the mask themselves don’t always have English directions on them. It also lets you know what the theme for the month is. This month’s was theme was After Party Masquerade.

Beauteque's 30 Day Challenge

Occasionally you get these 30 day Mask Maven Challenge Callender with your order. There usually is special promotions associated with it on Beauteque’s social media. The calendar itself just helps you plan out the best way to space out using your masks in a 30 day period.

All of the masks included in the October 2016 Mask Maven Subscription

Here are all nine of the masks I received this month in my Mask Maven subscription. I will show you each of them up close below, as well as links to each.

My Beauty Diary Caviar Sheet Mask

This is the My Beauty Diary Roe (Caviar) Mask. It normally sells for $1.99 but is on sale for $1.00 for the month of November. Use this mask to restore a young, beautiful complexion.

Ariul 7 Day Pomegranate Mask

This is the Ariul 7 Days Mask in Pomegranate. It normally sells for $1.99 and is on sell for $1.00 for the month of November. Use this mask to improves the general health and radiance of your skin. It also firms and improves skin elasticity.

Ariul 7 Days Tea Tree Mask

This is the Ariul 7 Days Mask in Tea Tree. It is currently sold out on Beauteque’s website, check their website to see if it has been restocked. However, I am sure that it sells for the same price as the other masks from this brand, $1.99. This mask can be used for clearing up your complexion. It controls sebum without over-drying your skin.

NOHJ Superfood Honey Mask


This is the NOHJ Superfood Honey Mask. It is also currently sold out on Beauteque’s website. Based on prices for the other masks from this brand I would guess this sells for around $2.50. Use this mask for many things. Honey is good for moisturizing, soothing sensitive skin, and helping acne. And you can’t see this in the picture but the package is 3-D. It’s really cool packaging, and worth buying at least once just for that.

Esfolio Birds Nest Essence Sheet Mask

This is the Esfolio Bird’s Nest Essence Sheet Mask. It normally sells for $1.99 but is on sale for $1.00 for the month of November. This mask I have used previously, and if you have read any of my post about sheet mask then you know esfolio is one of my favorite brands. Use this mask to moisturize and brighten your skin.

Tsaio Stayed Up Late Mask

This is the Tsaio Stayed Up Late Mask – Emily. It sells for $2.25. There were two of these in the bag this month. Use this mask to brighten and firm your skin. This is one of the ever popular black masks.

Berrisom Horror Mask in Black Rice (Skull)

This is the Berrisom Horror Mask Skull – Black Rice. It sells for $3.00. Use this mask to provides elasticity, moisture, and health to skin. Plus these fun character mask have the bonus of making great Instagram and SnapChat pictures.

Tony Moly I'm Real Tea Tree Sheet Mask

This is the Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet in Tea Tree. It sells for $1.99 on Beauteque’s website. (I would like to point out that this same mask sells for $3.75 at a national retail chain. I’m not going to name names, you can figure it out easily enough. Just saying don’t overpay for these guys.) Use this mask for soothing your skin and to help combat blemishes.


Who Will Like This/Who Won’t: You will love this if you are a sheet mask addict who likes to discover new sheet mask or if you want to try new mask but don’t know where to start. This is probably not for the person who doesn’t like to try new things with their skin care.


Where To Sign Up: You can sign up at Beauteque’s Subscription Website. And don’t forget to use my code KAREN to save the extra 10% off your order.


In all honesty, the two subscriptions I get from Beauteque, are the ones I love the most. I love makeup and fun things that come in other subscription boxes, and I really love getting my other subscriptions. But trying Korean skin care through Beauteque and seeing the actual change in my skin, that is worth more than anything else to me. I have not had a painful outbreak from my allergy to Balsam of Peru in over two years now. I owe that to Beauteque and Korean skin care.

So tell me in the comments below if you have tried the Mask Maven Subscription before and what you thought about it if you have.





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Shop My Society Plus Black Friday Wishlist

Society Plus Black Friday Sale comes early

For the month of November, Society Plus is running special sales all month long. And starting tomorrow (Novemeber 11 for anyone reading this late) they are bringing something a little extra special.

First they reached out to various bloggers and asked us to create our wish list of items from the Society Plus website. And starting tomorrow you will be able to shop my wish list at 40% off. That is right, Black Friday starts early with Society Plus! The sale will be from Nov. 11 to November 28.

Now this part is important, you must go ahead and visit the Society Plus VIP Text Registration page now. There should will ask you to join their S+ Text Program. You must sign up for this. You will be texted a coupon code so that you can shop the sale. UPDATE: It seems that coupon is sent via email rather than text as I was told it would be. But you still have to sign up to receive it. Also many of the items on the list below are sold out at the moment or sizes are dwindling due to the huge response to this sale, but I have been told they are restocking. I will be posting on social media to update everyone when they are back in stock. Make sure you follow me on social media if you want to be updated.

Society Plus Black Friday Sale comes early

So let’s get started and you can see what my picks are. I will make sure to list the regular price below, not the discounted price.



Society Plus Farrah Cold Shoulder Tunic in Wine

Farrah Cold Shoulder Tunic – Wine $34.99


Isobel Houndstooth Dress

Isobel Houndstooth Dress $39.99


Oversized Poncho from Society Plus

Olivia Oversized Poncho $69.99


Cher Plaid Mini Skirt - Navy/Red

Cher Plaid Mini Skirt – Navy/Red $59.99


Cher Plaid Mini Skirt - Grey/Charcoal

Cher Plaid Mini Skirt – Grey/Charcoal $59.99


Anastasia Lace Jacket

Anastasia Lace Jacket $39.99


Lakynn Faux Suede Scoop Crop - Burgundy

Lakynn Faux Suede Scoop Crop – Burgundy $44.99


 Soiree Midi Skirt - Navy/Pink Floral

Soiree Midi Skirt – Navy/Pink Floral $69.99


That 70s Dress - Burgundy

That 70s Dress – Burgundy $54.99


The Showstopper Sequin Maxi Skirt - Silver

The Showstopper Sequin Maxi Skirt – Silver $129.99


Sheer Luck Long Sleeve Top - Navy

Sheer Luck Long Sleeve Top – Navy $35.99


Warm Hartley Sweater - Charcoal

Warm Hartley Sweater – Charcoal $39.99

And while its not on my wish list, because I already have one, if you don’t already have a Society Plus Five Layer Tutu now is the time to snag one. They are by far the best tutu I have ever tried from any brand. They are most like an actual tutu.

So tell me in the comments below which piece you are going to snag? What are you in love with?








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My Pick For The Fall 2016 Sephora VIB Sale

Sephora VIB Sale

In case you are for some reason not familiar with Sephora’s VIB Sale, it happens twice a year. Once in the Spring and once in the Fall. It is the only time you can get a discount on any item of your choice, and it’s a hefty 20% discount at that.

If you are VIB Rouge then your time to buy just ended. It was from November 4th to the 7th. Next up are the VIBs, and then followed by the Beauty Insiders. Don’t worry though, you will get notifications when its your turn to shop the sale.

So I wanted to share some recommendations with you. I thought about trying to rush and get these up before my fellow VIB Rouge’s started shopping, but I realized that once you reach VIB Rouge level your pretty solid on knowing what works for you and keeping up with new great products on the market.

Join SKECHERS Elite today and get 20% off your next purchase! Click here!
My pick are a decent mix of both makeup and skincare, as well as splurge pieces and great gifts. You won’t find anything over $75 on my list, and there should be something in everyone’s budget on the list. At the end there will also be a few pieces that I will share a picture and the name of the item, but they are sold out online. I wanted to share anyway because many times they are still available in stores.


SUBLIME Optical Illuminating Moisturizer from Algenist

Algenist SUBLIME Optical Illuminating Moisturizer $70.00

This is not only a great moisturizer, but it also has SPF included and it has a subtle blurring effect. It’s great for those days when you want something more than bare skin, but you don’t really want to put on makeup.

Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing BalmJosie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm $36.00

This is another multi-use moisturizer. It can also be used as a primer for your makeup and can be applied on top of your makeup when you need moisture through out the day.

Algenist The Classic KitAlgenist The Classic Kit $75.00

Even without the 20% discount this set is a great deal to be had. As you probably know Algenist is a pricier brand. If you read my review of the Sephora Play Box, then you know that one of my favorite things I have gotten in the box is the eye balm from Algenist. The full size Eye Balm runs $68 by itself, so for just a few dollars more you get two more products with it. This is defitely something splurge worthy, especially if you have started to develop those fine lines around your eyes.

Clinique Dewy YouClinique Dewy You $18.00

I listed this kit in the skin care area, but technically 1/3 of it is makeup. If you have read any of my past skin care routine posts, then you know that both the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Moisturizer and The Overnight Mask have been long time favorites.

GLAMGLOW Sexy Kissable Lips SetGLAMGLOW Sexy Kissable Lips Set $34.00

I don’t know about anyone else, but I struggle all year round with my lips being dry and peeling. And when the weather starts to turn dry and cold things just get worse. This set from Glam Glow is the perfect thing for the girl, or guy for that matter, that wants to keep their lips sexy and kissable soft.


Urban Decay Moondust PaletteUrban Decay Moondust Palette $49.00

This is the only eyeshadow palette I have bought this year. I have considered a couple of others, but for one reason or another never bought them. But this one is perfect for anyone who loves color, glitter, and is tired of a thousand palettes that all seem to look the same. I have no regrets with this palette, and the looks I have been able to create have been endless.

Buxom Buxom Freezes Over 15 Piece Mini Lip CollectionBuxom Buxom Freezes Over 15 Piece Mini Lip Collection $59.00

I must admit I am a little lipstick obsessed and I want all the colors if I love a formula, but I only have one mouth to put it on. That is why I love these mini sets. So much easier to use these up and try a variety of colors. Or if you wanted you could also break them up and use them as stocking stuffers. And just a bit of a warning, if you don’t like peppermint you won’t like these. All of Buxom’s lip products have a somewhat strong peppermint scent and the sensation that goes with it.

Lancôme Juicy Shaker Lip DuoLancôme Juicy Shaker Lip Duo $21.00

If you have been dying to try one of the Juicy Shakers for yourself, this is the perfect way to do it. One of the Juicy Shakers usually runs $21 by themselves, but in this set you also get one of Lancôme’s lip liners for the same price. And the soothing oils in a Juicy Shaker is exactly what your lips need during the oncoming winter.

BECCA Glow on The Go Shimmering Skin Perfector Moonstone SetBECCA Glow on The Go Shimmering Skin Perfector Moonstone Set $20.00

These mini sets of the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfectors have been released in the previous years, but this is the first year to my knowledge that they have had this set in Moonstone. While everyone has been raving about Opal for a while, I personally find Moonstone to be more flattering.


Comptoir Sud Pacifique Travel SprayComptoir Sud Pacifique Coco Figue Travel Spray $22.00

I had recently tried many of the perfumes from this particular brand. I would not hesitate to say you can not go wrong with any of them. I have enjoyed all of them. None of them have bothered me or my fragrance sensitivity. And they are all unique. This one has been my favorite out of the ones I have tried so far. They describe it strictly as a tropical scent, and I suppose it is, but it kind of reminds me of tropical mixed with Christmas. And you are probably thinking that sounds horrible, but it actually works and smells wonderful in an unexpected way.

Sold Out Online Sephora Favorites

Sephora’s website is currently saying the following sets are all sold out. But check your local stores to see if they have them. Also check back to see if maybe they restock these online.

Sephora Favorites - Glow For It

Sephora Favorites – Glow For It

Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some LipSephora Favorites – Give Me Some Lip


Sephora Favorites – Sun Safety Kit


Tell me in the comments below what your top pick for the VIB sale is. Or did you already shop with the VIB Rouge group? I would love to hear what you got.






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Where Do You Get Your Self Confidence? – Six Tips To Become More Positive And Self Confident

Self confidence looks good on you.


Where do you get your self confidence? ……… That is hands down the number one question I get from blog readers, friends, aquaintences, etc…. The answer, well its neither simple, nor is there really one correct answer. And truth of the matter, I am still a work in progress. I may have more confidence than some, but I still have my days where I doubt myself or let those bad thoughts in.

I think there is some element of how my parents raised me that has helped with my confidence. That may sound odd to any of you who read my post about my journey to self acceptance. My father did say and do a lot of things in my pre-teen and teen years that left me with body image issues to say the least. But my mom did everything she could to counteract that. And outside of my dad’s fat phobia, both of my parents constantly told me that I was smart and capable, and that I could do anything I wanted. Really a contrast there for my father I know, but that is sometimes how it is living with someone who is mentally ill.

Just because you didn’t have the same sort of family life I did, that doesn’t mean you can’t get to place of confidence. I am happy to share with you some of the things that I think have helped me at various stages of my journey. Some of these may sound cliché, some of them may sound silly, and some may be difficult for you. But, they are what worked for me, and I think they can help you too.

This is not a step by step guide, so these are in no particular order.

1. Fake It Till You Make It

I am a great believer that you can fake it till you make it. Research has shown that making yourself perform simple physical task can bring forth emotions. The most commonly cited is the case talked about in Psychology Today, showing just the act of smiling itself can make you happier. So even if you aren’t feeling confident in the moment, sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, push out your chest, head up, and say here I am world bring it on.

And every time you do that it gets a little bit easier. You realize each time you were up for the challenge before. You have got this. Whether it be going into a challenging meeting or simply stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new with your wardrobe, you can do it.

2. Stop Caring About What Other People Think

Someone recently asked me what I would tell myself as a teenager if I could go back in time. The number one piece of advice I would give myself, and anyone else for that matter is don’t worry so much about what other people think.

The truth is people don’t really think about you that much, unless they are trolls on the internet and they don’t matter. I know that may sound harsh to some, but people are busy they have their own problems and worries. So short of you making a decision that directly affects maybe a family member, people don’t really get that worked up about the fact that a fat girl went sleeveless or her mid section is showing. I know the trolls on the internet might have you think so, but there have been post after post of plus size bloggers showing how nothing happened when they wore a bikini or when they wore a crop top. Oh they got some stares, but probably not more than you do on the average day as a fat person.

3. Learn To Take The Compliment

How many times have you had this happen? Your performing a task or out running an errand and someone says “You look so nice today”, “You are so talented”, “You have the most beautiful smile”, etc….And instead of saying “Thank You” and stopping there, you say “Oh, this isn’t my usual clothes” or “My sister’s smile is so much nicer than mine, you should see hers”. Do you do that? I can say I have been guilty of it in the past, and I struggle with it at times now still.

For me there is definitely two things going on that causes that internal struggle. First I  that think just being a woman, especially a plus size woman, we are taught early on we shouldn’t seek those compliments. I have to continually remind myself that just because someone offered me a compliment, that isn’t the same thing as attention seeking. And the second bit is a little more personally targeted. I am a bit of an introvert, I do have my moment where I can step out of that, but I also have a fear of not just public speaking, but really anything that puts major attention on me. I know that there are definitely others that have that same issue. For me, blogging and posting pictures of me can even be difficult at times, but I can step out of my discomfort when my desire to help others is greater than my fear.

So how do you learn to take those compliments when you have spent a lifetime avoiding them? All I can do is tell you what worked for me. I started trying to look at the compliments as gifts. For me gift giving is my major love language, and I find a lot of joy in giving them. I know a lot of people who feel the same. When someone refuses your gift, or even if they don’t refuse it but just try to because they feel bad about receiving it, they are in a way stealing some of your joy about giving it. And when someone loses joy in giving to you they are less likely to give to you again. In the long run you hurt both yourself and them. And so its the same with a compliment. Like I said, I still have moment where I struggle wanting to turn the compliment down. So I might pause for a moment, but then I say thank you and smile.

4. Don’t Base Your Self Worth Around Your Looks

I get it, we are constantly bombarded with images of what the ideal woman or man looks like and acts like. Hell, at this point in our society we are even constantly told what the perfect thing is to buy if you want to be cool or accepted. But that is clever marketing from companies that want to make sales. And most of the images we are sold on are not real. You have to fight to keep that out of your head.

So when you evaluate your self worth try to focus less on the physical appearance and more on your strengths, talents, and achievements in life. Maybe even make a list of some of your best qualities. When you’re feeling really down about yourself this may be a hard task to accomplish. If you feel stuck try asking a friend to help you out.

5. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

I think many of us living in plus size bodies, especially us ladies, often get trapped into thinking we are the only ones who have body image issues. But the truth is I have yet to meet a person, man or woman, of any size who doesn’t have some sort of insecurity about their body. There is no such thing as a perfect body, or the perfect face.

And we do a lot of comparing ourselves to the people we think are those perfect ideals. But the only perfect person you can be is you. Instead of spending your time trying to achieve something impossible, put your efforts into to becoming the best you that you can be. I promise, when you stop comparing yourself to other people your confidence will soar.

6. Remove The Negativity From Your Life

Jim Rohn once said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.” Do I think this is accurate? I don’t know if the number is correct, but I think the concept he is trying to convey is sound. The people we spend time with really affect who we are and how we look at life. If we surround ourselves with people who have positive attitudes and are confident, then we start to immolate that. But the same is true for being surrounded by people who are negative points in our life.

I think this is probably the thing that is the hardest for people to change. Sometimes you have to illuminate those negative influences, or at least limit your time around them, if you really want to make a real change in your life. Each person has to make the judgment of what is appropriate and what is not. For me there are some clear lines of what is appropriate to be negative about and what not to be negative about. For example any major health issue, major accident, life altering events, etc… you get what I am going for, these are all reasonable things to express negative thoughts on. But if you make constant negative comments about other people, their appearance, every day events, etc.. this is where I have to start evaluating whether spending time with you is going to effect my state of mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting you just dump people for good out of you life, unless that is what you want. I am a proponent of honesty is the best policy. If its someone you really care about, talk to the person and tell them you feel they are too negative. Maybe you can help make both of your lives better. Or if its someone less important in your life and you still don’t want to let them go, perhaps just schedule less time with them. Use that time to spend with someone who has a positive attitude.


I really hope these tips have helped some of you. I could probably give a few more, but I think some of the points would become a little over lapping and repetitive. If you have a tip to share please leave it in the comments below.




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