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Hidden Gems Of Amazon – Dark Floral Maxi Dress Perfect For Early Fall

Hidden Gems of Amazon

Recently I posted about the Plus Size Brands You Might Be Surprised To Find On Ebay, but what about all that clothing you see and have never heard of the brands before? We have all heard the horror stories of the pieces that were listed, even with measurements, that show up in China sizes. So what you thought was inch measurements ended up being centimeters instead. And now that 3X piece of clothing you have actually fits like a US size large at best. So what I thought I would do is occasionally order some pieces from Amazon when I find something both affordable and cute. (These will not be haul post, simply one o two items at a time) I will also post any flops. I will try to include their sizing charts if provided as well as pictures of the fit and other pertinent information. So with that in mind I want to start another series here on the blog caller Hidden Gems of Amazon.

Hidden Gems of Amazon

The first thing I found to share with you all is the Roiii Boho Ladies Summer Dark Floral Maxi Dress Plus Size.
This comes in size Small up to a XXXL and sells for $14.89 & free shipping for everyone.

They do have a size chart posted, which is nice, but as we all know size charts aren’t always accurate. But I did base my order on the size chart. For reference I am typically a size 20W at most US plus size brands like Torrid or Lane Bryant. My measurements are Bust:49″ Waist:42″ Hips:54.5″.

Size Measurement:

US/EU Small:—–Chest 32.6″, Waist 28.35″,Length:55.9″

US/EU MEDIUM:—-Chest 38.58″, Waist 29.92″,Length:55.9″

US/EU LARGE:—–Chest 41.33″, Waist 32.28″,Length:55.9″

US/EU X-LARGE:—Chest 45.66″, Waist 34.64″,Length:55.9″

US/EU XX-LARGE:–Chest 47.24″, Waist 37.79″,Length:55.9″

US/EU XXX-LARGE:–Chest 49.6″, Waist 40.15″,Length:55.9″


After looking the size chart over I decided to go with the XXX-Large. When you are actually ordering on the page it will be marked 3X. They ship out of China, but based on the way their size chart is it seems they are using UK sizing.

When I ordered I was given the expected delivery date of October 14, however I received it on September 12. That was really quick for something coming from China.

Roiii plus size Maxi DressI was quite happy with the product I received. The fabric has a lot of stretch to it. I probably could have sized down one and been okay, but I prefer it to not be overly tight. I think this XXXL size could comfortably fit up to a size 22W.

The fabric is on the thinner side, but not so thin that you couldn’t comfortably wear it with a jacket in early fall. In fact this is that perfect dark floral that is so in right now. If you are somewhere that has more temperate weather you could realistically wear this all year round.

XXXL Maxi Dress in a dark floral print from Roiii
It seems Roiii Plus Sizes has quite a few dresses and coats as options. I do encourage you to check the size charts on each and every item because it seems that they don’t have one standard size chart. But size 22 does seem to be the largest this brand will fit (potentially a size 24 if you like a very tight fit).

With it I have the same sandals I showed you a couple of posts ago. They are the Mootsies Tootsies Naylorr Women Open Toe Canvas Sandals. They have several color options currently available.

Roiii Maxi Dress in plus sizes


I hope you have found this helpful. If there are any specific brands on Amazon people would like me to take a look at, feel free to post it in the comments or send me a message through the contact page. I just might feature the brand your interested in.


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Are Apps The New Ebay? Three Places To Shop For Plus Size Clothing and Beauty Products That Will Make You Forget Ebay Was Even A Thing

For years I have been both an online seller and buyer. Most of those experiences, like for many people looking to either sell or to purchase a good bargain, were spent with eBay. While I still do occasionally buy or sell a few items on eBay, over the last few years it has been on a serious decline for both. I have tried out buying and selling on a few other websites, I have even tried out some Facebook groups, but most of them just don’t have the exposure or amount of people involved to really have the potential most people are looking for.


But late last year I really went on a search for new places to buy and sell and I came across some apps people were talking about. I decided to give them a try, and well they are pretty great. I am sure some of you are already using them, but some of you probably have never heard of them. So I am here to tell you all about it. And just so you know, there are way more than just three out there, but these are the top three that I feel comfortable recommending.

1. Poshmark

I have been both buying and selling on Poshmark since January of this year. My experience has been overall a positive one. Though I highly recommend if you are going to get into the selling aspect you join a group for help. One like The Best Poshmark Tips Facebook group is good. There are restrictions on what you can sell, so make sure you read everything before listing to sell. I really like that they made it easy to create a widget so I could share my listing and some of my favorite sellers with you guys.




And if you are new to Poshmark, if you sign up using the code JUPTZ you will save $5 off your first purchase. I don’t think there is any kind of minimum purchase requirements either.

I have lots more up for sale than the few items showing in the widget, that is just to give you a preview. But I wanted to also give you an idea of some the things I have bought from other people and what kind of price I paid.

City Chic Spotty Dot Top in Pink

This is the City Chic Spotty Dot Top. I already had one in gray, and had really wanted this pink one for the longest but they were all sold out. I found one in my size new with the tags on it on Poshmark. I paid $15.

Unicorn HandbagI found these unique unicorn clutches on Poshmark. I purchased the silver one, it has a rainbow metallic look to it in person. I paid $19 on Poshmark.

m_565caec4feba1f94a6039b64I needed a tiered lace skirt for the new steampunk costume I put together this year. I found this new with tags Torrid three tier skirt. The seller was originally asking $17, I ended up paying $13.

That is right you can negotiate on Posh. Though here is a solid tip for those looking for a bargain, most sellers don’t mind you asking for a deal but don’t be offensive with your requests and take no for an answer. For instance if a seller just put out a brand new item you think  t’s a little too high, don’t offer less than half their asking price. That is a good way to get blocked by sellers. Most people are already selling items 30% to 50% off the original retail price anyway, and most items on Poshmark are either new or gently used. There are exceptions, so make sure you ask lots of questions before buying if you are unsure of anything.

Poshmark seems pretty fair to both the seller and buyer. When you make a purchase the money goes into a holding account until the transaction is finished. The seller has so many days to ship, if they don’t ship before seven days (though they are encouraged to ship much quicker) the buyer then has the option to cancel their purchase and get a refund. But if the item was shipped on time, when the buyer receives it they have up to three days to inspect it. It is encouraged that you inspect quicker than that, but it is a time allowance for in case you just don’t have time the day you receive. Once you inspect you either release the funds and rate the seller or you tell Poshmark there was an issue. If there is an issue Poshmark has you send the item back to the seller and when they have the item back you get your money back.  It works quite well, and this is my #1 pick for apps to use.


2. Vinted

I signed up for Vinted around the same time I did Poshmark. I haven’t ever listed anything for sale on there, at least not yet. I have bought some things though. It doesn’t look like Vinted has any widgets to share your favorite sellers or anything. But my favorite item I have purchased were these Steve Madden Troopa Boots gently used.

Steve Madden Troopa Boots in Cognac

These retailed for close to $200, but I paid $18 for them on Vinted.

There doesn’t appear to be any code to share for shopping credits, if I find anything different I will update this later.


3. Mercari

I have only recently signed up for Mercari. I haven’t bought or sold anything yet. I decided to sign up because I have heard so many great things from other people I thought it was worth checking out. If you download the app and use the code XMMXCB you will receive $2 off your first purchase.

I thought I would share some things I have found on there that might interest some of you.

Plus Size Top found on Mercari2X UNITY WORLD WEAR WOMAN PULLOVER SHIRT – Seller is just asking $5 plus shipping.

Plus Size BB Dakota Dress found on MercariBB Dakota Lace Sauron Dress in Blue – Seller is asking $10 plus shipping

Plus Size bodycon dress found on MercariNew size 3X – Seller is asking $20 plus shipping.

Plus Size Old Navy dress found on MercariOld Navy Sweater Dress – This is a 4X and the Seller is asking $15 plus shipping.

The items I listed were available to purchase as I was writing this, so I am sorry if they have sold before you saw this. Obviously there are more options available on Mercari in plus sizes than what I have posted here, but I wanted to give you some idea of what is on there.

There is however fewer options in plus sizes here than on the other two apps. But they do have other categories to shop the other apps don’t, like housewares.


Tips For Shopping On Apps

Most people selling on these apps are honest, however people make mistakes and forget to mention things sometimes, and unfortunately there are some people strictly trying to scam you. To make things easy on everyone here are some easy things to make your app shopping experience ten times easier. ask lots of questions.

  •  Read the listing, and then reread it. I can not tell you how many times I have heard people say they were unhappy with purchases, or that it just wasn’t what they expected, but had they read the listing instead of just looking at the title and picture they would have known what to expect.
  •  If you are buying clothing, know your measurements not just your sizing. And ask for measurements. There are no returns on these apps.
  •  Ask lots of questions. If you aren’t sure about something, after you have read the listing, then don’t be afraid to ask. And seller that is being honest with you will happily answer your questions.
  •  Ask for more pictures. If you really like an item but something still doesn’t feel right or they have posted pictures that are hard to see ask for more pictures.
  •  Be patient and courteous to the seller. Try to remember this is not most of these people’s full time jobs. Most people are just selling on their off time to help make ends meet or to clear out their closets. So they aren’t always available to answer your questions immediately.
  •  This is not a yard sale. Haggling on most of these apps is allowed, but don’t offer yard sale prices. Most items are either brand new or like new, so offering someone $5 for an item that was originally $200 is very insulting.
  •  And finally, don’t forget to rate your seller. Keep your ratings based on things like shipping time. Did they answer your questions. Was the item described accurately. So if you receive an item and you decide you just don’t like the way it looks on you, please don’t give the seller a bad rating. You are not rating the item, you are rating the seller and it affects them.

Tips For Selling On Apps

Most buyers are honest and just looking for a good deal. However, just like the occasional seller, there are some buyers who are out to run scams. And if you want to make sure to have done your best as a seller and give the app you are selling through no reason to side against you, then here are some quick tips for selling.

  •  Always be willing to answer questions, even if you have already answered them.
  • Take lots of pictures. Using stock photos are great for details, but always either post or be willing to produce without hesitation actual pictures of your items. This is for both the information of your customer and your own safety of sorts.
  •  Keep a tape measure handy. You can either post measurements in your listing or give them out when asked. I tend to do a mixture. If the brand I am selling is known for being consistent in their sizing I usually wait to be asked. But if I know the sizing is odd for something I will either post it runs small or large, and post measurements.
  •  Be courteous to your buyers. Everyone has bad days, so you may even have someone say things that seem not so nice. Just brush it off and move on. If it’s really bad you can always block them.
  •  Always find out what the rules are for selling and what can be sold on each app or place you are selling.
  • Keep all your records or documentation like pictures and measurements until after you receive a rating from your customer. If for some reason you do have someone open a case against you, you may need it as proof to back up your statements.


I hope these tips help anyone thinking of buying and selling on an app. There really is nothing to worry about, you just need to be informed before buying.

So tell me have you shopped on one of these apps before? Is there another app I didn’t mention you think we should all know about? Have a tip for making shopping easier? Please share in the comments below. And I would love to see some of your favorite purchases.




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Holding On To Summer With City Chic’s Hot Summer Days Printed Maxi Dress

As we move into fall here in Kentucky we are no longer having those scorching hot days where it feels like we might be twenty degrees warmer than the sun, but there is still a lingering warmth in the air. For the longest time fall was always my favorite time of year, but the older I get all it reminds me of is the oncoming coldness of winter.

With the changing of the weather means the changing of fashion is starting to happen. So I wanted to do one last post with my favorite dress from summer. And of course its from my favorite company. That’s right, my favorite dress I had this summer came from City Chic.

Plus Size Maxi Dress From City Chic

It is the Hot Summer Days Maxi Dress from City Chic. I have on the size L which is their size equivalent to a 20. I do wear a 20 or 2X at both Torrid and Lane Bryant for comparison. This dress does run a tad large compared to some of their other items, though not enough to make me want to size down.

I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it. I love the bright hues and the long flowey fabric. But I really became obsessed with it after I finally had it to try on. It has such great movement to the fabric and the empire waist is so flattering. There is a slight high low to the hem and it adds an extra sway to the fabric when you walk. Everything about this dress screams bold and feminine.

I am not sure how long they will be having the sale, but as I write this, they have a sale. If you enter REDCARPET at the checkout you can get 30% off all dresses. If it is not currently going, keep an eye out, they always run sale. Check their main page for sales and codes. And I try to share their sales when I can.

Hot Summer Days Maxi Dress from City Chic

With it I have paired these super comfy Mootsies Tootsies Women’s Naylor Sandals in red. I got mine about a year ago, so it was different colors available at that time, but they currently have three option. I really recommend these shoes for anyone who is like me that constantly feels like they are in between a medium width and wide. These have plenty of room in the foot bed, and all the straps are a stretchy elastic material. They are really comparable to the Skechers I keep recommending. So if you like Skechers, you will probably like the fit of these.

So tell me, have you tried this dress? What was your favorite dress of the summer? Are you also clinging on to the warm weather like me?

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Product Review: Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

I recently had the chance to try the Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer. Before I tell you about the experience and what happened, let me tell you a bit about the company and the product.

The Company

Valentia is named for the Roman Goddess of Healing of the same name. And in a fun kind of way, they have tied their company’s concept around that. According to their website, their mission statement is:

To provide you a greater level of overall happiness with your appearance without the harsh chemicals that dry out, stretch, burn and prematurely age the skin. Our strategic formulations include powerful natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to succeed in giving skin a natural and radiant glow that contributes to a youthful look.

But the things that I think most people will be interested in knowing about this company are these key points:

  • They are made in the USA
  • They are made using sustainable energy
  • They are made with natural and organic ingredients
  • They are vegan friendly and cruelty free

If you would like to learn more about the company you can do that here.

The Product

A brightening moisturizer packed full of all natural ingredients. The key ingredient list was actually one of the things that interested me the most in wanting to try it. It has:

  • Botanical Hyaluronic Acid: Floods skin with moisture, supports skin elasticity, and plumps skin from within.
  • Kojic Acid: Controls melanin production and prevents dark spots.
  • Ginseng: Boosts skin firming collagen, fights wrinkles, and gives the skin a brighter and more energized look.
  • Safflower Oil: Repairs skin’s natural moisture barrier and provide superior skin protection.
  • Shea Butter: Infuses skin with a myriad of vitamins and nutrients for superior skin hydration and nourishment.

There is a pretty big list of claims for what this moisturizer will do for you as well. Here is what is suppose to do:

  •  Lighten dark spots
  •  Restore skin radiance
  •  Even skin tone
  •  Diminish fine lines
  •  Provide all-day hydration

And if you would like to read more about the product or see a full ingredient list you can see that here.

Karen’s Experience

You can order two ways, either through their Amazon page or their website. I was given a coupon code from the company to use on Amazon. So I went through the same ordering process any other customer would. It is available for free prime shipping, so if you are a prime member it may be a better option for you to order that way.

*UPDATE* Valentia has offered my readers a special offer. From now till 10-22-16 you can use code WE4KBU6R to receive 20% off if you would like to try the Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer for yourselves.

I received my moisturizer in a timely manner as you would expect with any item you order through Amazon Prime.

Valentia Pure Glow MoisturizerThis is what the box looks like that you get. Which I actually think the packaging look quite nice. Its on par with many of the items you see in Sephora or Ulta. And it came wrapped quite securely.

Valentia Pure Glow Moisturizer Bottle

This is the bottle that was inside. I really like it too. The pump on the bottle was perfect. It was easy to use, but not so easy that too much came out. It often seems like a lot of pups are either so hard to push that its like a workout to get anything out of the bottle, or you barely push them and stuff splatters everywhere. I also appreciate that its in an amber colored bottle, I know that helps keep the light out and prolongs the life of the product.

My hair after using the Vibrance Healthy Hair VitaminsThis is a picture of me that I had taken, clean face no makeup, for something else the day prior to starting use of the Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer. As most of you know I am in my late 30’s. I have normal to dry skin, my dry areas are in the t-zone. I also have extremely sensitive skin due to an allergy to Balsam of Peru.

The first couple of days I used the product it went great, and I thought it made my skin looked great. The third day  my skin still looked okay, but my skin felt odd. By the fourth day my skin looked red and irritated and I was itchy. Now you guys know my allergy that causes the contact dermatitis can be really complicated. Before I agreed to test this out I had looked over the ingredient list and I didn’t see anything I had reacted to before. However there is two ingredients that I have, to my knowledge, never had any experience with in the past. So my thought is, one or both of those two ingredients are were causing a reaction. So I stopped immediate use. I didn’t think to take a picture at the time, but honestly I don’t know you guys would have been able to tell. I didn’t blister or anything, I just looked a little red. Normally my undertones are very yellow.

Now because my allergy is so complicated, and because my skin is not that of the average person, I didn’t think it was fair to solely give you a review based on my experience. Honestly, all I can tell you is that it didn’t work for me, and I don’t think that is indicative of it being a bad product.  So I called on my friend Jenny. You guys have seen her occasionally here on the blog and some of my social media, she is one of the besties. She graciously agreed to be my guinea pig and test out the product for us.


Jenny’s Experience

My friend Jenny prior to using Valentia Pure Glow MoisturizerJenny is in her early 40’s. She has Normal skin with an oily t-zone. She says her main skin concerns are the occasional hormonal break out and the beginnings of wrinkles.

Jenny used the Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer day and night for seven days before reporting back. Here is what she thought:

I liked the moisturizer. It didn’t have much of a scent, it went on smoothly, and didn’t feel greasy. I didn’t have any adverse reactions to the lotion and it seemed to give my skin a nice glow. The packaging was nice, but you have to make sure all the excess lotion is off the pump or it streaks the cap when you put it back on. I will be continuing to use this product.

My friend Jenny after using the moisturizer for a weekThis is Jenny after using the moisturizer for seven days straight. I do think I can see a subtle glow that wasn’t there before.

Final Thoughts

I really encourage you all to read about the product and the companies practices. I really wish I could use them because I still think that with everything I know about them it equals quality products.

If you would like to be updated on new products and what’s happening with Valentia you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


I received my bottle of Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer as a free sample. However all opinions expressed in this post are genuine and our own.

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Part 3 – Where I Am Going, Let’s Grow Together

Where I am going in the future

Over the last few weeks I have written about my my past and my present. Today I want to talk to you about where I see myself and the blog going in the future.

Where I am going in the future

It took me a little longer to think about what I wanted to write for this one, and I realize a lot of that is because I have never been one for planning. I have always had general ideas and goals, but never a solid plan.  And perhaps its a good thing for me to be writing this just so I can start developing a more solid plan for the future.

My goal for this blog is, and always has been, to help as many people as possible while doing something I love. But I want it to be something bigger than that. I really want to develop a sense of community here. I want you to become engaged and share your stories. Let’s help build each other up.

I thin k in the past I hadn’t been putting the focus on the blog the way I really should, and that is really because I had my attention spread too much into too many things. So as I move into this next year, I want to make sure I focus most of my attention on this blog. I want to make more of an effort to find ways to step outside my own comfort zone. It may be cliché but I do believe that saying, be the change you want to see. So if I am asking you my readers to step out of your comfort zones to make a difference in your world, I should do the same.

We create our on futures, or destinies, however you want to fraise it. So I want to create something where we all come together and create a positive world to live in. I ask for help from all of you by participating in conversations and by you also keeping a positive mind space.

This will be a continual work in progress. I will start working on a more structured plan. I also welcome input in the form of suggestions of what you would like to see on the blog and constructive criticism from each of you. However if you do not understand the difference between constructive criticism and criticism, it is best to save it.

I also would love to hear what your own goals are? Are you a planner or are you like me and go with more of a general idea?




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Inside The Dressing Room – Forever 21 Fall 2016

Inside The Dressing Room With My Plus Size Life

Inside thedressing room with My Plus Size Life


I decided to head back into Forever 21 to see what was being put out for the fall season. Unfortunately my local store didn’t seem to have a lot on the shelves, at least not in my size. But I did manage to find a couple of things to try on for you all to see. Some good, some not so good.

Just as a reference, like always, I am a consistent size 20W or 2X at most plus size stores like Torrid or Lane Bryant. And I wear a 40DDD bra. Because Forever 21 is Junior Plus, everything I tried on is in a size 3X. So let’s get to it and you can see what I tried on.

Torrid dress and Forever 21 Plus size sweaterFirst I started off with the dress I came in with, which was not from Forever 21, but was from Torrid. It is their Floral Lace Sundress. But I found this Plus Size Open-Front Cardigan in Cocoa to try on with it. It sells for $22.90 and is available in sizes 0X to 3X.

I actually really liked this sweater. It’s a lot thicker than you would expect to get for the price. It was very comfortable. I ended up buying it, and expect to see it soon in either a look book or a general outfit of the day post.
Forever 21 Plus top and faux leather leggings

I then tried on this pair of Plus Size Faux Leather Leggings. They sell for $17.90 and are available in sizes 0X to 3X. I tried it on with the Plus Size Asymmetrical Top in teal. Its sells for $15.90 and comes in sizes 0X to 3X.

This would not be something I would normally try for myself. I don’t typically think the asymmetrical thing looks good on me, however I think this actually was cut in a way that it could flatter any body type. The leggings looked decent with it. I didn’t find them especially comfortable though. They seemed to be made for someone taller, and the slits were at a spot that after a while would really annoy me. While I did, in general like this look, I did not buy it.

Now is where it goes down hill…

Forever 21 Plus Body Suit and Leggings

I decided I wanted to try on some leggings and a body suit. Just so you know what I actually tried on it is the Plus Size Front Tie Bodysuit and the Plus Size Ribbed Panel Leggings. I have to say if I had a different bra on the bodysuit itself would have been okay. But the leggings, I have nothing good to say about them. I am pretty realistic about what my body looks like. I have even posted pictures of me in bathing suits here on the blog before. These leggings created lumps, bumps, rolls, and other weird spots in all sorts of places that are just not there. And quite honestly, they look better in the picture than they did in person. I can’t imagine these looking good on anyone.

But I did try on another pair of what I would consider to be leggings, but they are listed as pants with the same bodysuit.

Forever 21 Plus bodysuit and pants

This was the Plus Size Zipper Trim Pants. They sell for $17.90, available in 0X to 3X.

While I still didn’t care for what they were doing to my body, I did think it was a huge improvement over the leggings. While they were not for me, I can definitely see them being a good fit for some people and maybe even a nice affordable starter pair of pants for an office job. Just needs to be paired with the right items.

Let me know what you have gotten for fall from Forever 21. And don’t forget to tag me on social media with your pics in the dressing room. Just use the hash tag #ITDRwithMyPlusSizeLife .

If you have any special request where you would like me to do my next Inside The Dressing Room post from either leave a comment here or on any of my social media. Or send me a message via the contact page.

On an added note. I get stopped a lot and asked about my new phone case. So I figured I would just go ahead and tell people now, yes it is a cat. It comes in multiple colors. Mine is the 2015 Newes California cat Fruit sister Katy Perry kitty purry Metal Brand Diamond glitter case For iphone4 4s/5 5s/6/6 plus (plus 5.5 Pink).

Also available is the one for the Apple iPhone 6 (4.7 Inch) and the one for the Samsung Galaxy S7

Here is what it looks like up closer.

Each one will look slightly different depending on what phone its made for.

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10 Plus Size Brands You Might Be Surprised To Find On Amazon

plus size on Amazon

plus size on Amazon

If you ever search the plus size clothing section at Amazon you know it can be a real crap shoot sometimes. A large percentage of the brands are companies no one has ever heard of before or they are in China and using Asian sizing. Can we give a moment of serious side eye to those Asian size charts please? And speaking of size charts, a lot of brands don’t even bother to give us one even though they are no where close to the general size chart posted by Amazon themselves.

It’s seriously enough to give a girl shopping anxiety. But sometimes Amazon seems like the easiest way to shop rather than navigating twenty different websites trying to find that perfect dress or sweater. But long gone are the days of Amazon only being those unheard of brands in plus size clothing. I wanted to share with you ten plus size brands you might be surprised to find on Amazon.

I wanted to make this as helpful and easy as possible. So if you click on the brand name it should take you to the complete listings available from that brand, and I have made all the pictures clickable to take you to those product pages. I tried to pick out a couple of key pieces from each of the companies that I really like, some of which I already own.

1. Torrid

Available in sizes 00 to 6, just like they are in the store and their website. If you are not familiar with Torrid I would be really surprised. They have been around for over twenty years now and have been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. I doubt you will get many of the sale prices on Amazon, but since most of their sales rely on you buying multiple items, if you are only going for one item buying on Amazon may be a good choice for you. It also seems like a good portion of the items have free Prime Shipping.

Sarcastic Never Scoop Tee $28.90

Cropped Denim Anorak Jacket $58.50

2. Hell Bunny

Their plus sizes are available in sizes 2XL to 4XL just as they are anywhere else that carries them. A word of warning though, these are not typically sized. A 4XL is meant to fit a size 18. I personally can only wear Hell Bunny if it’s a stretchy fabric and a style with open hips. But this is a great option for those ladies in sizes 14 to 18. If you are unfamiliar with Hell Bunny, they encompasses a wide variety of styles from 40s, 50s, retro and rockabilly to gothic, rock and punk styles. The reason to shop this brand on Amazon comes down to they have items that seem to be no longer available anywhere else, as well as some items are selling cheaper on Amazon.

Hell Bunny Plus Size Zombie Pin Up Dress

Hell Bunny Plus Size Black Gothic Zombie Pin Up 50’s Ice Scream Dress $59.99

Hell Bunny plus size Lady Moria Tea Dress

Hell Bunny Plus Size 40’s Vintage Style Office Lady Moira Tea Dress $79.00

3. Igigi

Available in sizes 14 to 28. Igigi fits true to size and was one of the first designer level brands made exclusively for plus size women. They have been mostly known for their dresses, but also carry a range of work wear separates. They have lost some traction in the fashion world since the founder and original designer of the brand, Yuliya Raquel, left a few years ago. However some of the original designs are still there and its well worth looking at. Why shop Amazon for this brand? Well it seems to be the only place you can buy it at the moment, at least as I write this. The Igigi website is down and says they are undergoing a major make-over getting ready for a relaunch. Hmmm…. And trust me, the prices listed below are not the average Igigi prices, get them while you can. Plus free shipping for Prime members.

Igigi Fredrica Lace Dress in Wine

IGIGI Women’s Plus Size Frederica Lace Dress in Wine $68.49

Igigi Plus Size Jacket in Camel

IGIGI Women’s Plus Size Notch Collar Jacket in Camel $88.99


4. City Chic

Available in sizes XS to XX Large. Those are plus sizes though and are equivalent to sizes 14 to 24. If you have been following me for any time at all you know that City Chic ranks high as one of my favorite plus size brands both for style and customer service. They are an Australian brand that has only recently started opening stores in the US. The only real advantage I see in buying them on Amazon is convenience. Maybe you are already shopping Amazon and you don’t want to take the time to switch sites.

City Chi plus size fit and flare dress

High Quality Plus Size Mono Sheer Panel Fit & Flare Dress $84.15

City Chic Off Shoulder Plus Size Dress

High Quality Plus Size Shadow Stripe Dress $89.00

5. BB Dakota

Their plus size selection is available in sizes 1X to 3X. Sizes run slightly smaller than typical plus size, but not enough to consider them junior plus. While this company does have their own website you can not buy directly from them on their website. You can find them places like ModCloth. So why shop this brand on Amazon? Well if one of those coveted items on ModCloth passed you by, you may just find it here and at a better price. Plus free prime shipping on all their items, no minimum purchase.

BB Dakota Plus Size Midi Dress

BB Dakota Women’s Plus-Size Dorit Rose Revival Printed Crepon Midi Dress $33.13 – $39.84

BB Dakota Plus Size striped ponte midi dress

BB Dakota Women’s Plus Size Jamal Striped Ponte Midi Dress $72.59 – $98.00

6. Avenue

Available in sizes 14/16 to 30/32. This brand runs true to size to slightly large depending on the item. From what I can tell you can get just about all the same things both on Amazon and the company’s website. Amazon does seem to be reflecting Avenue’s sale prices. And while they are not eligible for free prime shipping all items are marked free shipping for eligible orders. So this again may be one to chalk up to convenience.

Avenue Plus Size Chiffon Skirt

Avenue Women’s Scalloped Chiffon Skirt $28.88

Avenue Ruched Plus Size Sweater

Avenue Women’s Windowpane Ruched Pullover $24.00

7. Kiyonna

Available in sizes 0X to 5X. This brand runs true to size in most items, but some run a bit small. Kiyonna, like Igigi, is one of the first designer level clothing brands made exclusively for plus size women. Prices seem reflective of what is available on the Kiyonna website. So why buy on Amazon? No minimum purchase to get free prime shipping. On Kiyonna’s website you must spend $150.00 to get free shipping.

Kiyonna lus Size Daydream Top

Kiyonna Women’s Plus Size Destination Daydream Top $64.00

Kiyonna Charlize Maxi Dress

Kiyonna Women’s Plus Size Charlize Maxi Dress $78.00


8. Modamix

Available in sizes 0X to 3X or 14 to 24 depending on how the item is labeled. This brands seems to run true to size from my experience. Modamix relatively young company sold at places like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and  Lord & Taylor as well as couple of subscription service companies. They specialize in both classic pieces with youthful prints and unique stylish pieces. So why buy this brand on Amazon? In addition to free Prime shipping, the price point seems a little better through Amazon. Also Amazon seems to be the only truly accessible to everyone way to get this brand. Every other way requires either membership to a subscription service or living in or near a large enough city to have one of those stores.

Modamix Plus Size Scuba Bodycon Dress

Modamix Women’s Plus Size Printed Scuba Bodycon Dress $18.17 – $27.72

ModaMix Plus Size Long Sleeve Dress

Modamix Women’s Plus Size Mixed Media Long Sleeve Dress $129.00


9. SWAK or Sealed With A Kiss Designs

Available in sizes 1X to 6X. Most items fit true to size, though their size chart can be a bit confusing at times. Sometimes when they say bust measurement they mean under bust. So if a measurement seems really small or really large to you, that may be why. Most if not all of SWAK’s items are super stretchy and comfortable. While they do try to keep things trendy, there is definitely a  more casual feel to a lot of their items. Why purchase on Amazon? Once again there is that added incentive of free prime shipping and just a matter of convenience.

SWAK Plus Size Juliet Dress

SWAK Designs Womens Plus Size Juliet Dress $49.99

SWAK plus size maxi dress

SWAK Designs Women’s Plus Size Bonnie Maxi Dress $69.90

10. Yours Clothing

Available in sizes 14 to 34 on Amazon, 16 to 36 on the companies website. They are a UK retailer, so I am sure the size change is to allow for the difference in sizing. Yours Clothing carries not only their own line but many other brands as well, including some of the brands we have already talked about. They have a wide selection from basics to fashion forward pieces. Why buy them on Amazon? It looks like you get quicker delivery time through Amazon as well as having the added buyer protection Amazon gives. Unfortunately when you deal with international shipping you never know what can go wrong.

Plus Size long sleeve swing dress from Yours Clothing

Plus Size Womens Burgundy Lace Up Swing Dress With Long Flared Sleeves $23.00

Plus Size sheer duster from Yours Clothing

Plus Size Womens Sheer Chiffon Duster Maxi Shirt Dress With Front Splits $68.00

So what other brands should we know about being on Amazon? Do you prefer to shop on Amazon over a companies website? If so why?

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Its That Voodoo That You Do – Voodoo Vixen That Is

Voodoo Vixen and Nine West


Plus Size Voodoo Vixen Dress

If you are into vintage style clothing as a plus size woman, eventually you will be introduced to Voodoo Vixen. This only makes my second dress from them, but I love it just as much as the first one. I bought mine through, but I believe they are already sold out of this particular dress. You can also try looking for it at Voodoo Vixens website.

Back of Voodoo Vixen Betsy Dress

Keep in mind that Voodoo Vixen is not true retro style. According to their website they are, “a vintage inspired label which infuses retro, pin-up, and rockabilly styles with classic silhouettes to flatter the modern woman.”

They are based out of the UK and deal with retro inspired styles, and like other brands of their genre sizing is not the average US plus sizing. For reference I typically wear a 2X OR 20W at both Torrid and Lane Bryant. I wear a 3XL in Voodoo Vixen. Their size chart does seem pretty accurate so far. Though, if you have a small bust you could probably size down in this one as the skirt is pretty open.

Plus Size Voodoo Vixen DressMy shoes are a pair of Nine West Sharina Slingbacks. I have actually had mine for well over five years, but they match the dress almost perfectly. The pattern mine are in is no longer available, however they are always releasing new patterns and colors in this shoe style. This is what mine look like:

Nine West Sharina Slingback

If you would like to give voodoo vixen a try, here is some other options you might consider:

Plus Size Paula Dress From Voodoo Vixen

Voodoo Vixen Paula Dress

Voodoo Vixen Seahorse DressVoodoo Vixen Seahorse Print Dress

So let me know in the comments if you have tried Voodoo Vixen? What is your favorite dress from them?




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An All Over Look At And Mini Review Of Vibrance Pure Hair Vitamins From Eu Natural

was recently given the opportunity to try the Vibrance Pure Hair Vitamins From Eu Natural and share my experience with all of you. I was quite excited to have this opportunity, but before I get into why I wanted to try this product I want to tell you a little bit about the company and the product itself.


The Company

The company is called Eu Naturals. And if you’re wondering how to say the Eu part, your probably not the only one, but it’s apparently pronounced just like the word “YOU”. They are a made in the USA company whose focus is on quality and freshness of ingredients.

Eu Naturals promises to not use filler in any of their products. So this means that all of their products are wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts, and eggs free. They are hypoallergenic and completely vegan. They guarantee you get exactly what is listed on the label, and only that. They do quality checks to make sure of it. And to insure the quality of the product they only buy from top industry sources.

They make their customer service a priority. And one of the ways they do this is by offering a 90 day money back guarantee. So for anytime during the first three months of use, if you are not happy for any reason with their products, you can get a full refund.

You can read the companies full story here.

The Product

So before you actually buy or use a product like this, it’s really important to know what is in it.

Each pill contains 37 vitamins, minerals, and herbs that strengthen your hair from the inside. Vibrance Pure Hair Vitamins are designed to support the growth of thicker, longer, and more vibrant hair. Here’s what inside:

  •  OptiMSM® –  Rich in sulfur it provides your hair, skin, and nails with essential building blocks for growth. It also neutralizes free radicals and reduces inflammation. This is the purest MSM on the market!
  •  BioPerine® – BioPerine is harvested from black pepper fruit that grow in India in nutrient-rich soil. This patented form is the highest quality and concentration of black pepper extract out there. It increases the bioavailability of all the other nutrients in Vibrance, making it easier for your body to absorb all 37 vitamins, minerals, and herbs included in the formula.
  •  Biotin – Biotin is a B-complex vitamin which you also may sometimes see referred to as vitamin H. Biotin keeps your hair from drying out, and also keeps it elastic so it is less likely to break. Biotin results in smooth, shiny, strong hair as a result. It also promotes healthy eyelashes and eyebrows!
  •  Bamboo Extract – When you are young, your body contains more silica than it does when you get older, so it becomes increasingly important to make sure you are getting enough. This is why bamboo extract is such a powerful anti-aging antidote. The extract from the bamboo plant contains around 70% silica, so it is highly concentrated.
  •  Vitamin Complex – Vitamins A, C, D, E, and B Complex, along with minerals Zinc, Copper, and Selenium, all are essential for hair growth and nourish your entire body. These key nutrients promote cell renewal, convert food into energy, and support healthy body function.

To read more about the vitamins and what goes in them as well as customer are saying about it, you can find that on their product information page.

While this is a great formula, there are other factors to take into consideration when deciding whether to try something you are actually going to put in your body. So with the Vibrance Pure Hair Vitamins they use zero fillers, zero binders, and zero artificial ingredients. Also all of their products are contaminant free. Eu Natural products contain no microbial contaminants, no residual solvents, no heavy metals, no aflatoxins, no adulterants, no pesticides, no allergens, and no ingredient-specific contaminants. They also undergo NO animal testing.

Everything is made here in the US. And the company says they have a goal of either meeting or exceeding FDA standards. So they use independent third-party labs to batch test their products. Those labs make sure everything is as it should be in each batch, and that it is safe and effective.


Why I Wanted To Try Vibrance Pure Hair Vitamins

I have said this before, but I want to say it again I never want to promote a product to my readers that I don’t truly believe is a good product or something I wouldn’t actually use myself. So before I signed up to try the Vibrance Pure Hair Vitamins I was able to read all the information I just shared with you. So I had no doubt in my mind that it was honestly a quality product.

I have shared many times with you that I have a variety of health issues. One that I have not talked about here on the blog before is relevant to why I wanted to try these. I have a form of Alopecia that only affects women. I am lucky enough that I have extremely thick hair, so I have been told by doctors no one will likely notice until I am in my late 60’s or 70’s. However I was also told if I did things for my hair health, like take vitamins, that may be even later or never.

So I have actually taken hair vitamins off and on for years now. And what I have been using most recently was a liquid vitamin. However, liquid vitamins are not easy to travel with or even just take at a scheduled time if you are out and about at that time. They usually have to be refrigerated. So I thought it would be great if I could find something that compared in quality, but in a pill form.

As I read about the Vibrance Pure Hair Vitamins I was really impressed with their list of ingredients. It seemed like they were not just a hair supplement, but it had almost everything I would look for in a daily multi-vitamin. Along with that it had a couple of key ingredients you don’t always see in either hair supplements or multi-vitamins. It has a large dose of vitamin D, which I also have to take because I stay deficient in it as do many fibromyalgia patients. (Honestly, from what I have read recently, a large portion of Americans whether they have any other illnesses or not, are now Vitamin D deficient.) And they also contain MSN, which has a long list of reported benefits. So for me I thought this would make a great option that might make it easy for me to eliminate multiple pills and just take the one.


My Thoughts On The Product This Far

When I got my bottle in it was packaged up nice and tight. The packaging is very distinctive compared to other brands I have tried. The logo and writing on the front is an almost metallic silver. It is on a pink background. My one complaint about the packaging is that the ingredient list is in white lettering which makes it a little difficult to see against the pink background.

Vibrance Hair Vitamins

The directions say to take two pills, once a day with a meal. I originally was taking my pills right before eating, but have since started taking them mid meal. I found the other way left my stomach a bit upset. There is no specified time as to when you take them, but I found the earlier in the day the better for me. They seem to give me a bit of energy (most likely a product of all the B vitamins) and it was leaving me too pepped up in the evening.

Vibrance Hair Vitamin Pills

I have taken the product for about two weeks now. You may be thinking that two weeks isn’t long enough to see any real amount of hair growth to see if it works. And you would be right. But a quick way to tell if you are taking an effective supplement for your hair in a two week time is check your nails. Most things used to promote healthy hair also help your nail health. And I definitely saw great results in my nails. Honestly, I am seeing some of the best results I have ever had in my nails.

My nails are usually very thin, dry and they sometime peel. They split easily. They chip and crack constantly. And in the cold weather just forget it.

Nails after using the Vibrance Hair Vitamins

You can see where there is a sort of ridge across my thumb nail where the newer growth of the nail is coming in thicker. After the first week of taking the pills I already noticed my nails had not been peeling, and now they definitely feel stronger.

The one thing I can see in my hair at this point is it feels softer. I have really thick coarse hair. That often leads to it feeling almost straw like, even with the best hair products. But I can honestly say that the texture feels a little different. It feels a little less abrasive. But really only time will tell the true benefits to my hair.

My hair after using the Vibrance Healthy Hair Vitamins

Overall I am very happy with what I am seeing at the moment. I will make sure to keep you updated with my progress. As long as I continue to see these sorts of results for the next two weeks I will be making a purchase myself of another bottle.

In the meantime, why not give it a try yourselves? They do give a 90 day risk free trial. So anytime during that 90 day if you feel it hasn’t worked you can request your money back. This is one of those products that just about everyone could benefit from taking. So if you would like to give them a try you can actually buy them two different ways. You can buy them directly from Eu Natural’s Website or you can also purchase them through Amazon. If you purchase through Amazon, Prime members do get free shipping.

**UPDATE** Eu Naturals just told me they are for a limited time offering my readers a chance to try the Vibrance Pure Hair Vitamins at a huge discount. They normally retail for $29.95, but while supplies last you can get them for just $5. Just follow this special link they have provided.

Make sure to let me know in the comments below if you have tried or are planning on trying these. And what did you think?


Note – I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, however I did receive a 30 day supply for evaluation purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. I was not asked to say anything I did not feel or believe.

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Plus Size Shopping Guide For Labor Day Weekend Sales 2016


I hope everyone is having a happy holiday weekend with their friends and family. And for those of you who have to continue to work today, know you are appreciated even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

I am off spending time with a member of my friends family who just had surgery, but I wanted to leave you guys with shopping guide for the holiday weekend. I love a sale! Who doesn’t, am I right? Any how below is the list of stores I know are having sales for the weekend. Some sales may not be announced ahead of time and some may not be exclusive to just Labor Day.

I will try and update with any new information I have if and when I get time this weekend, so check back if you can. Make sure you leave me a comment below and let me know if you got anything special. And let me and everyone else know if there is a killer sale we should all be running for.


Aidrianna Papelle

Summer Dress Sale! Up to 62% Off Dresses at Adrianna Papell! A line, fit and flare & more styles are now only $59.99. Limited time only. Shop now! – note dresses actually start at $39.99 in this sale.



Labor Day Savings Up To 70 Percent Off on Women’s Plus Size Amazon

Ashley Stewart

Labor Day Weekend Sale: 30% off your full-price purchase


City Chic

Shop City Chic’s labour day sale for 30% off Formal Dresses! Valid August 30- September 12

Get an additional 30% off sale at City Chic! Valid August 30- September 29

Get 2 Basics for $20 at City Chic! Valid July 12th – September 26th

Get 25% off your first purchase at City Chic with code: 25OFF1ST!



BOGO 50% Off On Tops at dressbarn Labor Day Sale

Take $20 off $100 and Free Shipping with code 20SEP100 at dressbarn


Lane Bryant

Labor Day Sale: 40% OFF Apparel, Sleepwear & Accessories with code: LABORDAY at Lane Bryant (9/1-9/6)

ONLINE ONLY: 40% OFF $250+ w/ FS use code: JU40AFFLB (ends 9/1) – excludes clearance, Cacique + all third-party brands

ONLINE ONLY: $25 OFF $75+ w/ FS use code: JU25AFFLB (ends 9/1) – excludes clearance, Cacique + all third-party brands

Cacique Everyday Deal: 5 for $35 Panties + BOGO 50% Off Bras!

Up to 75% End of Summer Clearance Sale at Lane Bryant



End of Summer Clearance Event online at Prices starting at $3.99! See site for details.

BOGO 50% Off Reg Price & BOGO Free Clearance at Cannot be combined. Some exclusions may apply.


StoreWide BOGO 50% Off with code LOVE2BOGO, valid 8/31- 9/5

50% Off 1 Reg. Price Item + Free Shipping with code 1222, valid 8/30-9/10



Labor Day Sale – Up to 50% Off


Society Plus

Summer Closet Clearout – New clearance items starting at 40% off


Swimsuits For All

Get Up to 65% Off Sitewide and Free Shipping this Labor Day at No Code Needed



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