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Brand Spotlight And Promotion At Beauteque – Purpletale

Feauture article on purpletale korean skin care

Feauture article on purpletale korean skin care

As you all know I am a Beauteque Beauty, which is essentially the same thing as a brand ambassador. Over the next few months you will probably see more happening with them here on the blog and with my various social media. Some things may be sponsored, some not. I will make sure you know either way. But one of the things that has started to happen with the program is some of the awesome information they are sharing with us about products and the companies that make the products. They are also bringing out some great promotions. So I wanted to make sure to share some of this with my readers, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

For the month of July Beauteque will be featuring a product from a brand called Purpletale. BB Bag subscribers will receive one of Purpletale’s travel-friendly packs in that month’s “Destination: Beauty” themed BB Bag. (sign-ups close July 15)! Don’t forget, if you sign up you can use my coupon code KAREN to get 10% off your purchase, even subscriptions.

You also have the opportunity to win one of these packs through Beauteques Instagram contest. Just go to their Instagram account, follow them and look for the contest.

Now for the info you all want to know, the who what and wheres about Purpletale.


part 2 of info on purpletale korean skincare

So who has tried this brand before? Did you enjoy it? Let us know your experience with Purpletale in the comments below. Also, I would love to know what you think of this sort of brand spotlight. Are you interested in finding out more about the Korean companies and what their products are about?







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Inside The Dressing Room – Forever 21 Summer 2016

Inside thedressing room with My Plus Size Life

Inside thedressing room with My Plus Size LifeIf you saw my previous post where I went Inside The Dressing Room With Lovesick, then you already know this is going to be a semi-regular series and you know what to expect. For those of you who are just know maybe reading one of my post for the first time this is part of new series for me. I take you into the dressing room with me to see what I try on, what I bought, and my general overall thoughts on the sizing.

As always I will remind you that at most traditional plus size stores I wear a 40DDD bra and a 20W or 2X. This would be stores like Torrid, Lane Bryant…etc. Since I already know going in Forever21 is a juniors brand, most of the clothing tried on will be a 3X.

So here is what I tried on: 2016-05-24 16.59.012016-05-24 16.59.41

Plus Size Crochet Midi Dress

$29.99 – Sizes 0X to 3X

I tried this dress on in a 3X and I thought it fit quite well. The fabric was light enough that it should make a great summer dress. I did end up buying this.

2016-05-24 17.03.462016-05-24 17.04.34

It seems that neither of these exact pieces are still available online. You may still be able to find them in store, but if not Forever 21 has tons of items that look similar. I did not purchase either of these items though. I felt the top hit me in an awkward in between spot that I didn’t like. It was suppose to be a crop but it was a touch too long to be that. And it was too short to wear it as a regular top. The shorts were just a tad too tight for comfort. The shirt was a 2X and the shorts were a 3X. If you do want to try something similar on at Forever 21 you might like the Plus Size Lace-Up Top and the Plus Size Floral Gauze Shorts.

2016-05-24 17.08.39

Again I could not find either of these on the site, but you may find them in your local store. I also did not purchase either of these items. The top again hit me in an awkward spot. And this time the shorts were too big on me, but not so big that going down a size would work. I felt the hips fit, but the waist was really big. If you are apple shaped this may be a great pair for you. Both the top and the shorts were tried on in a 3X. If you want to try something similar I would suggest the same shorts I did previously, and I would try the Plus Size Wrap Top.

2016-05-27 18.07.46

$22.90 – Sizes 0X to 3X

I tried this tunic in a 3X. It was a tad loose in the bust area, but nothing that would make it unwearable. It is listed as a tunic, and the model on Forever 21 is wearing it with pants. However, I am 5’8″ and as you can see it is plenty long enough on me to be worn as a dress. I did not purchase this, though I was very on the fence about it.

2016-05-27 18.10.56

And again they are sold out online of this particular romper, but they may have it in your local store. This one was extremely comfortable and the waistline hit me just right, which rarely happens with rompers. I did end up buying this. If you like this and want to try something similar you may like the Plus Size Geo Floral Romper.

Please forgive the hazy pictures on this one guys. The lighting in the Forever 21 dressing rooms were the worst. I took tons of pictures, and these were the best I could get. But I think it still shows enough that you can see how the clothing fits.

Don’t forget to tag your pictures of things your trying on in the dressing room with the hashtag #ITDRwithMyPlusSizeLife . I want to see all your beautiful faces and what your trying.


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A Look At The Products In The #SproutVoxBox From Influenster And Mini Review




I recently received the Sprout VoxBox from Influenster. If you want to know more about Influenster and how it works you can find out more in my post about my very first box I received. The post A Look At Influenster & The L’OREAL Paris Revitalift VoxBox covers most of the basics.

But lets get back to what was in the Sprout VoxBox. This time instead of everything coming from one company, all the items sort of fit a theme. Everything in the box was either Organic or Non-GMO. Definitely things you would consider healthy alternatives. I will include links below to anything that I can find.

SproutVoxBoxThis is what the box I received looked like. It got dinged up just a bit during shipping, but outside of that it arrived fine.

2016-05-09 14.41.56

And this is what you see when you open the box. There were all the products as well as a couple of cards with product information and a box check in card.

2016-05-09 14.43.46

So as you can see, I received one full size product and four one time use products.

The first thing I decided to try was the Curate Bar.

Curate Dark And Tempting Bar

I received the Curate Gluten-Free Snack Bars, Dark & Tempting Balsamic Fig & Hazelnut flavor. I can honestly say that I really loved this one. It ended up being my favorite thing out of the box. The funny thing was, I was really skeptical at first about trying it because of the combination of flavors. It tastes a bit like a fig newton and a granola bar came together and had a much better tasting baby. I actually liked this so much that I went and order two boxes and I order a box each of the Sweet & Tart Berry Bliss and the Harmonious Blend Marcona Almond & Apricot flavors. The dark and tempting bar is still my favorite though, and I believe there are two other flavors available.

2016-05-09 20.44.24

Next I decided to try the Spicy Black Bean Tortilla Chips from EatSmart. They, for the most part, tasted like and had the texture of your average Tortilla Chip. The main difference was that it had a very distinctive black bean flavor. It wasn’t super strong, but you just got hints of it from time to time. For me that was a good thing, but if you don’t like black bean then this might not be what you want. The one drawback for me was it was just a little too spicy for my taste. They do have a Garlic Hummus flavor that I really want to try. I think it sound more to my tastes.

2016-06-03 16.53.51Okay, I got a little corny with a couple of the pictures. But with a name like Hair Food I couldn’t help myself. I received these sample size packets of Clairol Hair Food Apricot Shampoo and Conditioner with Honey Apricot Fragrance. Lets start with the good points. Both the shampoo and conditioner were very moisturizing and seem like they would be great for anyone with highly dry hair. I was very pleasantly surprised at how little of the conditioner I had to use. Now for the minuses. I thought I would enjoy the scent of this, but it was fragranced in a very unnatural way and way too strongly, especially the shampoo. The scent of the shampoo was so strong that I ended up getting a headache by the end of the day. If you are not fragrance sensitive, you probably won’t have an issue. However for a product that claims to be hypoallergenic it was a bit frustrating. Also, I felt overall my hair did not stay clean as long as it does with my usual shampoo.

The last two items I received I was unable to use myself, one because of an ingredient and the other just because it is not something I would ever use. So I passed them to friends to try out. I will share with you their thoughts on each product.

2016-05-12 22.59.15I received a one time use size of the ECOS Magnolia & Lily Liquid Laundry Detergent. The friend I passed it to said, ” It did the job you would expect from a laundry detergent. However with a one time use I found it difficult to really tell. The load I used it on wasn’t really stained or anything. But it did clean the clothes.” This was by the way the one I passed on due to allergy reasons. Due to my Balsam of Peru Allergy I have reactions to the majority of flower fragrances.

2016-06-03 16.52.34

Yes, I also got corny with this picture. I received a sample of the Orgain Organic Protein Plant-Based Powder In Vanilla Bean. I just don’t use protein powder at all, but I have a friend that uses it quite often, so I passed it along for her and her husband to try. They said, “It mixes well with almond milk and has a very wheat like flavor. Not gritty and has a smooth texture. Mild flavor so you could add fruit too it and make a smoothie or something.”

That is all I received in my box, but

I do know that some people received a couple of other items in their box, but from my understanding those items were very limited. I would love to hear from anyone else that got this box or has tried any of these items. What do you think? If you got the box, did you have a favorite? Was there anything you plan on buying for yourself?

Also, I just want to make sure that I say that while I did receive these items for free from Influenster, all opinions are my own. When you get a box from Influenster you are encouraged to review the items, but you are never told what to say.




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Making Your Beauty Routine Fashionable

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen me post various pictures from my beauty routine and the various masks I use. You can often see in the pictures the various cute and fun headbands I wear during that time. I have received a lot of questions about where I get my headbands, so I thought I would take some time and do a post about where you can find the ones I have as well as some additional options.

I have this ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Etti Hair Band

21uRqD1CksLThis was my first headband I got and it is by far my favorite one that I have. It has plenty of stretch to it that it would fit even someone with a slightly larger head than mine. It is only available in this one color. It sells for a variety of prices on Amazon, but this link was the best deal I could find for you at the moment. It is $4.89 and free shipping.

I also have this Sanwood Cute Cat Ears Headband Hair Band in Black

613LI55N0OL__SX522_I got it because it looked so similar to the one from eTude House, I had hoped they would be just alike but for a cheaper price. It is very similar and I like it, but it does run a little smaller. So its a tad tight on me. Most people probably wouldn’t notice the difference, but I have a slightly larger than average head for a woman. It does have the advantage that it is cheaper, and it comes in four color choices instead of just one. It sells for $3.09 and free shipping.

I have two of the Shintop Soft Carol Fleece Bowknot Elastic Hair Band (pink polka dots)


I have it the pink and purple colors. It is very comfortable and lots of stretch. Its also available in a third color. And this one ships from the US, so if you want it quick this one is our best bet. It sells for $7.39 and free shipping for Prime Members.

I have had my eye on a couple of other head bands, and I thought I would share those as well so you can see more options.


Women Cute Yellow Polka Dot Bowknot Elastic Headband
Price: $10.25 & FREE Shipping – Comes in 12 color and pattern option.


BMC 3pc Ultra Soft Face Washing Elastic Bow Towel Headbands – Blue Cameo, Pink Stripes, and Red White Polka Dots
Price: $10.25 & FREE Shipping – Second color pack available.


Do you have any of these headbands? Planning on getting some? If you have a different one that you love, I would love to see what you have. Recommendations are welcome.




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Don’t Live In Fear, Live With Pride

Live In Pride

Live In Pride


I have spoken here on the blog before about how important it is to me to be a straight ally to the LGBTQ community, and how I feel we can’t have equality for any group if we don’t have equality for everyone. Because I have the personal platform and ability to blog and to talk to many people across the US I felt it was important to make this post right now.

Unless you live under a rock you have already heard about the very unfortunate event that happened in Orlando, FL. If by some miracle you have not, you can read the original news release here and the more updated press release from the President here.

Essentially as time went by through the day the body count and the number of injured went up, as well as information about who the shooter was came out. There have been reports that the man was involved with ISIS, and there have been words like terrorism tosses around. However his father has released a statement that implies that jealousy may have been the cause instead, and that the family has no knowledge of his intent or actions. You can read about that and watch the news clip here.

But something else happened later in the day that hasn’t gotten the same amount of press, mainly because it was prevented from happening. A young white male was heavily armed  with weapons and the items capable of creating explosives. He was stopped in Santa Monica, CA and arrested. He stated that he had been on his way to the LA Gay Pride Festival. There really has  not been much of a statement made on the incident, only that this is not related to the Orlando event as far as authorities can tell. But if you would like to read it for yourself you can find it here.


James Wesley Howell

James Wesley Howell, potential gunman in LA


Omar Mateen

Omar Mateen gunman of mass shooting in Orlando.











I wanted to share pictures of both of these young men, not to burn their faces in your memory, but to make a point that is very important. Yes, there has been mention of potential involvement of ISIS in the Orlando case, but that has yet to be proven. And even if it is true I think we should be careful about how we use the word terrorism in this case. That word, especially when used in conjunction with a group like ISIS holds a certain type of meaning. But this was not everyone being targeted in the US, this was a specific group, and this was motivated by hate. It is a hate crime. And so when you look at the man who had aimed to go to LA, with the kind of weapons he had on him, had he not been stopped he easily could have done as much or more damage as what happened in Orlando. So look at these two faces and know that hate does not come in one color. Please don’t make what happened in Orlando about the color of someone’s skin, the country their family was from, their families religion. Let it stay what it was really about, HATE! And now lets heal that.

And the other reason I really wanted to do this post tonight is to ask people to please don’t let yourself live in fear. Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ community or a straight ally, don’t stay home because you’re afraid of what might happen. I know there have been some reports of other threats for various Pride events around the country, and I know if you tend to be the type that worries or is anxiety ridden it can become fear inducing. You can not live a life based on things that might happen.

Yes it can be scary at times to stand up and oppose bullies (and yes I do consider someone who threatens other people even with this severe of consequences a bully) when they have threatened you. I have made a habit in my life of standing up to bullies, and it has been hard at times. I have even had people ask me why I do and say some of the things I do or comment on how they just couldn’t do what I did because they would be too terrified of the retaliation. But I have through my life maintained that if I believe in something I stand strong in my beliefs and I don’t back down based on fear of what might happen.

So my biggest wish is for all of you to not live in fear, but instead live with pride. Please support your local LGBTQ community in whatever way you can. Either in showing support to individuals you know personally or even better going and helping out at some of the Pride events.





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Inside The Dressing Room – Lovesick Summer 2016

Inside thedressing room with My Plus Size Life

This will be the first of a semi-regular series I want kick off called Inside The Dressing Room. I wanted to take pictures I try on at various stores so you can see what the items look like on a real plus size body. I will let you know what size fit me best and I will try to make sure as always state my normal size. I say semi-regular because I don’t plan on having a particular schedule for this, it will just be when I have a chance to stop at various stores and try on things.

Inside thedressing room with My Plus Size Life

Today’s post is featuring Lovesick. You might have seen my post about them a couple of weeks ago titled “Are You Feeling Lovesick – New Plus Size Store Alert / Shopping Guide / Overall Thoughts“. I don’t have one of the stores close to me, but I by chance was visiting a friend in Dayton earlier this week and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drop by the location there. I tried on quite a few things and took pictures of some of my favorites. I will link to everything I can to make it easier for you to find if you like it. For comparison purposes keep in mind I normally wear a size 40DDD bra and a 2, 2X, or 20 in most clothing from Torrid and Lane Bryant, as well as other traditionally sized Plus Size clothing lines. And as mentioned previously Lovesick is owned by Torrid, and sizing is supposed to be the same.

Plus Size Crochet Trim Textured Skater Dress from LovesickThis is their Crochet Trim Textured Skater Dress in a size 2. I felt it was a bit snug and didn’t fully cover the bust area. So I also tried it on in a 3.

Plus Size Crochet Trim Textured Skater Dress from Lovesick

And this is the size 3. This one isn’t really was a little too loose in the midsection. Looking at the pictures now, I realize that you can’t see the difference as much as you could in person. This dress is currently on their clearance rack for $29.99. While I really loved the color and style, I ultimately did not buy this because of the fit. However if you are interested, it does come in other colors and prints.

Plus Size Frida Kahlo Tee and YMI Side Slit Wannabettabutt Shorts - Olive Wash from Lovesick Here I have on the Frida Kahlo Tee and the YMI Side Slit Wannabettabutt Shorts – Olive Wash. Both are on the clearance rack $19.99. While I normally wear a 2 at Torrid in most things, I usually size up in their tees and go for a 3. This however is a 2, and I felt like it fit me like the 3s I get at Torrid.  The shorts are made of the same material as the Jeggings at Torrid, and are super comfortable. In Jeggings I bounce back and forth between an 18 an a 20 at Torrid. In these shorts an 18 fit me perfect. I ended up buying the shorts, but not the top. At the end of the day I felt like the top was something I could easily get from Torrid in the future or order online from Lovesick. But the shorts, who knows. The shorts are also available in a couple of other color options I believe.

Plus Size Tropical Print Crop Top and Tropical Print Pencil Skirt from Lovesick

This is the Tropical Print Crop Top and the Tropical Print Pencil Skirt. Both seen here are in a size 2. The fabric is a scuba fabric, so a lot of stretch and very comfy. I did bring a 3 in with me, but ended up not trying it on. I ultimately did not buy this outfit. While I thought it was super cute, I realize I would probably only wear it once, maybe twice if I was lucky, and then it would just sit. I am trying to cut back on buying things like that.

Plus Size Tank Top, Vest, and Jeans from Lovesick Here I have on the Paisley Print Swing Tank Top, the Fringe Trim Vest, and the Welt Pocket Flare Jeans. I have on a 2 in both of the top pieces and a 20 in the bottoms. I feel like the picture is a bit deceiving in this one. I felt it was way more flattering in person than it is in this picture. Both of the friends that were with me loved this as well. Obviously I am either going to have to wear really high heels or have this hemmed. Most likely, they will be hemmed. I am surprised they are this long since they were regular length, and I am 5’8″. But anyway, I bought all three of these pieces. I felt it would make a perfect outfit for early fall.

I did try on a handful of other outfits but did not take pictures, or in a couple of instances thought I had but was experiencing issues with my phone and didn’t get them. But I still wanted to share my thoughts on some of them. So here are a couple of other items I found on the site that I know I tried on.

Plus Size Textured Floral Print Crop Top and Pencil Skirt from LovesickThis is the Textured Floral Print Crop Top and the Textured Floral Print Pencil Skirt. While it looks like the same set as I have pictured above, the difference in fabric makes for a very big difference in fit. I tried the 2 first and it was extremely tight and not a nice looking fit at all, which is a shame since I really loved this print. Unfortunately when I sized up it was way too big.

10598724_av1This is their Lace Skirt. I tried in a size 2, and it did fit as I would expect a 2 to fit. However the way the fabric fluffed around the waist and hips did not look good on me in my opinion. It was definitely an item that did not look like it does in the picture.

Between what I previously ordered and everything I tried on that day in the store, I would say about 50% of the items fit like they do at Torrid, and the other 50% ran small. This may be a temporary thing till they get their p’s and q’s in order. But it might also be that Lovesick turns out to be one of those Plus Size stores you always have to be careful about sizing, kind of like ModCloth. If you live anywhere near their stores, I do highly recommend going in and at least checking it out. Try some things on.

I will try to do these post as often as possible when I stop by stores. I have a few saved for other stores, so look for those coming in the next few weeks. In the meantime, let me see what you have tried on at Lovesick. You can leave comments here or on any of my social media. If you post on social media make sure to use the hash tag #ITDRwithMyPlusSizeLife so I can find you.

Also if you have any special request about places you want me to visit and include in this series I will try my best, just request down below. Just keep in mind that some places may not be accessible to me ever or may only be accessible on rare occasions.




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