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Feeling The Magic of A Full Sweep Skirt

Magic full seep skirt and boohoo plus bodysuit

I love getting dressed up, and I am always looking for reasons to do so. So when a friend came into to town last week and we met up for dinner, it gave me a chance to try out my Magic Full Sweep Skirt and Boohoo Body Suit.

Magic Plus size full sweep skirt and Boohoo Plus Bodysuit

The skirt is the full sweep skirt from Magic. I bought mine at a local wholesale store. I will go back soon and see if I can find more to put up in my store because the day I had this on so many people were asking about it. I will make sure to post if I do get my hands on more of these. In the meantime, I did find an place online that carries other colors of it.  Alight seems to carry it in three colors. You can get it in pink and yellow flowers on a black background, red and purple flowers on a green background, or red and white flowers on a black background.

These skirts are very flowey, and they definitely make you want to twirl.

Magic Full Sweep Skirt and Boohoo Plus Bodysuit

As for the fit, I typically wear a 20 or 2X at both Lane Bryant and Torrid. In Magic Brand I wear a 3X, it most definitely is sized as a Juniors Plus brand. The length is obviously Maxi length, but it is definitely on the long side even for that. I am 5’8″ and I am wearing it pulled up at an empire length. If I were to try and wear it at my waist I would have been tripping over it even with the wedge heels I had on.

As you can see I have it paired with a Bardot style lace bodysuit.

Magic full seep skirt and boohoo plus bodysuit

This bodysuit was from Boohoo Plus, but it is unfortunately no longer available. However, they do have the Plus Jodie Lace Neck Bardot Bodysuit that is very similar in style. The fit for most of Boohoo is pretty average. They are a UK brand, so keep that in mind when ordering. But I do order a 20US or 24UK size.

I also had paired with it Isaac Mizrahi Pink Coral Peep Toe Wedges in Wide Width that I found on eBay. It looks like the seller still has them available in a few sizes too.

Magic Plus Size Full Sweep Skirt and Boohoo Plus BodySuit

I have tried to incorporate several pictures of this outfit, maybe more than I would with the average outfit post, because I really wanted you to be able to see this skirt from various angles and in action. And to be honest the pictures still don’t do it justice. The fabric alone is perfection and every step you take makes this billow fabric roll around you.












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2016 Plus Size Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016



In the US it is Memorial Day weekend. In addition to paying tribute to the fallen soldiers in our lives, for many of us Memorial Day Weekend also means an extra day off work, gathering with friends and family, and of course mega sales. Since I am such a bargain shopper I can not pass up the opportunity to hit some of the great sales that happen this weekend. I thought I would share with all of you a list of some of the places I will be shopping and some of the different sales they have going.


Lane Bryant


Take 40% OFF Sitewide with code: SUMMER16LB (5/26 @12am PDT – 6/1 @12am PDT) excludes panties and Style fix

You can also get this this Tote only $10 w/ purchase! No code required. (5/27 @3am EST – 6/1 @3am EST)

And there is this BOGO FREE all shorts! Use code: SHORTSLB. ONLINE ONLY. (6/1 @12am PDT – 6/6 @12am PDT), but I don’t think that it can be combined with the 40% off.


Swimsuits For All


Memorial Day Weekend Sale! Free Upgrade to 3 Day Shipping Plus 30-60% Off Sitewide at! Valid through 5/29- Shop now!


Simply Be


30% OFF 100’s of Lines, Plus Free Shipping (Ends midnight 05.30.16)

And you can also get An Extra 10% Off Everything This Weekend Ony With Code 8910


Society Plus


They have the most going on, so I am linking theirs different because most of their stuff is all coupon codes. I will post a link to anything relevant that is not a coupon code.

Available at Society Plus This Weekend:

Spend $200 get $90 off – code UP90

Spend $150 get $60 off – code UP60

Spend $100 get $30 off – code UP30

Codes end at  midnight 5/30 EST

Also get free shipping on orders over $60 – no code needed.

And Last Chance On Over 90 Styles ( 50% – 80% off Clearance )


So where are you shopping this weekend? Have you heard of any spectacular deals we just can’t miss?





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The Leaf, By Bellabeat – Where Did You Get That “Necklace”

Over the last month or so you might have noticed in a lot of my pictures I am wearing the same “necklace” over and over again. And it seem like, increasingly, every time I wear it out or in a picture I have someone asking where I got my “necklace”. So I thought I would make a post about it.

Each time someone asks me about where I got my “necklace” I am a little surprised that there is anyone left that doesn’t know about it already. It seems like I have seen it all over social media for well over a year. There was even a waiting list to get it initially. And just so you have a fresh idea of what I am talking about, here are some of the various pictures I have posted here on the blog, and on my various social media accounts, with me wearing the “necklace”.

Outfit for Day 24 of All Dress April  Outfit for Day 29 of All Dress April










2016-05-19 16.06.49

And by now you have probably deduced with all my use of quotations marks around the word “necklace”, that its not a necklace at all, or at least its not just a necklace. What it actually is, is the Bellabeat Leaf Exclusive. Its a health tracker made to look and be worn like jewelry. So think like a fitbit, but it looks prettier. And it has some special advantages since it is made just for women in mind. First let me tell you a little more about it, and then I will tell you why I decided I wanted one and my overall thoughts on it since using it for almost a month now.

It comes in two color options, they have a silver with natural wood (which is what mine is) and there is a rose gold with black wood. You can wear these three different ways. I have obviously chosen to wear it as a necklace, but you can also wear it like a bracelet, or it can be clipped onto your clothing. Each leaf comes with the necessary items to be able to wear it all three ways. I will insert pictures I got from their website here so you can see what the other options look like.

41136_39  41136_37





And I don’t really have any pictures to share of it, but I just received an email saying they have a couple of new jewelry options for the Leaf. I took a look, and one is a really cool looking double wrap bracelet that comes in a couple of color options. And they also have a few new necklace chain options.

As I said before the Leaf is like a fitbit, but it is so much more. Designed by a woman – for women, the LEAF does everything a health tracker should do, and then some:

  • Measures sleep – the LEAF logs sleep quality and quantity, giving the user insight into the number of hours and percentage quality of sleep. The charts within the app let the user compare their periods of light sleep and deep sleep, allowing them to identify what type of day or activity leads to a better night’s sleep.
  • Tracks activity – measures daily movement, burned calories and allows the user to set daily goals to keep them motivated. The app will also let users enter specific sports and activities, giving a detailed overview of their movement throughout the day.
  • Monitors reproductive health – gives a detailed overview of the user’s menstrual cycle and helps women trying to conceive to identify ovulation days and increase their chances of successful conception. By cross-referencing daily activity in the LEAF app with their menstrual cycle, women are able to better understand their health trends during this specific time. The period part of the app is equipped with witty notes designed to brighten up the user during PMS times.Reduces stress – the built-in breathing exercises help the LEAF user cope with stress. By cross-referencing the breathing data with the amount of stress the user might be feeling, the LEAF allows the user to learn which breathing exercises help minimize stress.
  • Keeps things on schedule – the smart alarm feature within the LEAF app lets the user set reminders for things like taking their pill on time or getting tampons, there’s the wake up alarm option and an inactivity alert that warns the user if they’ve been inactive for too long.

I initially wanted a health monitor myself more for the sleep tracking aspect. I have always suffered from severe insomnia as well as sleep walking. I have done sleep studies, but haven’t really found much help, and I thought keeping track of my sleeping patterns might be helpful. I had held back from getting a fitbit because I didn’t like the way they were so bulky and I hate wearing anything on my wrist. When I saw the Leaf come out I thought it was such a great option. And I love that it has so many other things that it helps track like your period. (Story for another day, I have had a hysterectomy but still have a period)

It did take some getting use to remembering to put the necklace back on after a shower, but it didn’t take long. And outside of remembering to put it on, its really comfortable to wear, and it adjusts to various lengths. I really like the app that reminds me to take my pills. Its such a gentler way that a loud alarm on your phone to get the reminder. You only feel your necklace vibrate, and if you don’t remember what it was for you can look at your phone and will tell you what the alarm is for.

I haven’t really played around with the meditation app yet, but I do intend to. And while I am not trying to use it to encourage any extra exercise, I do find it interesting seeing how many steps I take day to day and what activities increase that without me really thinking about it.

Overall I am really happy with mine and if I had it to over again, I would still get it. As I use it more or as I see more products become available I will try and keep everyone updated. In the meantime, for anyone who wants to purchase one for themselves, I searched to see if I could find some special offers or coupon codes. I found this link that if you Order now and get your LEAF with free accessories. Or I also found on Offers Dot Com if you order at the Bellabeat Leaf Exclusive website and use code MYLEAF20, you are suppose to get 20% off your order. It says the coupon expires 5/31/16.

Does anyone else have the Leaf? How do you like yours? What was your main purpose for getting it, or did someone else get it for you?

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Spotlight On City Chic – What I Wore To An Art Auction

City Chic Plus Size Dress

City Chic Plus Size Dress and Cardigan



Last week launched the beginning of one of my best friends art career. She had been painting for several months as a sort of therapy and discovered she was quite good. She ended up donating some pieces to an event that was a silent art auction to benefit the care of elderly and infirm. So a lot of her friends went out to support her and the cause. Since I knew we would be on our feet for quite a while I wanted something that was going to wear comfortably, but still be unique and cute.

City Chic Plus Size Dress and Cardigan

City Chic Plus Size Dress

My shoes are Skechers. My hair band is from Hot Topic. Both my dress and my cardigan are from City Chic. Unfortunately, neither of them are still available. However, City Chic always has some unique pieces that comfortable and fun to wear. And right now they have 30% off everything sale going on. If you like what I am wearing here, you might consider some of these items.

City Chic Plus Size Broken Stripe Jacket

City Chic Broken Stripe Jacket Was: $89.00 Now: $62.30

City Chic Plus Size Layered Motif Top In Ivory

City Chic Layered Motif Top In Ivory Was: $69.00 Now: $48.30

City Chic Plus Size Sweet Sacha Fit & Flare Dress

City Chic Sweet Sacha Fit & Flare Dress Was: $149.00 Now: $104.30

City Chic Plus Size Spot The Dot Skirt

City Chic Spot The Dot Skirt Was:$59.00 Now: $40.00



City Chic has really become one of my favorite places to shop. I hope their stores start expanding in the US soon. Have any of you tried City Chic? What is your favorite thing you have gotten from them?



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Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch – Product Review

2016-05-07 17.13.17

I received the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch a couple of months ago in my BB Bag Subscription Service I get from Beauteque. It took me a while to get around to using it because I generally don’t get a lot of acne. And when I do it tends to either be from having a stray ingrown hair on my chin or one of those pimples that stay under the skin for a long time and really hurt.

So I got a pimple the other day, and I thought well now here is my big chance to give these a try. I honestly had not heard much about these, and I didn’t really have any expectations or any real hopes for miraculous things to happen with it. I opened the resealable bag and this is what I found.

Pimple patches

There are three sizes of clear gel looking patches inside a packet. When you peel them off the paper they kind of reminded me of the clear gel Band-Aids if you have ever seen them. You choose the size that will best fit over your pimple.

I did not take before and after pictures because I was not initially thinking of talking about this product. However, after seeing the results, I felt I had to share with everyone how amazing this is. For me normally, even though I don’t get them often, when I do get pimples because they are under the skin they hang around for quite some time. But I put this patch on not expecting much. Looked in the mirror about four hours later and noticed that there was something white looking under the patch. I peeled the patch off, and I quickly realized it had almost completely drained the pimple. I ended up putting a second one on, and about five hours later when I took it off my pimple was completely flat. Only thing left was a small red spot that had already scabbed over.

I was in fact so amazed at how effective this was, I ordered another pack for myself the very next day to have on hand. And I promise, the very next time I have a pimple I will take a before and after picture to share.

Don’t forget when you order from Beauteque you can get 10% off your entire order with the coupon code KAREN. That can even be used on sale items and subscription services.

Have any of you used the Corsx patches? Or have you used a different brand? What has your experience been with them?






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Are You Feeling Lovesick – New Plus Size Store Alert / Shopping Guide / Overall Thoughts


I was recently in conversation where someone mentioned a new store called Lovesick. Now I am not going to mention names or even say where this conversation happened, but I do want to share the conversation because I think its relevant to what some points I wanted to make in addition to sharing the clothing they offer. So here is how the conversation went. (Please note that one store name has been removed from the conversation and replaced with **** and another store is replaced with ####. Those store names are not relevant to the conversation only that they are stores.)

Her: I was in the mall today and came across this new store called Lovesick. At first glance, I thought the clothes were super cute and then I realized it’s a plus size store!?!? I got these amazing dark wash, distressed, high-waist skinny jeans that fit amazingly! And the prices there were decent…some stuff was a little expensive. Anyway, upon paying for everything, the girl was telling me that they’re a brand new store under Torrid, but geared more towards a younger age-group (hence I found super cute stuff there and I never really shop at torrid). That said, they use the same sizing system and have the same type of promos etc… apparently they’re opening more around the country but they have an online store too!

Me: Sorry, but I have to ask, when did Torrid start being seen as catering to an older crowd?

Third Person: They are trying to compete with ****

Me: I couldn’t even guess why, **** is hanging on with grasping fingers. All reports have shown that they have been in dangerous territory financially and if they don’t do something to garner more interest they will eventually sink.

Her: I don’t think it’s necessarily “older” because if you compare it to ****, it definitely caters to a younger crowd than ****. But I just feel like Torrid is kind of limited on the crowd they DO cater to. I guess I just don’t feel like I see a lot of diversity in their clothing and Lovesick has more flowey/hipster/boho/####-style clothes. And I could never compare torrid to ####.


It was at this point that I decided to go take a look at this website and see what the big difference was. And I want to share with you the things that jumped out to me immediately along with their prices and coupon structure compared to Torrid’s before I get back to the conversation. That way you can fully appreciate my thought process here. I will make sure to link to all items so you can try and purchase anything you might be interested in.

First as I was browsing nothing really seemed that different from Torrid other than their models were much younger. But then I started seeing some items that I thought I recognized. First thing I found was this


These are the Lovesick YMI Triple-Button Wannabettabutt Capris – Dark Wash, they sell for $44.90 and come in sizes 14 to 24. Do they look familiar? They did to me.


Here are the Torrid Cropped Jegging – Medium Wash, selling for $54.50 and come in sizes 12-28.

Now both sites have them in various lengths and washes. However Torrid offers more sizes and a larger range of colors.


Next I saw this:


This is the Lovesick Textured Skater Dress. It sells for $44.90 and is available in sizes 00 to 5. This one didn’t automatically make me say, oh yeah its on Torrids site, but what it did make me think is it looks like a hundred Torrid dresses I have seen.

TorridDressLike this one. This is the Torrid Textured Cross Back Skater Dress. It sells for $64.50 and is available in sizes 0 to 6. As the name implies the back is different on this one. But Torrid constantly releases this dress shape with different backs, necklines, and in various colors.


And then there were these:


This is the Lovesick Long Line Bralette. It sells for $24.90 and is available in sizes 00 to 5.


And this is the Torrid Crop Lace Bralette. It is sold for $28.50 and available in sizes 0 to 5. These two are not exactly alike, but they are very similar. The lace pattern is a little different and the hook placement in the back is different, but other than that they seem pretty much the same.


There are lots more examples where things are either exactly the same or similar, and then there are also a multitude of these t-shirts that I am almost positive Torrid has sold in the past. Like these:


Mickey Mouse Perforated Jersey $32.90


Solemnly Swear Tee $28.90


Frida Kahlo Tee $28.90

I also noticed that their coupon codes, while structured the same way is different amounts. Unless Torrid is having a flash sale they typically will have a code up for BOGO 50% off. Or occasionally 30% off your entire order. However it seems that Lovesick offers BOGO 30% off on the regular, and I have not been watching long enough to tell you beyond that. And from here we go back to the conversation we started with.

Me: I was looking at the site, and its funny but I see a lot of the same items on their site as Torrid’s. Its just they are paired differently and put on younger models. And yeah they do have some things different, but I’m not seeing a huge difference personally. As for being limited to the crowds they cater to, I can see that somewhat about Torrid, but I actually think they have been getting better about that since mid last year. They are bringing back a lot of the brands they got away from and seem to be getting back to their roots. Plus broadening their size selection is great. But honestly it seems like Lovesick is the one catering to a much smaller audience. Maybe its just me.

Her:  I have never shopped at torrid because I never really felt that they carried on trend clothing or things I am interested in wearing. I am 28 for reference! No disrespect by any means, just pointing out that I have never really felt that they were geared towards me aside from a few specific pieces!

Me: Oh I am not offended, just mildly surprised and amused a bit I suppose. I worked in marketing and market research both in the past, so I am seeing some things from a very different perspective I think.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am by no means sharing this to diss Lovesick, Torrid, or even the young lady I was having the conversation with. I just think its really important as consumers to be informed, know what your options are, and then be able to make your decision. I fully intend to purchase from them because I think its great that there is yet another shopping option. I have already made my first purchase and I am happy to report that they did indeed fit exactly like what I get from Torrid. Here is what I got:


Knit Lace Babydoll Top $26.90 (Also comes in white)


Lace Flare Pant $34.90

Torrid does have something similar to the pants but they are slightly different. For as much as they have a lot of the same things, they do have some stand out different pieces that seem unique to Lovesick (please correct me if you have seen any of this at Torrid before).


Gauze Handkerchief Dress $39.90 (Sold Out while I was writing this post)


Lace Raglan Top $26.90


Lace Up Horse Tee $26.90

So really lets answer the main questions brought up in the conversation I had as well as questions I thought you might have in general.

1. Is Lovesick cheaper than Torrid? Yes and no. If you are just going to buy one piece or you never remember to use coupon codes, absolutely. Piece by piece they are cheaper, some things more significantly than others. I haven’t seen anything more than $15 cheaper. But when you factor in the difference of the coupon discounts they offer day to day, the difference is so insignificant.

2. Do the clothes fit the same at Lovesick as they do at Torrid? Based on their size chart and the couple of pieces I have received, yes they do.

3. Is the clothing quality as good as Torrid’s at Lovesick? Going only based on what I have received and the couple of people who have told me about their purchases, yes it is.

4. Does Lovesick cater to a larger audience than Torrid? As I stated above, I really don’t think so. You really should take the time and look around both of their websites and decide for yourself.

Really, I think its great Lovesick is here and if it fills a gap (or someone feels it does) in the plus size clothing industry, then all the better. I would say for myself, I will shop there occasionally, but I am really not a big jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. But I will shop for some of their more unique items. And I think since Torrid sells out so fast, its great to have a place for backups on staple items.

So tell me, have you purchased from Lovesick before? If so, how did you like your items? Do they match up to Torrid? Are they better? Worse?

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Weeks 3 and 4 of #AllDressApril

All Dress April

Week two of All Dress April

This the third and final post on the looks for All Dress April. I went ahead and combined all the looks for the last two weeks into one post because honestly I missed a lot of days in the last week due to being ill, and since we are already in May I wanted to go ahead and wrap this series up.

Day 15

Outfit for Day 15 of All Dress April

Dress is The Story of Citrus Dress in Cool Blooms on ModCloth. Just a tip for anyone who has had this dress in one of the other print. This is a thinner stretchier fabric and cut slightly different. Size down one size in this one.

Shoes are the Rumblers – Sci Fi from Skechers.


Day 16

Outfit for Day 16 of All Dress AprilDress is the Retro Chic Flamingo Swing Dress from Torrid.

Shoes are the Relaxed Fit: Bikers – Skims from Skechers


Day 17

Outfit for Day 17 of All Dress AprilDress is from Calvin Klein, this is from a couple of years ago and is no longer available.

Kimono is from Torrid, also from a couple of years ago and no longer available.


Day 18

Outfit for Day 18 of All Dress April Dress is from SWAK. I bought this a long time ago, and they don’t even have anything similar anymore.


Day 19

I had to miss this day unfortunately.

Day 20

Outfit for Day 20 of All Dress AprilThis dress is from Forever 21 from about four years ago if I remember right.

The shoes are the same Skechers sandals listed above with another look but in black.


Day 21

Misses this day.


Day 22

Outfit for day 22 of All Dress AprilThis dress was from Torrid and their Penny Dreadful collection that was out last year. Unfortunately it is no longer available.

Shoes are the Relaxed Fit: Breathe Easy – Pretty Factor from Skechers


Day 23

Outfit for Day 23 for All Dress AprilThe dress is the Everywhere You Look Dress from ModCloth. No longer available.

Shoes are the same shoes with the previous outfit.


Day 24

Outfit for Day 24 of All Dress AprilThe dress is a Mayri Dress from a couple of years ago. This fabric is no longer available, but she does have the same dress style in another peacock fabric. You can find it here. All Mayri dresses are hand sewn and from my experience true to size. Her size chart is pretty accurate, so check it before ordering.
Shoes are Flojos, this style is no longer available. But they are the only flipflops I will wear. If you ever try a pair, you will understand why.


Day 25

Outfit for day 25 of All Dress AprilDress is from Igigi. This no longer available.


Day 26

I missed this day due to illness.


Day 27

I missed this day due to illness.


Day 28

I actually wore a dress this day, but forgot to take a picture. Sigh!


Day 29

Outfit for Day 29 of All Dress AprilThis is the Sea the Sights Dress in Turquoise from ModCloth. It is no longer available, but if you keep your eyes open they might bring it back in another color. That seems to happen a lot with ModCloth Dresses


Day 30

I did not get to participate this day because again I was not feeling well.



Well as I said in the beginning, I realize there were quite a few days missed in the final week. But things happen and that is life. I will try and participate again next year. Did any of you participate or have you participated in similar challenges?

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Getting Catty With Torrid – An OOTD And Mini Review

Outfit from Torrid


I don’t often do button up blouses, but when I saw this Cat Print Chiffon Ruffle Top from Torrid I had to have it (because you know, crazy cat lady).

With it I am wearing the Noir Collection All-Nighter Pant – Slim Fix Pixie, also from Torrid. And my shoes are Rumblers – Sci Fi Wedge Sandles from Skechers.

I made sure to snap a picture up close of the fabric so you can see what the print looks like.

Close up of the Cat Print Top From Torrid.

You can see that what from a distance just loos like polka dots is actually little cat faces with whiskers.

Torrid Plus Size Outfit Of The Day

And of course the cats had to get in the pictures too.

My thoughts on the top are overall really good. I was pleasantly surprised that despite my DDD chest I did not have any gaping between the buttons. The print was really cute. I love the color. The fit outside of the chest was great. I got stopped a lot and complimented on it. The one and only complaint I had was that it is so shear I had no choice but to wear a cami with it. I don’t mind shear with certain things and certain types of shirts. But since this felt like a slightly more business type top (even though it had a cute print), it just felt like it should have been more opaque.


Has anyone else tried this top? What were your thoughts?





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Plus Size Fashion at the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium

2016 Steampunk Symposium

2016 Steampunk SymposiumI may be boring some of you by now with my many post that have included thing about the 2016 Internation Steampunk Symposium. Since it has overlapped with doing the All Dress April Challenge that means that my personal fashion for the weekend has been covered for the most part. I did leave some of the details out so that we would still have some things to talk about, but I also have some things outside of my own fashion that I have not shared yet. So for those of you who are not into steampunk, I will get back to normal (well normal for me) after this post. But also, if you aren’t into steampunk, why? Yes its nerdy or geeky, whichever you prefer to call it. But it really is 90% fashion, and fashion forwards/backwards (time travel is confusing) at that. So lets talk about the things I haven’t shared first. I think I mentioned last year how much it really pleased me to see the number of beautiful plus size curvy ladies that were there. And this year was no let down. I think that the curvy women outdid themselves this year. t seemed as though there was an even larger number of plus size ladies participating this year, and the talent in costume construction was even more spectacular. Here are just a few of the ladies and their costumes that I thought were highlights: (Anyone I have a link to or permission to post their name will be listed below their picture)   This costume and lady was amazing. You might remember her from last years post from the Steampunk Symposium, she was one of the few that I didn’t get her info. She had the beautiful Russian Queen looking costume. This year it took a little thought to figure out what her costume was. Once you had it, you realized it was not only visually stunning, but absolutely brilliant. She was a hot air balloon. Even down to her feet there was a little caged basket. Well this year I actually managed to get her name, and a link to her business. This beautiful and talented ladies name is Brittney Benjamin. And you can find her new costuming business on Facebook as Shewolf Studios. I highly recommend you check her items out, you won’t regret it.   SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Any other Doctor Who fans in the house? I knew The Doctor was really a woman. I don’t know where she found her jacket or if she made it(in hind sight I should have asked), but it was so spot on The Doctor and I loved it.   SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Representing the Airship Ashanti is the beautiful Ofeibea Loveless. (Side note: If you are not familiar with how steampunk cons work, groups can form airships that compete in competitions to earn points for winning.) If you would like info on Airship Ashanti you can contact them through their Facebook Page. This costume just looked so regal, and I loved the mix of fabrics. And best of all it was unique to her and the character she was embodying. If I remember correctly, she did make this herself.   Plus Size costume from the Steampunk Symposium This lady and her family were walking around enjoying the festivities. I found out that her mother made the outfit. But the whole family were very talented. The umbrella she is carrying she made. And the gentleman walking around with the ladies (I assume he was related, but I did not have that verified) had made his own hat with moving parts. And we both laughed that she and I have the same necklace, well not exactly the same as they are all hand made and made unique.   SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES  And this gorgeous lady was such a delight to meet. She is starting out a brand new plus size modeling career. Her name is Persephone Jones. Go give her Facebook fan page some love and check out some of her pictures.


Now I have already posted the pictures of my costumes on Instagram and in the Looks From Week Two Of #AllDressApril post. But I will share them again here in case you missed them, and share the details I didn’t in the other posts.

Plus Size Costume for Steampunk Symposium

I was going for a steampunk version of a gypsy/witch. I listed most of the clothing and where I got them in the previous article. But I left the accessories out. In this particular costume I have three accessories. There are the shoes, a necklace and a bag that goes around your waist or hip. You can choose how to wear the bag. So both the shoes and the necklace I purchased them gently used off of shopping apps. I will talk about which ones and how they work in an upcoming post I have planned. The bag at my waist though came from The Pyramid Collection. It is their Unisex Hip Pack. I really was quite thankful for this item. One of the best investments I have made for a costume. It was great to have somewhere to put my things without having to carry a purse.


Steampunk look for Day 10 of All Dress April

Everything has already been posted for this look in either of the previous two articles listed. But I also managed to get some decent shots of my makeup this year.

Steampunk Unicorn Makeup


Steampunk Unicorn Makeup


Steampunk Unicorn Makeup


Steampunk Unicorn Makeup


Outside of all the costuming and beautiful plus size ladies, there is a lot more to the Steampunk Symposium. Here are just a couple of the highlights from this year.

Derigible races from the Steampunk Symposium

Derigible races are always a fun time. And this was one of my favorite ships to run. It didn’t win, but the design concept was awesome.

All kinds of neat wares can be purchased or just browsed if you don't have the money to spend.

These were some of the neatest toys in the sellers market. They were all kids animated toys that had been stripped down and made steampunk.

Spending time with frieds at the Steampunk Symposium

And of course, nothing is better than getting to spend time with friends.


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