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Check In With A Plus Size OOTD Featuring City Chic

Its been a couple of weeks since I have posted again. Unfortunately life keeps happening to me. I have been sick, as well as going to court with a friend. And trying to get back to work. But amidst this crazy mess, on one of my days heading out I managed to snap a selfie in my hallway mirror.

If you have been following me on Instagram, then you probably have already seen these pictures, but I wanted to share with everyone where I got the sweater and some of the details about it. Also, if your not already following me on Instagram you totally should. I have been trying to share fun pictures past and present of my outfits, daily life, pets, makeup, and the wacky Korean sheet masks that I try sometimes. You can find me there as my_plussize_life.

2016-02-17 18.01.43 2016-02-17 18.02.31

This is something I have worn the handful of times that it has turned really chilly here in Kentucky this winter. First let me cover the basic part that I am not really going to talk about in detail. The jeans are from a few years back from Seven7, I think I bought them at Lane Bryant. The tee under the jacket, was a plain black tee, also from Lane Bryant.

Now, the real focus of the post, the jacket.



This is City Chic’s Faux Fur Cardi. I have loved this so much this winter, and I really want to tell you why. I think its obvious it looks very fashionable and chic. I have received compliments from random strangers on it ever time I have worn it. But beyond that it is incredibly warm. It is one of those rare pieces where fashion really does meet function. With having fibromyalgia being cold is a sentence to pain, but sometimes so is wearing layers (It’s complicated like most of life and I will save the details of how that actually works for a day I feel like doing a health post).

And while City Chic calls this a cardi, and it sort of is in the fact that it is a sweater like material anywhere that the faux fur isn’t, it actually wears more like a jacket. So when I bought this I was thinking it was going to be one of those items that I would rarely get to wear because its too bulky to wear under a coat, but not warm enough to keep you warm without and too warm for most any other time(Most years here in KY we only get maybe a week or two of spring and fall like temperatures. Most of the year is spent in extremes of cold winter or hot summer). But it is actually a fantastic find, that I would highly recommend for anyone that has cold winters where they live. Alternatively, if you live somewhere that it rarely drops below forty degrees, this is not the piece of clothing for you. It is warm all on its own. The few times I wore it, I did take my coat with me just in case, but I never needed it. If anything I often found myself getting too hot at times.

Now what you can’t really see in the picture, and I tried taking multiple pictures to try and get it, is my cat earrings. They are black and blend into my hair. I bought mine on ebay. Now I looked, and while I could not find the exact one I had, I did find these:


These are extremely similar to the ones I have, and you can find them on this listing for Black Metal Cat Pierced Wire Earrings Jewelry Lot FP-25.


What is your best winter wear purchase this year? Does anyone know a good place to buy cat earrings?
















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