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Valentine’s Day Date Option

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching every fashionista’s mind turns to what to wear. So today I wanted to share one of the fabulous looks I recently rocked that I thought would make an awesome look for Valentine’s Day. Here is what I wore:

2015-01-11 15.46.28

For a more detailed look at the dress:


Dress is the Belted Lace Dress from Dressbarn. They are sold out online, but you may be able to find one in store. And if not, I have found some similar items online. Those stripes near the bottom are sheer mesh panels, and they give the dress a small dose of sexy while still being both feminine and modest.

I thought the dress was extremely comfortable. It runs true to size. As with most brands I am in a 20W with this dress. For perspective my measurements are B:49″ W:42″ H:54″. While this was a perfect fit, it would probably accommodate about an inch or so larger in the bust and hip areas. And I think the dress hit me in about the same spot as the model. Again for perspective I am 5′ 8″.


Lux Rose Dress from City Chic

I actually have this dress as well, and you may see it on the blog soon. You can purchase it on City Chics website or in stores. Currently on sale for $74.99.



Lace Peplum Dress from Torrid

For a slightly sexier option with the same look, try this Lace Peplum Dress from Torrid. This is available exclusively on Torrid’s website. Currently on sale for $51.98.


 Shrug is from Lane Bryant from years ago. It is one of my favorite ones I have. But since it was bought so long ago it is no longer available, but I have found a similar option for you.


Long Sleeve Lace Trim Shrug from City Chic

This is City Chic’s Long Sleeve Lace Trim Shrug. You can find this on City Chic’s website or in stores. Currently selling for $49.95.


As always I want to hear from you. Let me know what you think of the look. Do you have this dress too? and if so what did you think? What will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day?























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When Diversity Isn’t Diverse Enough

For years we (the plus size community) have been asking for more diversity. and for sure things have been getting better. Lets not stop there, we have so much further to go. We have been given more diversity in styles available that are fashionable. But where are we lacking? Everyday I see my friends and fellow plus size ladies hurt and hindered by the lack of diversity in price ranges, size ranges, and representations of body types. But today I want to take the time to focus on body types.

What I really want to share with all of you is something that was posted in a body positivity group that I am in. It was posted by a lady named Sharon Welk. I thought it was so beautifully said that I could not possibly improve upon it. So I asked her permission to share it with all of you.


Round Faces, and Round Bodies.
Second Class Citizens In The Fat Community.

Fat women with more of the hourglass shape, seem to be more acceptable, not only in society in general, but also seem to be favored in many fat groups. I probably should have prefaced that with “In My Opinion”, yet I have witnessed it in action.

When I was a young woman, before breast implants, women with large breasts were in style, and considered quite sexy. In those days, women, self included often asked “does this make my butt look fat?”. No woman wanted a fat butt, and did all kinds of exercises to avoid getting one.

Now, large butts are considered quite sexy. Some women opt for butt implants, trying to achieve this now sexy shape. Breast implants are still happening, again to achieve that sexy look. So let’s review, large butts, and breasts, are sexy, what about women with large tummies, are they left out of being sexy ? It is true there are many who find large, round, soft tummies very desirable, and quite sexy. However I understand that it is still considered more of a fetish, than liking large breasts, and butts.

Faces, faces come in all shapes, and sizes, just as our eyes, noses, and mouths do. Yet from what I have seen, it is only the slim faces, with the more delicate features long associated with feminine beauty, that get to be accepted. It is okay to be fat, we can even be considered beautiful, IF we still meet certain criteria,,, or is it? When do we really see beauty in all bodies, and faces? When do we choose to say enough?

I am guilty too, I have found myself whining over my now fuller face, and double chin. This face of mine, has more to do with DNA than weight gain. I look just like my dad, he had a slim face as a young man, and a fuller face as he aged, and he never was fat.

So I ask, why, WHY do some of us, even a few fierce, amazing feminists still hate our fat faces, and double chins? Oh and lest I forget, the horror of having a short neck, OMG how horrible. Long neck = pretty, short neck =ugly? Who made that lie into a law, and why do so many adhere to it?

Are fuller faces really less desirable, if so why? Is long and lean, more beautiful than short, and round, if so WHY ?


While I myself may be an hourglass shape, don’t think that I don’t want to see that same diversity you are asking for. I for one, support all my plus size sisters, and I hope all of my readers will stand strong in support of seeing this diversity to be actualized. We as a community must stand together and demand the change we want to see. I would love to see all of you posting pictures everywhere on Facebook and Twitter with the hash tag #roundbodiesandfaces to show Sharon and everyone else we support them.


I want to hear your experiences as well. What body shape are you? What do you want to see more diversity in?







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