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H + M Shopping Review

Where I live, an H + M store recently opened. And this location is lucky enough to carry plus sizes in store. I had an opportunity to stop by and try on a few things, so I thought I would review the experience, as well as sharing some tips to shop H+M.

There was not a big selection. I was told by an associate they are suppose to have a much larger section for the plus sizes, but their inventory had not all been sent to them. They say it should be in anytime. So if you live in the Lexington, Kentucky area, check with them soon.

To start with lets talk about their sizing charts, which I did look at before going into the store.

US SIZE 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28
BUST 39½ 41 43¼ 45½ 48 50½ 52¾ 55
WAIST 33 34½ 37 39½ 41¾ 44 46½ 48¾
SEAT/LOW HIP 42½ 44 46 48 50 52 54 56
INNER LEG 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31

In most plus size lines I wear a 2X or a 20W. My measurements are Bust:49″ Wait:42.5″ and Hips:54″. When looking at their size chart I would think I most likely would need a 24, but could possibly wear a 22 or 26 depending on the item. In the store I took multiple sizes of the items I liked. I decided to take a 20, 22, and 24 of each item (or alternatively for some items 2X and 3X).


Here is what I tried on:


H + M Plus Chiffon Dress

H+M Plus Jersey Leggings in Leopard Print

H+M Plus Jersey Leggings in Leopard Print

H + M Plus Treggings

H + M Plus Treggings

I decided to start with my normal size. I definitely was surprised when the 20s and 2Xs were all big on me in one way or another, but not enough to size down. Lets take each item one at a time, and I will give you the low down on them.

The Chiffon Dress:

The dress is very pretty in person, very feminine and flowey looking. Essentially it is a dress you want to twirl in. It did look good on, but it was slightly large, everywhere but the chest. I had one of Lane Bryant’s plunge bras on, yet there was so little fabric that my bra still showed. If I had sized down, I can only imagine how it would have been.

The Treggings:

I was a little confused as to what treggings were suppose to be until I saw them in person. I am assuming now that it means trouser style leggings. The fabric felt very similar to Torrid’s Slim Fix Pixie Pants, which I really love. I put them on and they fit for the most part in the hip and thigh area, but the bottom of the leg was very loose and the waist was about 2 sizes too large. Sizing down would have meant it fitting better everywhere but the hip area.

The Leggings:

The leggings were the last thing I tried on, and I thought if nothing else fit these would. I am not sure how, but they fit exactly like the trggings did.

Based on the three items I would think that the dress is better for someone with a pear shape, and the pants are better suited to either an apple or inverted triangle shape. I am an hourglass shape, and obviously would not recommend shopping there for anyone else that is. I will go back and try some more things on once they have other items in the store. I will make sure to update you all once I do.

I want to hear from all of you about your experiences at H+M. Do you/have you shopped there? What body shape are you and how did their clothes fit you?
















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