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The First Swim Dress I Ever Loved

I probably do, and always have, had very different taste in swimwear compared to the average plus size gal. While most of my friends above a size 10 were always clamoring off to put on whatever burka they could find to swim in, I was usually the one looking to get the skimpiest I could find that was flattering to my shape. I never rally cared for any of the skirted options, always preferring a straight one piece. Tankinis were okay, but I would rather have the bikini.

So it was much to my surprise when I was dreaming of the new swim dress from Torrid this spring. It seemed to hit all the right buttons for me from the color to the lace. Add in the skirt was not really that long at it looked super feminine, and I was hooked.

2014-06-09 09.54.32

For those moments when I need a little extra cover, I added this breezy cover up from Madison & Mercer.

2014-06-09 09.54.11

The bathing suit is almost sold out, but there are a few left here. If they are out of your size, you can try looking on ebay for a new or gently used one. Now the cover up is no longer available, but you can find one with a similar feel on the Always fro Me website. As always, my flip flops are Flojos. This time they are the Allure metallic sandal in purple. They are sold out of the purple, but it is still available in black and pewter. Currently on sale here.

I wanted to share some of the details for all of you that may not have purchase your bathing suit yet this season. I have bought a lot of bathing suits over the years from a lot of different companies. This year though, I ran into the same problems over and over with the majority of companies. Sizes are running much smaller this year. I typically wear a size 2 in Torrid’s clothing, and the last few bathing suits I have purchased the same size there. However this year I had to purchase a 4 based on their new size chart for their swimwear. Its not just Torrid though. I also experienced the same with Lane Bryant this yeas as well as Miracle Suit. It happened with others as well, but those are the best known. So if you wear above a 2 or 2X you aren’t getting a suit. I am not sure how this is making sense to the retailers, but I feel a little angry for my fellow beach lovers that are above a size 2. You seriously need to rethink this sizing retailers.  And after getting the suit, it fit right in the hips, but was a little loose in the bust.

For those of you who have bought suits already, have you had the same experience? What stores were the worst? Is there a store you still kept the same size?




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