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Feeding My Obsession With Art Through The Tiny Hobo


Obsession may be a little strong of a word for what I feel for art, but I definitely have a real love for it as does my husband. In fact some of our first dates were of us double dating with my friend Jenny and her husband going to art shows. You could in some way say we fell in love over art, or perhaps through art. So I think its only natural that my love of art crossed over and encompasses some of the other things I love or feel passionate about.

So I thought I would take a moment and share one of my most recent art purchases with you. If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you may already be aware of her art, but you may not be. I recently made an order on Etsy from The Tiny Hobo.

For those of you who are not familiar, The Tiny Hobo makes art in the form of custom prints, postcard size prints, wearable buttons, and jewelry. Themes include being plus size, cats, pop culture, and geek references. Tiny Hobo, did you look into my soul and make art just for me?

When my order came in and I saw how cute the paper it was wrapped in was, I decided right then to grab the camera and snap some pictures of it all.

2015-06-01 17.35.36

I love the cute pink and black polka dot paper it came wrapped in.

2015-06-01 17.36.06

When I opened the paper there was a hand written note on the inside thanking me for the order. That was a really nice touch.

2015-06-01 17.59.19I got six postcard size print. Two of them were gifts for friends. I will be framing these soon. Look for pictures eventually on the my various social media accounts.

2015-06-01 18.00.28

And being the crazy cat lady that I am, I had to get these. I already put these on my Torrid Denim Jacket that I just got. Hello 90’s I’m waving at you. I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures of these being sported once Fall hits.


Are there any other art lovers out there? Who is your favorite artist? Do they incorporate plus size women in their art?



















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Swapping Is The New Shopping

If you follow me on Facebook, you have probably seen me post about Swapdom. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, the basics of what they do is helping facilitate swapping items you don’t want anymore for something someone else doesn’t want anymore. But that is a very oversimplified analysis of what they do. According to their website here is how it works:

We use a special algorithm to make swapping ultra easy and effective by organizing multi-person swaps.

In traditional swaps, A might want something C has, but C is not interested in A’s items; they want something B has, so no swap is made. Swapdom connects A to B to C (and to D, E, F, G … if needed) and loops it back to A, so that everyone gets what they want. All you have to do is tell us what you’d offer for your requested item and box up your item when we find a swap. Couldn’t get any easier, really!

Being the deal lover I am, I can’t resist the opportunity to swap something I have no use for something new and fabulous. But that’s not the only perks they have. Now Swapdom rewards you just for using their site. Earn gift cards to places like Etsy and Amazon, just for doing things like uploading items to trade and referring people. To see a complete list of potential rewards you can check them out here.

This is really a great thing for me. I always have a lot of inventory left that I wasn’t able to sell on eBay or at my store on Store Envy. I have recently complete my own first swap. I wanted to share with all of you the low down on what happened. The swap I was in was between 15 different people.

So here is what I had to trade:

Size XL Decree Gray Cardigan Sweater

Size XL Decree Gray Cardigan Sweater


This was for me just left over inventory. It was brand new, but I really didn’t have a use for it.


And here is what I got:

Size 9.5 Clark Ballet Flats

Size 9.5 Clark Ballet Flats


According to the person I got them from, they had only been worn once. They were in fantastic shape when I got them. They were a little slow on shipping them out, but it wasn’t a huge problem. I feel like I got a fantastic deal.

The only thing that would make Swapdom better is you. And by that I mean all of you plus size ladies. There are quite a few plus size bloggers and handful of other plus sized ladies on there already, but there still isn’t the variety there is with the misses sized clothes. The only way that will change is if you ladies join. On this site, we are the ones that control what is available. So please join and help make this a great site to find plus size clothes. I know everyone has at least one item in their closet they no longer wear. You can also trade for accessories, and kids clothes too.

If you would like to see what I have available to trade for, you can see that here. I have been adding a couple of new things almost daily. So if you don’t see what you want now, it might be there the next day. Since a lot of my items are from leftover inventory, that means 1. that most of it is new, and 2. I have a variety of sized available. The few things that are my personal items are all things that are gently used, worn only once or twice. So join up ladies and lets get swapping.





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Zulily On The Brain



I am totally obsessed with Zulily. In case you aren’t familiar with Zulily, here is how they work. In their words

We strike deals with top brands you already adore, and we introduce you to new brands you might not find anywhere else. You get a hand-picked selection of high-quality goods.

One day, you’ll find an adorable dress for your little girl. The next day, that dress will be gone, but you’ll spot the perfect new yoga pants for yourself. Then you’ll notice a baby sling or a diaper bag that would make a fabulous shower gift. Finding out what’s new each day is part of the fun.

But let me break it down for you more. Zulily curates collections that are put up on flash sales that last 3 days. New sales are added daily at 9 a.m. EST. Each item is sold at a steep discount, some items as much as 70% off the normal retail. They have many new collections each day. They are then put into one of three different categories Home, Kids, and Women & Maternity. Sometimes a collection will be items that are themed, and other times a collection will be all from one brand.

Within the Women & Maternity category there is always at least one Plus Size collection, but most days there are three to four. Now, I know you might be thinking they probably won’t have anything you like, but you would be wrong. They have had some of the most coveted Plus Size brands on the market. Brands that have been featured have included Kiyonna, SWAK, Sorella Swim, and many more.

If you go and check them out one day and don’t see anything you like, don’t give up. Check back daily to look for new fashions. And don’t forget to look at the shoes, jewelry, and home goods while you are there. And if this hasn’t been enough to convince you, here are some of my favorite items from today.



In the Formidables by Scarlett collection.


In the Strappy Steps: Women’s Sandals collection


In the Formidables by Scarlett collection


In the Gleeful Peacock collection

Make sure you go and sign up at Zulily today so you don’t miss out on these fab finds. And don’t forget to share with the rest of us what you find.




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Of Course I Am Obsessing Over My Blog!

I have been working hard to get my blog up and going, so it only seems natural that I am obsessing over it. Even more than that, I am obsessing over my fab logo. It was made by one of my besties Jennifer Noran. She is the brilliant artistic mind behind JennyKat Productions. I think she did an amazing job on my logo. And in case you didn’t get the connection that’s me all animated and everything on the logo.

She isn’t just a graphic artist, she does all sorts of art. If you want to check out her art you can find her at JennyKat Productions. And don’t forget to follow her on Make sure to tell her I sent you.

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