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Hidden Gems Of Amazon – V28 Over Sized Maxi Casual Beach Dress

Hidden Gems of Amazon

Hidden Gems of Amazon

Guess whose back, back again? …. Okay so I’m not the Slim Shady, not even close. But I do think that you should tell a friend. All joking aside, it really has been a hot minute since I have done a fashion post.  April was the last time to be exact. And if you have been hanging in there with me while I have been recovering from health issues, I really appreciate it. And if you have been reading any of my insanely long health related posts recently, then I really appreciate you that much more.

But let’s get to what you are really here for, and that would be fashion and fit information on that fashion. If you are following me on Instagram or Twitter there is a chance you already saw some of the preview pictures of this dress and necklace. So far the feedback has been you guys really like the look of this dress. So here is the details.

Plus size maxi found on Amaon

This is from a seller going by V28 on Amazon. This is their Oversized Maxi Casual Beach Dress. If you go to their page you will notice they have it listed with three other styles of maxi dresses. This particular one is marked as the Flower 5 pattern.


The straps are adjustable in length. They are very thin though, so wearing a regular bra with straps is not going to be possible unless you don’t care if they are super noticeable. Now it is listed as beach wear, so I personally plan on throwing it over a strapless swimsuit I have. For the purposes of these pictures I paired it with a strapless bra that fits very similar to how the bathing suit top I have fits me.

Side view of the V28 maxi dress

Let’s talk about the sizing and fit. I ordered the size indicated by the size chart that would fit me best in their brand, that being a 20/22. Typically in most plus size brand I order size 2X or 20W, so their sizing was pretty on par. I do think the sizing was accurate. The fit was good with the exception of the chest sort of. It does fit me in the chest, but just barely. Not because it’s too tight, but just not enough material to cover everything. I would definitely have to say if you are in DDD cup like me, or larger, this might not be the right dress for you. But if you remember I did say they have two other designs, and those have much more fabric in on the top. But then again, maybe you are comfortable with showing a lot of side boob.

Their size range is pretty good. Sizes start at 4/6 and go up to a 32/34, and the best part is the price is the same no matter what size you are ordering. It’s a nice thrifty $12.99 for these dresses. And it has free prime shipping. It seems like a lot of sizes are sold out in this particular dress, but if you check each of the patterns I think they have everyone’s size left in something.

Just so you can check if they will have a size that works for you, here is their size chart:

US4/ 6 (Asia tag M) waist: 42.5″ bust: 34.6″ hip: 42.5″ dress length: 59″
US 8/10(Asia tag L) waist: 44″ bust:37.4″ hip:46.4″ dress length:59″
US 12/14(Asia tag XL) waist: 45.6″ bust:40.1″ hip:50.3″ dress length:59″
US 16/18 (Asia tag XXL) waist:47.2″ bust:44″ hip:54.3″ dress length: 59″
US 20/22(Asia tag 3XL) waist:27.5″ bust:48.8″ hip:58.2″ dress length: 59″
US 24/26(Asia tag 4XL) waist:31.4″ bust: 52.7″ hip:62.2″ dress length: 59″
US28/30(Asia tag 5XL) waist:35.4″ bust:56.6″ hip:66.1″ dress length: 59″
US32/34(Asia tag 6XL) waist:39.3″ bust:60.6″ hip:70″ dress length: 59″

You might notice the waist measurement seems really small. I am pretty sure this is an under-bust measurement and not a waist measurement. In the 20/22 I  ordered it says the waist is 27.5″, but my waist is 42.5″. Yet you can see that the dress fits me and it’s not tight at the waist.

V28 maxi dress, hidden gem of amazon and accessories

I found it really easy to accessorize with this dress. I threw on a pair of my favorite mirrored cat eye sun glasses. I also put on one of my newest necklaces, and what is my latest obsession. Every unicorn needs this necklace in their life. Its the iridescent leaf pendant necklace from a seller called BOTIQUELOVIN. The necklace is available in four other metallic shades and it sells for $9.99 and free prime shipping. All of the color options are pretty, but I really just can’t put in words how beautiful I think this iridescent shade is.

Here is a closer look at the necklace itself.

Irridescent leaf pendant necklace

The picture really doesn’t do it justice. I tried to show the color shift. It goes from purple to red, to green to gold.

I did get all of the pieces shown here at discounted prices for review purposes. However I was never asked to write this blog post, this was purely my own thoughts and ideas.


Tell me in the comments below what wardrobe or jewelry piece you are currently obsessed with. If you have a suggestion for what you would like me to try on future Hidden Gems of Amazon posts don’t forget to leave those in the comments as well.

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Rachel Roth Jewelry A Personal And Unique Custom Gift


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rachel Roth Jewelry. All opinions are 100% mine.

Speaking as someone whose love language is gift giving, finding that perfect gift that really speaks to the person that I am shopping for is always important to me. One way to achieve this is by giving a custom made gift, and that is why today I wanted to share with you something really special. I wanted to talk to you about Rachel Roth Jewelry.

So what make Rachel Roth Jewelry so special? Not only is it custom made pieces of jewelry, but its a way to give a little bit of yourself in a way. Her jewelry pieces incorporate fingerprints and handwriting from you or your loved one. This makes it so special and very personal. I can see these jewelry pieces being a great gift for anyone in your life.


I am so in love with this Custom Handwriting Necklace. I imagine any woman would love to receive this from her significant other. I could even see this being a lovely gift for a daughter’s sweet sixteen. There are really so many possibilities, and you are not limited to just using your name. The only limitation is 30 characters and wherever your imagination stops you. Make sure to check out the matching Custom Handwriting Earrings and the Custom Handwriting Bracelet. All of the custom handwriting jewelry is available in both silver or gold.


This Custom Stainless Steel Fingerprint Ring With Engraving Outside is another charming piece of jewelry. I can imagine it being a great gift for a man or a woman. What a wonderful way to celebrate your relationship with a pair of matching rings with each others fingerprints embedded in the ring. Or if you would prefer the fingerprints to be touching you, you might want to check out the Custom Stainless Steel Ring With The Fingerprints Engraved Inside.


And finally I wanted to share with you this Custom Fingerprints Heart Necklace. I imagine this to be the perfect gift for a mother or grandmother. I know how touched my mother would be to receive one of these, or really any of my friends with young children would be especially happy to get them. I think even some dad’s out there would love them. But maybe you like the idea of this necklace, but its not quite what you want. I suggest you also check out the Custom Pet Paw Print Necklace and the Custom Fingerprint Leaf Necklace.

So if your looking at all these beautiful pieces of jewelry and wondering if they have your size or not, the answer is yes they do. That is the great thing about custom jewelry, you never have to worry about whether they will have someone’s size when you are shopping for yourself or for a gift. I know that is always a concern, even with jewelry, when shopping for us plus size ladies. You are always worried will this ring fit, will the choker go around my neck, will the necklace chain hit at the right spot. But with custom, that is never a worry because it is always made to fit you.

As I said previously, I am really in love with the handwriting necklace, but tell me in the comments below what your favorite piece is.

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Are You Feeling Lovesick – New Plus Size Store Alert / Shopping Guide / Overall Thoughts



I was recently in conversation where someone mentioned a new store called Lovesick. Now I am not going to mention names or even say where this conversation happened, but I do want to share the conversation because I think its relevant to what some points I wanted to make in addition to sharing the clothing they offer. So here is how the conversation went. (Please note that one store name has been removed from the conversation and replaced with **** and another store is replaced with ####. Those store names are not relevant to the conversation only that they are stores.)

Her: I was in the mall today and came across this new store called Lovesick. At first glance, I thought the clothes were super cute and then I realized it’s a plus size store!?!? I got these amazing dark wash, distressed, high-waist skinny jeans that fit amazingly! And the prices there were decent…some stuff was a little expensive. Anyway, upon paying for everything, the girl was telling me that they’re a brand new store under Torrid, but geared more towards a younger age-group (hence I found super cute stuff there and I never really shop at torrid). That said, they use the same sizing system and have the same type of promos etc… apparently they’re opening more around the country but they have an online store too!

Me: Sorry, but I have to ask, when did Torrid start being seen as catering to an older crowd?

Third Person: They are trying to compete with ****

Me: I couldn’t even guess why, **** is hanging on with grasping fingers. All reports have shown that they have been in dangerous territory financially and if they don’t do something to garner more interest they will eventually sink.

Her: I don’t think it’s necessarily “older” because if you compare it to ****, it definitely caters to a younger crowd than ****. But I just feel like Torrid is kind of limited on the crowd they DO cater to. I guess I just don’t feel like I see a lot of diversity in their clothing and Lovesick has more flowey/hipster/boho/####-style clothes. And I could never compare torrid to ####.


It was at this point that I decided to go take a look at this website and see what the big difference was. And I want to share with you the things that jumped out to me immediately along with their prices and coupon structure compared to Torrid’s before I get back to the conversation. That way you can fully appreciate my thought process here. I will make sure to link to all items so you can try and purchase anything you might be interested in.

First as I was browsing nothing really seemed that different from Torrid other than their models were much younger. But then I started seeing some items that I thought I recognized. First thing I found was this


These are the Lovesick YMI Triple-Button Wannabettabutt Capris – Dark Wash, they sell for $44.90 and come in sizes 14 to 24. Do they look familiar? They did to me.


Here are the Torrid Cropped Jegging – Medium Wash, selling for $54.50 and come in sizes 12-28.

Now both sites have them in various lengths and washes. However Torrid offers more sizes and a larger range of colors.


Next I saw this:


This is the Lovesick Textured Skater Dress. It sells for $44.90 and is available in sizes 00 to 5. This one didn’t automatically make me say, oh yeah its on Torrids site, but what it did make me think is it looks like a hundred Torrid dresses I have seen.

TorridDressLike this one. This is the Torrid Textured Cross Back Skater Dress. It sells for $64.50 and is available in sizes 0 to 6. As the name implies the back is different on this one. But Torrid constantly releases this dress shape with different backs, necklines, and in various colors.


And then there were these:


This is the Lovesick Long Line Bralette. It sells for $24.90 and is available in sizes 00 to 5.


And this is the Torrid Crop Lace Bralette. It is sold for $28.50 and available in sizes 0 to 5. These two are not exactly alike, but they are very similar. The lace pattern is a little different and the hook placement in the back is different, but other than that they seem pretty much the same.


There are lots more examples where things are either exactly the same or similar, and then there are also a multitude of these t-shirts that I am almost positive Torrid has sold in the past. Like these:


Mickey Mouse Perforated Jersey $32.90


Solemnly Swear Tee $28.90


Frida Kahlo Tee $28.90

I also noticed that their coupon codes, while structured the same way is different amounts. Unless Torrid is having a flash sale they typically will have a code up for BOGO 50% off. Or occasionally 30% off your entire order. However it seems that Lovesick offers BOGO 30% off on the regular, and I have not been watching long enough to tell you beyond that. And from here we go back to the conversation we started with.

Me: I was looking at the site, and its funny but I see a lot of the same items on their site as Torrid’s. Its just they are paired differently and put on younger models. And yeah they do have some things different, but I’m not seeing a huge difference personally. As for being limited to the crowds they cater to, I can see that somewhat about Torrid, but I actually think they have been getting better about that since mid last year. They are bringing back a lot of the brands they got away from and seem to be getting back to their roots. Plus broadening their size selection is great. But honestly it seems like Lovesick is the one catering to a much smaller audience. Maybe its just me.

Her:  I have never shopped at torrid because I never really felt that they carried on trend clothing or things I am interested in wearing. I am 28 for reference! No disrespect by any means, just pointing out that I have never really felt that they were geared towards me aside from a few specific pieces!

Me: Oh I am not offended, just mildly surprised and amused a bit I suppose. I worked in marketing and market research both in the past, so I am seeing some things from a very different perspective I think.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am by no means sharing this to diss Lovesick, Torrid, or even the young lady I was having the conversation with. I just think its really important as consumers to be informed, know what your options are, and then be able to make your decision. I fully intend to purchase from them because I think its great that there is yet another shopping option. I have already made my first purchase and I am happy to report that they did indeed fit exactly like what I get from Torrid. Here is what I got:


Knit Lace Babydoll Top $26.90 (Also comes in white)


Lace Flare Pant $34.90

Torrid does have something similar to the pants but they are slightly different. For as much as they have a lot of the same things, they do have some stand out different pieces that seem unique to Lovesick (please correct me if you have seen any of this at Torrid before).


Gauze Handkerchief Dress $39.90 (Sold Out while I was writing this post)


Lace Raglan Top $26.90


Lace Up Horse Tee $26.90

So really lets answer the main questions brought up in the conversation I had as well as questions I thought you might have in general.

1. Is Lovesick cheaper than Torrid? Yes and no. If you are just going to buy one piece or you never remember to use coupon codes, absolutely. Piece by piece they are cheaper, some things more significantly than others. I haven’t seen anything more than $15 cheaper. But when you factor in the difference of the coupon discounts they offer day to day, the difference is so insignificant.

2. Do the clothes fit the same at Lovesick as they do at Torrid? Based on their size chart and the couple of pieces I have received, yes they do.

3. Is the clothing quality as good as Torrid’s at Lovesick? Going only based on what I have received and the couple of people who have told me about their purchases, yes it is.

4. Does Lovesick cater to a larger audience than Torrid? As I stated above, I really don’t think so. You really should take the time and look around both of their websites and decide for yourself.

Really, I think its great Lovesick is here and if it fills a gap (or someone feels it does) in the plus size clothing industry, then all the better. I would say for myself, I will shop there occasionally, but I am really not a big jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. But I will shop for some of their more unique items. And I think since Torrid sells out so fast, its great to have a place for backups on staple items.

So tell me, have you purchased from Lovesick before? If so, how did you like your items? Do they match up to Torrid? Are they better? Worse?

Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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