Welcome everyone!!!! …. to My Plus Size Life. My name is Karen Pemberton. This is my personal blog where you can get to know me, and hopefully I can get to know you a little too. So don’t forget to check out my About Me page to learn about who I am and make sure to say hi.

I am a proud plus size woman.(I know in the plus size community many of you hate that term. But honestly, It doesn’t bother me. I mean to me I look at it like this, I am a woman plus a whole lot more. ;p ) Since I am proud of being plus size that inspired the name and content for this blog. I will be talking about all things fashion, and the plus size lifestyle, as well as just portion of my everyday life. If you follow me, you may have to endure some of my rants from time to time. I promise to keep those to a minimum and concentrate on the fun things like shopping and travel.

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